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My Latest Book

Learn about the relationship between emotion and place and how technology is changing this interaction.

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Speaking Engagements

In addition to university lectures, I speak at public and corporate events ranging from TEDx to book readings.

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The Wandering Brain

Your life has a plot-line but like all great stories it also has a setting. In my newsletter, I’ll help you understand how these setting factor into your life drama.

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Streets with No Game

Is urban design a mater of public health? Check out this article I wrote for Aeon Magazine to find out.

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“Delightfully lucid… Ellard has a knack for distilling obscure scientific theories into practical wisdom.”

New York Times

Recent Posts

The wandering brain

It has been one crazy year (or three) but I seem to be getting back into regular activity mode, albeit with much longer hair and (still) much more time spent at home than I’m used to. For those of you who have been coming here…

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Neuro-architecture, creativity, upcoming events

I’m still more-or-less housebound with only walks through the local park to provide environmental variety, but I’m still managing to get out and about online, participating in some interesting events whenever I can. For example, recently I had a chance to do a seminar with…

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Taking a breath

A couple of years ago, I was recruited by a local church that was struggling with the same issues as most other Christian churches in the Western world – a decrease in attendance and membership, which in turn was leading to financial woes and a…

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Colin Ellard

I research, write, speak and consult on psychology and the built world at all scales, from the interior of your home to a city streetscape.


Colin's Assistant:
Agent: The Bukowski Agency
14 Prince Arthur Avenue, Suite 202,
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1A9

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