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Homeware Design featuring great design, architecture, fashion, graphics and innovation from across the globe.

Silverline Design Team Worktop Range Hood Monday, 15 August 2022


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Andrea Cingoli Multifunctional Furniture Sunday, 14 August 2022


Oleg is a wooden cubic or spherical container module with many legs. It can change its function changing its position. It can colonize spaces with infinite combinations of modules. The legs allow it to be placed in different ways to create different furnitures: bedside table, coffee table, clothes hangers, container furniture, sideboard and much more depending on the randomness or the user's imagination.

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Vincenzo Vitiello Air Purifier Saturday, 13 August 2022


Natede combines nature, technology and design to analyze indoor air quality and remove air pollution. Natede has the most advanced sensors and it works with the latest generation photocatalytic filter, that doesn't need to be replaced. Thanks to the interaction between the plant and the filter Natede eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors. Its interface follows its form and design and communicates the overall quality of the air. Thanks to its app you can control Natede wherever you are and check your air quality day by day.

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Tomoharu Hijikata Multifunctional Cooker Friday, 12 August 2022

Vermicular Musui - Kamado

The MUSUI–KAMADO combines the MUSUI, an enameled cast iron pot with a precision seal perfected by Japanese craftsmanship, and the KAMADO, an induction heating base which is essentially a traditional Japanese stove redefined with modern heating innovation, achieving perfect heat distribution and precise temperature control. This one-of a kind tool provides cooks of all levels the opportunity to bring out the natural flavors of ingredients while creating an array of exceptional, flavorful dishes.

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Xiayansheng Liujunting Yangyuanyuan Table Thursday, 11 August 2022

Modular Desk Design

Several functional receipt modules are designed to maximize the efficiency of the work, and to inspire infinite imagination space for the creation of pure blank environment, the collision of wood grain and metal. Blue-grey tones give a calm private atmosphere. In this private world, you can enjoy your work, study and life freely.

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Davide Mezzasalma Modular Shelving System Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Iron Hive

Inspired by the structure of a beehive, the Iron Hive modular shelving system offers flexible and dynamic high-end solutions. It grows and transforms with the needs of its user. On its own, a module can be used as a side table or stool next to a sofa, armchair or bed. Like a metric system, these modules can be combined to form larger units, grow in length or height and thus become complex side boards, book shelvings, room dividers or product displays. From every angle, its shifted lines appear different: organic and structured, light and strong at the same time.

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Designer of the day Special Coverage Monday, 8 August 2022

World's best designers, artists and architects.

Good design deserves great recognition. Everyday, we are pleased to feature amazing designers who create original and innovative designs, amazing architecture, stylish fashion and creative graphics. Today, we are presenting you one of the World’s greatest designers. Checkout an award-winning design portfolio today and get your daily design inspiration.

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Homeware Design features World's best furniture designs and most innovative homeware appliances.



Hotel by Noa* - network of architecture

Monday, 15 August

The Language of Flowers

Print Design Collection by Bianca Elgar

Sunday, 14 August


Chair by Svilen Gamolov

Saturday, 13 August


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Homeware Design featuring great design, architecture, fashion, graphics and innovation from across the globe.


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