Rotherfield Street | Extension

London, UK.


Atelier Baulier has remodelled and extended the lower-ground floor flat of an early Victorian house in North-East London.

Having lived in this compact one-bedroom flat for several years, the clients appointed the practice to increase the size of the kitchen and create a living space directly opening onto the garden. The brief also called for the entire refurbishment of the existing flat to optimise storage and circulation.

Located in the Canonbury East Conservation area, the project resulted in a 20 square metre single storey extension spanning the full width of the rear elevation.

Photography: Henry Woide

Brockley | Extension

London, UK.


Vulcan Terrace is a 2 storey side extension to a modest Victorian house located in the Brockley conservation area in South London. It provides a studio space and a bathroom at ground floor level, future-proofing the house for the new owner Wendy, who moved to be closer to her grand-children, and a writing room on a mezzanine overlooking a double height volume.

The new extension reuses the footprint of a former lean-to garage just under 2 metres in width by 8 meters long. The volume reaches up for daylight, channelling it down into the existing house through a central opening connecting the rooms.

The programme has been gathered into a double-height space capped by a skylight running along the full length of the roof. Exposed rafters filter the light whilst casting ever-evolving shadows on the brick-clad wall below.

Photography: French + Tye

Ursula Street | Extensions

London, UK.


More coming soon.

Kova Soho | Patisserie

London, UK.


Following the opening of their two new shops earlier in the year, Kova called back ATELIER BAULIER to refurbish the original Japanese patisserie branch in Soho.

Anchoring the shop in its surrounding, the new spacial design takes cue from the local music industry. The walls have been dressed with a unifying pattern reminiscent of sound waves, whilst light fittings playfully hint at musical instruments. The calming colour palette is inspired by the leafy green Japanese gardens, and compliments the bright green tone of the matcha cakes.

Materials have been chosen for their functional, aesthetic and sustainable properties. The new cork floor and the textured wall covering improve the acoustics of this small shop, whilst a material made of 99% recycled ceramics has been selected for the countertop.

Photos: Dan Dennison

Kova Soho - Atelier Baulier

Kova South Kensington | Patisserie

London, UK.

Kova South Kensington is the second shop designed by ATELIER BAULIER for the London-based Japanese Patisserie brand.

Located on a main street in South Kensington, the shop is a welcome haven of calm in the bustling museums neighbourhood. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese gardens the space has meticulously been curated to enhance the customer’s experience.

A long bespoke counter takes centre stage displaying an array of colourful cakes contrasting with the subtle texture of its flint terrazzo cladding. It is set against a backdrop of lime render, which cloudy texture brings depth to the space.

The rich pink colour running through the scheme has been selected to complement the vibrant green of the matcha millecrêpe, Kova’s signature cake.

Echoing the pink render behind the counter and stretching along the opposite wall, a 6 meters long banquette boasts a strawberry pink kid mohair velvet upholstery, inviting the customer to sit down and savour. Its backrest made of 3 continuous bolsters hints at the regular patterns of the typical raked gravel of Japanese gardens. Along the same vein, a curtain concealing the back of house adds its soft vertical lines to the shop backdrop.

Above the banquette, the wall is lined with recycled PET acoustic panels. The seemingly random yet regular perforation pattern is reminiscent of rain droplets hitting the surface of a pond. As well as providing a poetic backdrop, the panelling contributes to the good acoustics of the shop. The circular shape is present throughout the space, from the 3 circular light fixtures above the counter to the chairs, the table pendant lights and the prints by Tom Pigeon.

The simple layout and the careful distribution of fixtures contribute to the calm, luxurious yet relaxed aesthetics of the patisserie. Polished copper details dotted around the shop catch the light bringing the space to life.

Sustainability is at the core of the design process. Durable, recycled and natural materials have been selected. The floor and the walls feature a natural clay based render. The counter is clad with a flint terrazzo, a by-product of the flint industry further ground and bound with a solvent-free resin by Resilica in Hastings. Natural wool used for the banquette and the curtain, a renewable and durable material. The PET felt acoustic panels by ReFelt are made of recycled bottles and are recyclable. Materials have been carefully selected on their sustainability credentials without compromising the aesthetics of the project.

Photography: French + Tye

Kova Chinatown | Patisserie

London, UK.

Atelier Baulier designed the second shop for the Japanese fusion desserts brand Kova Patisserie in Chinatown. Playing with a strong contrast between the architectural shell and patisseries display unit, focus is brought onto the products.

The dark interiors feature charred wood, a dark clay render and natural marmoleum. The solid counter is cladded with a recycled glass material which has been routed with a bespoke pattern hinting at the famous millecrêpes cake Kova are famous for.

The minimalist palette, shapes and lighting are balanced by the use of naturally textured materials bringing depth to this small space. The bright shopfront provides a striking contrast with the interiors, bringing clarity and drawing the eye to the cake display.

Elephant & Castle | House Refurbishment

London, UK.

New open plan kitchen & living-room in a traditional victorian maisonette. Taking down the partition between the 2 former rooms allowed to reconfigure the space and create a dedicated dining area which was previously missing. A new kitchen was designed to suit the new layout and optimise countertop area.

The decommissioned living-room door has been replaced by an internal window bringing daylight to the stairwell.

