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I believe that the best way to complain is to do something, to make something. This is what I am doing. This is what I made.

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Perhaps we all need a bullshit cabinet. Annie Mueller explains.

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Me and my love at Avant Garden at The Walker.

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Nicholas Bate on why Wednesday is more important than ever.

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On Small Seasons and Long Calendars – Ross Zurowski

Standardized calendars are no doubt great for accounting, communication, and coordination but they fail at more personal functions like doing deep work, or maintaining cycles of interest and curiosity.

This is important.

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Eating Meditation with Brother Freedom – YouTube

A beautiful explainer… Chew your food until you fall in love.

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Speaking of going from considering myself not handy to being handy, I was reminded that I discussed rehabbing the $7200.00 house on Mike Vardy’s old podcast, A Productive Conversation. Starts about five and a half minutes in.

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Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company to Fight Climate Change – The New York Times

“There was a meaningful cost to them doing it, but it was a cost they were willing to bear to ensure that this company stays true to their principles,”

What we believe in.

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On deck.

On loan from a friend.

These are the things playlists were made for.

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Have I mentioned we are fostering kittens?

We are fostering kittens.

This is Turtle (who we call “Trouble”) and Pecan.

They have been providing endless joy and amusement around our house the past few weeks.

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