Breathe-IT Rooftop

View from the Breathe-IT building in Kralendijk in south westerly direction towards dive site "Nearest Point" on Klein Bonaire.

Bonaire Windsurf Place

Alternating views (every 10 minutes the view switches between wide angle and tele) from the mast at Bonaire Windsurf Place at Sorobon, Lac Bay. Both views are into the North-Eastern direction.

Coffee Company Luciano

This camera is located along the waterfront of Kralendijk, attached to the Terramar building, above the entrance of the Coffee Company and Luciano ice cream.

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Breathtaking views of Bonaire. Solely done with MOBOTIX.

We are using exclusively MOBOTIX network cameras. The cameras are weatherproof and maintenance-free. Please contact Breathe-IT for more information about MOBOTIX Security Vision Systems.