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Materials made simple.


We’re here to help.

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Lots of questions come up when sourcing materials. Where should you begin?

Will these options work within our current production process?
Does this material satisfy our sustainability goals?
How do I know the information I’ve been given is credible?

We demystify material science -帮助您找到可以立即使用的材料解决方案,并确定符合您的性能的材料, budget, and sustainability objectives.

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Every idea has a material solution. Let’s find yours.


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Think of us as your material concierge.

皇冠搏彩APP的产品和服务旨在赞美您目前的团队和工作流程. 作为您的合作伙伴,皇冠搏彩APP专注于为您的目标和目标提供定制化的材料支持.


Material Insights



Unlimited access to Material Library locations worldwide

Dedicated Client Services to Support your success

Preferred rates on Advisory Services

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Advisory Services

Tell us your material challenges – big or small.


R&D Assistance

Direct Sourcing Support

Practical Material Solutions


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We help our clients shape the future one material at a time.

Case Study: Adaptive Design

What is adaptive design? 适应性设计是为所有人创造易于访问的对象...Read More

Case Study: Sports apparel packaging, meet sustainability.

一家全国性的运动服装零售商希望他们的零售包装能反映其商店的循环经济前景....Read More

Case Study: Revolutionary ideas need revolutionary materials.

可穿戴空间计算机初创公司,Material ConneXion多年合作伙伴, was seeking unique materials that could be...Read More

Case Study: Sounds like we’ve got a winner.

Ultimate Ears, a Logitech brand, was in search of materials to bring their new social speaker, the UE...Read More

Case Study: Spending money never felt so good. (Really.)

一家全球支付处理公司来到Material ConneXion,希望扩大其业务范围...Read More

Case Study: Circular economy never looked so good.

A global luxury brand focused on haute and consumer fashion, fragrance, beauty, watches, and fine jewelry approached Material...Read More

Case Study: Urgent sourcing during a pandemic.

一个以极端冷却技术闻名的生活方式服装和配件品牌带着一个紧急供应商找到了MCX...Read More

Case Study: Material that hits the ground running.

一个不系鞋带的替代品牌来到Material ConneXion后,经历了高破碎率在他们的产品....Read More

Case Study: No slipping or sliding on these stairs.

一个以设计为中心的消费科技品牌需要确保在零售商店外的楼梯上站稳脚跟....Read More

Case Study: You’re not blushing. We are.

一个全球顶级美妆品牌需要一种提升其化妆品价值和连接的方式...Read More


A Trusted Partner to Leading Brands


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