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Hi, Im Marc Planzer and welcome to my website. I am a creative producer/visionary film maker that’s passionate about helping automotive- or other companies to grow their business.

I’m going to great length to capture dynamic shots without any sacrifice, with my skills to make it all worth it. I like to create really smooth shots that are full of energy to encourage momentum by following a subject with a close proximity, closer than most are comfortable going. I believe that God gave me a heart to serve others, a desire to work hard, and a talent to put it all into action. I love meeting new clients and turning them into friends. This is what defines Planzerfilms.

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I have worked with many brands and know exactly what you want and what you need, many of my clients enjoy the passion and engagement I bring with Planzerfilms and thats why my work stands out.

What can’t I do? I am kidding, of course. I will turn your story into something special. I will tellyour story. I can do videos for social media to corporate videos, from music videos to promotional clips, from commercials to testimonials and everything in between.

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I collaborate with ambitious brands and people, get in touch with me so we can create creative projects together!


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