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From Reed to Beet from Sweat to Sweet

From Reed To Beet
From Sweat to Sweet

Spring at the South Pole of Mars

The Tragic Death of the Antihero

Grandmother's Hair


Visual works | Slide Projection


My artwork integrates the mediums of performance and spatial installation. Creating an environment wherein one takes a trip into a temporary reality spiced with fantastical elements.

It is important to me that you, as a visitor, would maintain a certain degree of liberty. That you would be free to view and interact as possibilities emerge in your new surroundings, at times enabling you to directly affect how the piece will evolve. This dialogue in turn attributes surprise, unpredictability, and playfulness to the work as it unravels in real-time.

In each project I investigate a different topic relating to our ideology as a society that I find curious. Often this involves an absurd cultural phenomenon that reflects the strange choices we make as the so-called ‘intelligent species, e.g. the invention of substances | instruments that will ultimately lead to our self-destruction or more philosophical questions such as whether greed is an inherit part of human nature?

I am particularly interested in materials that can change form and consistency. This is probably due to the exciting and peculiar mix of control and lack of it over their transformation processes, and the extreme beauty that lies in observing materials mutate. I also presume that being a son of scientist have obvious side effects.

My work has had its share of transformations as well. Starting with traditional theatre studying acting in directing in high school. Later moving on to more physical and visual forms of performance such as Butoh coinciding light design and image projection experimentations. After a few years of contemplating whether to focus on performing or directing, I chose for the latter. This decision also marked leaving the black box where the audience is seated passively in the dark in favor of white cubes and site-specific locations where the public can under strict guidelines roam freely.

In the last 4 years I started working on a new channel in my work that falls best under the category of game design. Most of the games are designed for mobile platforms and focus on incorporating the players own creative content into the game. Please visit my dedicated website for game design to see the latest development.

You can see as well design works I have made for others in the fields of user interface | user experience in UI|UX section. In that regard, I remain open to new challenging projects and creative collaborations.


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