The project also included the design of 2 wardrobes for the small bedroom alcoves and cat-friendly joinery units for the living room.

Forest Hill | Loft Conversion

London, UK.

28 sqm Loft Conversion

Garden roof slope extension housing a new master bedroom with a walk in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom. A new staircase has been inserted above the small bedroom below without compromising its volume.

Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Facade Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Facade Detail Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Stairwell Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Stair Detail Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Stair Window Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Bathroom Close up 2 Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Basin close-up Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Bathroom Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Shower Atelier Baulier - Forest Hill Loft Conversion - Bedroom

Drop Wine | Shop

London, UK.

26 sqm

Atelier Baulier designed a corner shop for Drop Wine App,an online wine delivery service operating in London. This Drury Lane wine shop is their first physical space which turns into a wine bar by night.

The former Covent Garden ballet wear shop has been refurbished into a colourful yet timeless wine gallery. The new layout aims to bring depth to the space by splitting a client facing area at the front and the counters at the rear. Each area featuring dedicated colours.

The colour palette is inspired by the bloom of the grapes and the young vine leaves.The stripes pattern reflects the vineyards patchworks seen on the hilly terrains.

Made of reclaimed scaffold boards, the plinths and the display shelves are hinting at the traditional trays into which the grapes are stored before being pressed. The blue and green underlying backdrops bring freshness the the scheme.

The highlighted window reveals draw the eye into the shop whilst a reflected version of them frames the dense display on the adjacent wall. This blurred line between the street ant the shop is an invitation to come in.

The overall material palette plays up the duality between the tradition and the contemporary notes reflecting the Drop Wine App ethos.

Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-External Angle View Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-External Window Crop Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Internal Window Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Entrance View Portrait Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Blue Window Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Overview Angled Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Tasting Counter Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Tasting Ledge Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-Shop Overview Drop Wine by Atelier Baulier-External Long Facade

Sans Pere Broadway Market | Cocktail Bar

London, UK.

35 sqm

Atelier Baulier designed Sans Pere second location in East London. This time the coffee shop turns into a cocktail bar at night.

A large marble counter takes centre stage, emerging from a sea of matching mosaic tiles. The light pink facade stands out, giving a unique identity to the shop.

Sans Pere Shoreditch | Shop

London, UK.

150 sqm

The first shop of the lifestyle brand Sans Pere.

Organised around a vibrant patisserie kitchen, the space is structured into rooms reflecting an archetypal house plan. The volumes and shapes are on a domestic scale feeling personal, warm and inviting. Blurred boundaries entice the customer to take a journey with a seamless experience and allow long vistas across the space.

The architecture is taking cues from the French Riviera landscape. The silvery greens and fresh yellows of the colour palette are inspired by the mimosa, an iconic mediterranean tree. Deep window reveals bring sharp shadows into the room while framing the views by cutting through the existing facade. The monochrome backdrop unifies the space, reflective volumes and green marble terrazzo animate the landscape and bring depth to the rooms. Lush planting on the terrace and colourful outdoor furniture are hinting the busy cafes under the hot sun of the French South coast.

Maison Marie B | House

Port-Blanc, France.
2015 – 2017

160 sqm (Self-built)

For their new family home, the clients wanted to focus on sustainability and light.The design of the house is inspired by the traditional Breton farm houses, implemented with contemporary materials. A timber frame, strawbales insulation and a Sedum green roof ensure the excellent energy performance of the building, while the untreated Douglas cladding will weather to take a silver coat, similar to those of the local vernacular granite houses.

Villa Marie B Villa Marie B back Villa Marie B Eastern Facade Villa Marie B Window Detail Maison Marie B - Hallway Villa Marie B Living Room Kitchen Detail Villa Marie B Entrance Bench Villa Marie B Staircase House frames Villa Marie B Structure Assembly Villa Marie B Silhouette Villa Marie B Weather proof membrane Maison Marie B - Straw Insulation

Maison Kerelguen | Extension

Port-Blanc, France.

15sqm - Extension (Self-built)

This house, designed and built 25 years ago by its owners, needed an extension to accommodate the growing family. Split over 2 levels, the additional space provides an extra living room at the top and a study for the reorganised en-suite bedroom below. Deliberately timeless in its design, the extension echoes the volumes of the existing building. The large extends of glazing bring extra daylight to the heart of the house while offering open views onto the valley. The timber cladding, taken down from the original house for the works, has been reclaimed and reused for the new facades,bringing a strong sense of belonging to the whole.

Maison Kerelguen - Extension Maison Kerelguen - Western Facade Maison Kerelguen - Chestnut Shingles Roof Maison Kerelguen - Lower Floor Extension Maison Kerelguen - Extension Top Floor Maison Kerelguen Sketch Maison Kerelguen - Work in Progress Maison Kerelguen - Extension in Progress

Maison El Mejdki | House

Port-Blanc, France.
2009 – 2010

120 sqm (self-built)

The clients’ brief called for a low budget, eco-friendly house for a young family of four. The answer came in designing a simple volume,maximising the floor area while minimizing the material consumption. A careful choice of materials, timber for the structure and cladding,strawbales for the insulation, and a rational detailing of the design, ensured it meet the clients’ small budget. It also provided the required simplicity for the owners to be able to build their new home themselves.

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