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Welcome to Bitcoinker!

Getup to 100,000 Satoshis every 5 minutes

How to use Bitcoinker?

1. Enter your Bitcoin address
2. Solve the captcha
3. Click on “Claim Bitcoin”


Please read our FAQ page and faucet rules
You can claim up to 120 times per 24 hours
You are not allowed to use VPS, VPN or Proxy to connect to Bitcoinker
Payouts are made every 1st day of the month for addresses above 20,000 Satoshis

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10% referral commission from each of their claims:


I'm not seeing the Satoshis I claimed in my wallet's address?

When you claim Satoshis they aren't sent directly to your wallet. Instead they are accumulated on your account and once you reach the minimum threshold (currently 20,000 Satoshis) they will be sent to your wallet. You can check your address balance using this link. Payouts are made every 1st day of the month for addresses above 20,000 Satoshis for eligible accounts only.

What are Seniority Bonuses on Bitcoinker?

Bitcoinker rewards its loyal users by giving them bonuses on their payouts. The longer you are an active user of Bitcoinker, the higher bonuses you'll get. An active user is considered a user that claimed Bitcoin directly (not by a referral) at least once in a 30 day period. If a user doesn't claim directly at least once in a 30 day period, then the seniority status is reset. You can check your seniority statistics through the check address link.

Up to 30 days of using Bitcoinker - no bonus

Between 31 days and 60 days of using Bitcoinker - 10% bonus on all direct payouts

Between 61 days and 90 days of using Bitcoinker - 15% bonus on all direct payouts

Between 91 days and 120 days of using Bitcoinker - 20% bonus on all direct payouts

Between 121 days and 150 days of using Bitcoinker - 25% bonus on all direct payouts

Over 151 days of using Bitcoinker - 30% bonus on all direct payouts

Where can I see my claim statistics?

You can go to Check Address and enter your Bitcoin address.

Why didn’t I receive my payout when I was over the threshold?

1. There was a delay with the payouts due to server issues on our side and the payouts will be sent out when the issues are fixed.

2. Your address was blocked when the payouts were sent out – you can confirm this by contacting us through our Facebook or Twitter

3. You reached the 20,000 threshold after we ran the payout script that compiles the addresses (it usually happens a few hours before the payouts are sent out).

Can I change my Bitcoin address?

You can use a different address, but the claims are not transferred over to the new one.If you are still using the same wallet, then it’s important to know that many Bitcoin wallets change the address when you receive Bitcoins, but that does not mean you won’t receive Bitcoins to the old address anymore, as it still reaches your wallet. It does that to protect your wallet anonymity. Please see here for more information:Why is my Bitcoin address changing?

How are referrals paid?

For each visitor you bring in to Bitcoinker your address will be paid 10% of all their claims.You can refer people by using the following link and replacing Your_Bitcoin_Address with your actual Bitcoin address:

Why is the captcha sometimes hard to solve?

Unfortunately we have no control over the difficulty of captcha as Solve Media sets the difficulty differently for every individual user based on many aspects. If it keeps getting harder we would suggest trying refreshing the page / clearing the cookies and history / a different browser.

Are you using a Xapo wallet?

If you are using a Xapo Bitcoin wallet, then you have to set the manual threshold from the check address page to over 90814 Satoshis (recommended 100000 Satoshis). This is due to Xapo changing their fee system, you can read more about it here

Why do I see client error 117B?

This error should be due to a problem on the ISP side.Try refreshing the page / clearing your cookies / a different browser / resetting your router.



Want to earn more Bitcoins?


Share this link with your friends to earn a rewarding 10% referral commission from each of their claims:

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