The Envision Resilience Challenge
model seeks to inspire coastal communities to imagine a future that is adaptive in the face of sea level rise by bringing together the insights of local experts, the innovative thinking of graduate students and the stories of people who call these communities home.

Inspiring coastal communities around the globe to envision innovative adaptations to sea level rise.

The second year of the Envision Resilience Challenge took the ReMain Nantucket team to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island where they connected with local climate thinkers, dreamers and leaders who are already reimagining ways for the state to adapt to the intensifying impacts of climate change. This second iteration of the design studio brought together teams from six universities, representing 14 different programs. From design and historic preservation to journalism and economics, students spent the spring semester weaving the culture, history and values of Rhode Island communities into their proposed ideas for new ways of living in harmony with the changing coastlines.