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The most recently published research with contributions from the DRC and our community.
December 16, 2021

Solving the Riddle of the DAO with Colorado’s Cooperative Laws

Jacqueline Radebaugh and Yev Muchnik

Legal February 7, 2022

What the History of Democracy Can Teach Us About Blockchain Governance

Andrew Hall

Governance August 31, 2021

Scaling DAOs Won’t Be Easy: Five Major Challenges to Overcome (The Defiant)

Connor Spelliscy

Advocacy August 6, 2021

A Legal Framework for Decentalized Autonomous Organizations

Miles Jennings, David Kerr

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Virtual DAO Summit

The DAO Summit brought together leaders from different DAO communities to work together and accelerate DAO functionality by collaborating and using shared resources to better understand best practices for these organizations. Hosted by the DAO Research Collective, Bankless, and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.