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Integrate and Protect your Fire Extinguishers in the Best Way Thanks to DesignFeu

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Soprano fire extinguisher cabinet

“ I am satisfied with this purchase, the fire extinguisher cabinet seems resistant with high-quality finishes.The delivery was fast, I recommend Designfeu. ” Giovanni De Luca

Alto Double fire extinguisher cabinet

“ Great product, I couldn't find a competitor that supplies design fire extinguisher cabinets. The rendering is perfect, good quality, good service, nothing more to say. ” Paul Brennan

Cameo fire extinguisher cover

" I purchased these fire extinguisher covers for my office, they look modern and fit the fire extinguisher. Great product & looks like its built to last! " Alexander Schwartzott

Alto fire extinguisher cabinet

" Excellent fire extinguisher box. Installs easily and looks great. " Kieran MacBean

Plot fire extinguisher stand

" Easy to locate on the floor or wall mounted. Finally a good quality design fire extinguisher stand! "

+336 486 44 487


14 rue Charles V
75004 Paris

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Our range of design fire furniture : fire extinguisher cabinet, fire extinguisher cover and fire extinguisher stand.

Fire extinguisher stand

Fire extinguisher stand allow them to be stored and secured in a specific area so that they do not fall out and are easily visible and identifiable.

Metal fire extinguisher stand are used for holding a powder, water or foam extinguisher.

Our design fire extinguisher stands facilitate the accessibility and visibility of your equipment.

This extinguisher stand offers the possibility of adding a totem signage, which will make the fire extinguishing device more visible from afar.

The purpose of this base is to properly stabilize your extinguishers and protect them from shocks. Our models can also be fixed as a mouting bracket and become a wall fire extinguisher holder.

Fire extinguisher cabinet

Discover our protective fire extinguisher cabinets to protect your security systems from damage. Protect and integrate your fire extinguishers by purchasing a design fire extinguisher cabinet to protect it from shocks and to make it easier to transport.

Our protective fire extinguisher boxes are available to hold extinguishers from 2kg to 9 kg. These metals fire extinguisher cabinets are also an excellent way to make a good signalling of your extinguishing equipment.

The design of our cabinets is well thought out, they will fit perfectly into your premises. Our protective fire extinguisher cabinets are available for 1 or 2 extinguishers according to your needs.

Fire extinguisher cover

Buy protection for your extinguishers with our different wall mounted fire extinguisher covers. Discover our range of metal fire extinguisher cover for the protection of your extinguishing equipment. Depending on the model, you can put extinguishers ranging from 2kg to 6kg.
Consult also our offer on design fire extinguisher cover that will perfectly match the decoration of your premises.

FAQ on fire extinguisher cabinet

What’s a fire extinguisher box for?

Fire extinguisher cabinets are used to effectively protect your fire extinguishers from vandalism or bad intentions, dirt, chemical splashes and other … Thanks to our fire extinguisher design cabinet, they are always operational and can be used whenever you need them.

Why use a fire extinguisher bracket?

The fire extinguisher wall bracket can be used to hang your fire extinguisher on the wall, making it easier to access in case you need to use it. But it also makes it more visible, so you don’t have to put it on the floor. These fire extinguisher holders can be used wherever you want.

Why use a floor stand for fire extinguishers?

The fire extinguisher stand allows a temporary and secure installation of your fire extinguisher, without having to put it directly on the floor or without having to drill holes in the wall. The stand can be easily moved and you also have the possibility to fix it to the wall.

Why use a fire extinguisher cover?

These fire safety furnitures allow you to protect your equipment against shocks while adding a design touch to your decoration. They are useful for fire extinguishers that have already been fixed to the wall.

Where to buy a fire extinguisher cabinet?

DesignFeu has on its website a complete range of fire extinguisher cabinets, we deliver throughout Europe and in the UK in less than a week. We also offer our range of products on Amazon.

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