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Jacob Hoffman

Software Developer @ Stealth Startup

B.S. In Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University.

my projects


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Developed and evaluated Natural Language Processing Contextual QA models for the APEL U.S. Navy search engine. (Classified) [ Top Secret Clearance ]

Founder of web 10

web10 is a cloud platform where users own the products instead of developers. web10 provides encryption, databases, and peer-to-peer functionalities.

Machine Learning Research

Worked with Prof. Yuejie Chi on detecting sleep apnea. Our input features were from an exclusive children's hospital dataset of recorded EM brainwaves .

Data Scientist

Developed decision making algorithms for U.S. anti-missile systems Aegis similar to Israel’s famous Iron Dome system. (Classified)

Control Systems Engineer

Applied control theory concepts to design a safe braking system for trailers. The system included ABS and ESC safety features. This will save lives.


Designed an aesthetic, eco friendly, economical wall lantern. Sold 100 units of them in a Kickstarter campaign. Patented the design ( Chochin )

Signals Research

Worked with Professor Sankar. on close range ultrasonic positioning for blind person navigation (CMU Dept. Of Computer Engineering).

Software Contractor

Greenstar Group was a software contracting firm I started. We developed applications and software for clients in financial, and healthcare domains.

Software / Data Mining Research

Mined Travis CI/CD build data in order to inform best development practices. My mentors were Professor Claire Le Goues and Professor Bogdan Vasilescu

Software Dev. at Uncommon Core

Uncommon Core is a differentiated learning platform providing a pencil on paper/tablet math curriculum for students, all materials graded via. machine learning.


Nationally ranked sprinter in high school. Tied the CMU 100m school record (10.7HT) in my freshman year. Three time CMU King of the Hill (2017-2019).

Machine Learning Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant for the graduate version of Intro To Machine Learning (18-661). Held office hours, recitations, and graded homeworks.

Skills And Resume

A Computer Engineer With A Design Sense
Inventive, with a strong Carnegie Mellon University curriculum.

(15-410) Operating System Design And Implementation.
(18-461) Graduate Intro to Machine Learning for ECE.
(15-213) Introduction to Computer Systems.
(18-491) Digital Signal Processing.

Jacob Hoffman Resume

Software Engineering

Machine Learning

Operating Systems

Signal Processing

Product Design

E Sport Grindset
I used to run track. Now coding is my sport. In regular sports, your body is the limit. In e sports, your mind and hardware are the limits.

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