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Our team creates off-the-shelf performance solutions that work; that deliver on the promise of getting actionable results at an affordable price. We strongly believe that skill development is accomplished through a process, not a single training event.

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Gillespie creates award-winning custom training solutions and programs that emphasize learner performance and engagement. No matter the training need—new hire, sales rep, customer service, supervisory—you can count on our 27+ years of success.

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When the time comes for training—in any department and in any form—Gillespie serves as an extension of your organization. Get a full training team of designers, writers, facilitators and consultants for the price of one hire.

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In Spring, Your Business Fancy Should Turn to Anti-Harassment Training

With all you have to contend with, it’s important to remain proactive about your employees’ anti-harassment training. New York State requires every business to provide its employees—even if you only have one—with anti-harassment training once every 12 months—and as soon as possible for new hires. You also need to provide notice to all employees, even if they’re working primarily from home.

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Not everyone can work at a huge, international business conglomerate with worldwide recognition—in fact, many of us work for and shop from small to medium-sized businesses. From time to time, we might enjoy the grand gesture of a huge sales event from a big company, but we also enjoy the daily comforts of interacting with our local restaurants, dry cleaners, mechanics, independent grocers, or even training companies. The people who have a vital, frequent stake in offering products and services we need are invested in seeing us. Together, we build relationships built on commerce and, more important, on trust.

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We get it. You have enough on your plate to add one more task, especially a mandated anti-sexual harassment training. Ugh! This may be worse than being forced to eat vegetables when you were a kid!

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Recently, we wrapped up an ongoing project for a large client. We designed the training to support and reinforce a major process change for the organization that will lead to significant savings in the coming years. This project meant changing some integral patterns and processes for many roles across diverse divisions. We are extremely pleased our client is already well ahead of its financial savings goals in the first year!

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Gillespie training solutions and programs have been implemented in organizations like:

AcuFocus | Bausch + Lomb | Wegmans | Time Warner Cable | Comcast | M&T Bank | Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

"I have worked with Gillespie for close to 15 years and have referred them to many other colleagues. They are extremely supportive, careful with my budget, creative and responsive to my needs and timelines."

- Global Director of Training, Financial Industry

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