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The Combustion Modeling Lab at UC Berkeley is on the leading edge of energy science and technology research. Check out our current research projects! Skip to sidebar Combustion Modeling Lab Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California - Berkeley 246 Hesse Hall Berkeley, CA, USA 94720-1740 2017 Summer Lab Retreat - Lake Temescal, CA About the CML The Combustion Modeling Lab (CML) at UC Berkeley undertakes research projects relating to clean energy, advanced energy technologies, and numerical modeling of energy systems. Some of our current research areas include: Analysis of the errors associated with the transport properties of combustion species Automation of reduced chemical mechanism development by the Computer Assisted Reduction Method (CARM) Ignition by non-thermal plasma: Nanosecond pulsed discharge Ignition by non-thermal plasma: Corona discharge Laminar flame speeds of stratified mixtures Microwave-Assisted Ignition and Combustion Pre-ignition and Detonation We work closely with the Berkeley Combustion Analysis Lab (CAL). Resources available to CML and CAL include: Multiple-core computer clusters for large-scale simulations In-house code for generating reduced and skeletal chemical kinetic mechanisms Cooperative fuel research engine (CFR) with variable compression ratio and exhaust gas recirculation Constant volume combustion chamber for fundamental flame studies Vitiated coflow burner for jet flame studies at elevated pressures Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine Direct-injected spark-ignited engine Simulation of turbulent jet flame in hot coflow.At the CML, we work with universities, national labs, and companies from across the country and around the world, including Saudi Arabia and Norway. Our work focuses on advanced simulations of combustion processes that include fluid dynamic, chemical kinetic, and heat transfer components. We utilize commercial software packages as well as custom in-house computational solvers for modeling advanced combustion problems. We closely collaborate with experimental researchers so that experimental data can guide our simulations and our simulations can guide experiments. Simulation of fuel injection in a direct-injected engine.Simulation of droplet behavior after injection in a direct-injected engine.

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