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Domain Information DomainInformation URL tiekoetter.netInformation tiekoetter.cloudInformation tiekoetter.comInformation
DNSSEC Info: tiekoetter.net DS RR Key TagAlgorithmDigest TypeDigest 2193013 (ECDSAP256SHA256)1 (SHA-1)B0A6931DEDFAD810AD74C26F4A93DD20D9112EC4 2193013 (ECDSAP256SHA256)2 (SHA-256)C06DE9F6BB4AFDE5F97A8C5638A170D9358ECC631D399D7816C0FF6D 359FABDC Pulled from a.gtld-servers.net ( on 23 Apr 2020 at 08:20:41 CEST using DIG
DNS Name Server PTRIPv4IPv6Glue RecordDNSSECCountry ns1.tiekoetter.net185.101.94.832a06:1c40:3::32Yes, both IPv4 and IPv6YesDE ns2.tiekoetter.net185.101.92.902a06:1c40:3::1c5Yes, both IPv4 and IPv6YesDE ns3.tiekoetter.net95.217.221.1442a01:4f9:c012:68fb::1Yes, both IPv4 and IPv6YesFI ns4.tiekoetter.net64.225.78.552a03:b0c0:2:f0::35c:3001Yes, both IPv4 and IPv6YesNL
Hosted Domains Domain autotestschaeffer.de geocultur.de fehling.me meyr.eu
Tools ToolURL IPv4 InformationURL IPv6 InformationURL IP Information LookupURL Domain Information LookupURL
CDN DomainExampleProvider tiekoetter.cloudtiekoettercom-cdn.tiekoetter.cloudCloudflare craftsmany.decdn-tiekoetter.craftsmany.deCloudflare
TeamSpeak Server Network NameAddressInfo ts.craftsmany.netts.craftsmany.netInfo
Mailserver Domain / PTRIPv4IPv6SSL/TLSSPFDMARCDKIM luna.sys.tiekoetter.net37.228.134.252a06:1c40::4e8Yes (TLS 1.2 & 1.3)Yes (strict)YesYes
Status Page DomainURL status.tiekoetter.cloudstatus.tiekoetter.cloud

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