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Easy Page Speed Benchmarking

PageSpeed Compare

Compare performance metrics of your pages against each other or yourcompetitors using Google PageSpeed Insights


Data sources and performance metrics

PageSpeed Compare makes use of Google PageSpeed Insights which ispowered by Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report.

Lab data


Auditing tool to diagnose issues and identify opportunities toimprove the user experience of web pages.

Field data

Chrome UX Report

Provides user experience metrics for how real-world Chrome usersexperience pages on the web.

User-centric metrics

Web Vitals

Provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential todelivering a great user experience on the web.

This web app is not affiliated with Google or any other trademarkmentioned here. Lighthouse, Chrome UX Report and Web Vitals word marksand logos are owned by Google, LLC.


Your starting point for web performance

Find and fix what can be improved for your own pages, and see at a glance where and why competitors perform better.

Compare data in clear and simple graphs

Easily compare Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report data for all pages in clear and simple graphs.

See which pages meet thresholds for Web Vitals

Understand for which pages the speed of user experience meets the Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report thresholds set by Google.

Quickly spot opportunities for improvements

Get a clear overview of how much time can be saved for each page by optimizing CSS, JavaScript, images, critical content, the server, and the network.

Share data with stakeholders

Export specific performance insights with developers, content managers, designers, conversion specialist and other stakeholders by exporting data to image, CSV and JSON files.


Most frequently asked questions

Which version of Lighthouse is used?

The latest release of Lighthouse in PageSpeed Insights is version 9.3.0.

What is the physical location from which Lighthouse tests are performed?

PageSpeed Insights API uses different servers based on your physical location (presumably the closest or most optimal server).

There are four PageSpeed Insights regions based on the requester's location: Northwestern US (Oregon), Southeastern US (South Carolina), Northwestern Europe (Netherlands) and Asia (Taiwan).

Can I prefill a URL using a URL-parameter?

Yes, by adding the URL-parameter url you can prefill a single URL. If you request the URL with this URL-parameter in the browser, the form will be submitted automatically.

Drag PageSpeed Compare to your toolbar to open the URL in your current browser tab in PageSpeed Compare.

Does PageSpeed Insights use http/2?

As of March 3, 2021, PageSpeed Insights uses http/2 to make network requests, if the server supports it. With this change, network connections are often established quicker.

If your page does not support h2, the report will now show an audit that estimates the performance improvement if the page were to support h2.

What's the maximum number of pages that can be compared?

The maximum number of pages that can be compared with each other is limited to 12 pages to still ensure good readability in all graphs.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.

Optimizing for quality of user experience is key to the long-term success of any site on the web. Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or developer, Web Vitals can help you quantify the experience of your site and identify opportunities to improve.

Should I run Lighthouse audits multiple times?

Yes, it's always better to run Lighthouse multiple times because Lighthouse performance scores tend to change due to the inherent variability in web and network technologies, even if there hasn't been a change to the page.

Why is there a difference in 'Lab Data' speeds between Mobile and Desktop experiences?

PageSpeed Insights uses simulated CPU and connection throttling to simulate mobile conditions people may experience when they visit your site on a smartphone.

Not everyone has a flagship phone (far from it), so PageSpeed Insights slows down its server's CPU speed to simulate the slower CPU speeds of mid- and low-end phones.

Likewise, PageSpeed Insights also simulates a 3G connection to account for when people are on the move or out of wifi connection. PageSpeed Insights adds additional latency and slows down up- and download speeds to reflect this type of connection.

What are the reasons why a page is not analyzed?

There can be various reasons for this, but sometimes web pages are extremely complex and heavy, which means that analysis can take longer and a time out can occur. As of March 2, 2021, the max timeout was raised from 60s to 120s to give these heavyweight pages a better chance of getting results.

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PageSpeed Compare for Easy Page Speed Benchmarking.

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