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查看瑞萨电子的成功产品组合(模拟 + 电源 + 嵌入式处理 + 连接)如何共同交付综合全面的解决方案。

快速接入式物联网 带有功率输出和无线充电器的 100W 适配器 智能资产跟踪标签 区域ECU 虚拟化解决方案平台 智能连接的脉搏血氧仪 带移动应用程序的基于智能 ToF 的测距仪 超低功耗 Wi-Fi 和蓝牙低能耗智能锁 xEV 逆变器参考解决方案 发现更多成功产品组合


软件/工具 开发板及套件 对照检索 文档和下载 MCU / MPU 选择工具


工业以太网通信用MPU RZ 64 位和 32 位 MPU 描述


功能强大 的1GHz MPU, 基于RTOS 能够实现快速启动和高清HMI RZ 64 位和 32 位 MPU 描述

适合工业设备与家用电器应用, 提供最合适的内存接口(DDR3L/DDR4或Octal-SPI)和操作系统(FreeRTOS 或Azure RTOS)

32位微控制器,支持5V电源,性能出色且抗噪性能卓越 RX 系列 32 位高功效 MCU 描述






Renesas Selected for the First Time in Three FTSE ESG Indices

瑞萨电子发布全新Resolver 4.0目录,提供80款市场成熟的电感式位置传感器设计




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Three Ways HVPAK™ Can Improve Your Motor Control Design


Executive Blog: Digital Power Sets the Direction for Data Center Growth in the AI Era


The next generation IGBT/AE5 offers high efficiency and ease of use


RISC-V-Based ASSP EASY – The Start of a New Development Journey



2022年8月9日 Explore Our Blog


摘要Join us at Intel® Innovation 2022 起始日期 位置San Jose, California Paid 产品类别Memory & LogicCommunication & Computing InfrastructureRenesas will be a part of Intel® Innovation 2022, a two-day conference experience for developers, and we hope to see you there in the “DRAM Ecosystem Enabling Zone” on the show floor. We will be displaying DDR5 Memory Interface Products, a PMIC Monitoring Tool, and an I3C Intelligent Switch. Join us in empowering a new era of shared responsibility, inclusion, and sustainability.注册 摘要Join us at The AI Summit & IoT World 起始日期 位置Austin, Texas Paid 产品类别Interface & Connectivity, Sensor Products, Microcontrollers & MicroprocessorsIoT Applications, Gateway & Domain Control, Artificial IntelligenceThe AI Summit and IoT World Conference & Expo are joining forces, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you in-person at the home of connected intelligence!

AI acts as the key capability to make IoT systems and devices more intelligent by capturing business value from data and drawing insights and actions for your IoT solution, and whatever that solution is, our experts will be waiting with ours to help you realize your next design. You’ll see how Renesas microcontrollers and microprocessors play a key role in providing processing power, memory and peripherals, with a broad portfolio embedding intelligence and security into your connected application, from energy harvesting end-points to AI-accelerated cloud computing. And from sensor to cloud, you’ll also see how Renesas' ICs and modules allow you to accurately sense, understand and transmit intelligent data, with advanced nanopower, mmWave sensing, connectivity, 5G and deep learning technologies help you create what’s next in your IoT design.
注册 摘要Join us at Electronica 起始日期 位置Munich, Germany Paid 产品类别Clocks & Timing, Interface & Connectivity, Memory & Logic, Power & Power Management, RF Products, Sensor Products, Microcontrollers & Microprocessors, Automotive Products, Analog Products, Space & Harsh Environment, Programmable Mixed-signal, ASIC & IP ProductsVisit us at the world’s leading trade fair and conference for the electronics industry. We’re really looking forward to seeing you in-person there again!

Whatever your area of electronic design, our experts will be on-hand to guide you through the latest semiconductor solutions that make our lives easier:
■ Check out our industry-leading Connectivity solutions and the latest advancements
in BLE and WiFi 6.
■ See our highly reliable automotive solutions in action in a real-life electric car.
■ Learn about our wide portfolio of MCUs and MPUs as well as our recent acquisition of
Reality AI.
■ Discover our Winning Combinations of Analog + Power + Embedded Processing +
Connectivity product portfolios and the resulting comprehensive solutions for consumer,
industrial and automotive applications.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth: Hall B4, Stand 179.
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