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Estate Planning: Your Family, Your Wealth, Your Legacy

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Estate Planning

We understand that no two estate plans are the same, and that it is the client’s wishes which ultimately determines what that plan will be.

Elder Law
Elder Law

The impact of caring for a loved one who requires long-term care goes far beyond monetary considerations. We can help you plan ahead.


Guiding an estate through the administration process requires an understanding of probate law, trust law, and tax law. We can help.


Guardianship is a legal process designed to protect vulnerable persons from abuse, neglect (including self-neglect), and exploitation.

Attorney Antoinette Bone

Our all-encompassing and highly personalized approach involves customizing plans based on your particular stage of life, as well as providing updates for when changes in applicable laws may affect your unique plan. We offer a broad range of estate planning and administration services from preparing wills, trusts, guardianship nominations, durable powers of attorney and health care directives to asset and divorce protection strategies, business succession planning, charitable giving, creating plans for the long-term care of those with special needs as well as pets, memorial services, the transfer of keepsakes, and of course, ongoing counsel on ways for you to reduce taxes and transfer your wealth.

Our goal is for you to be secure in the knowledge that you have taken care of everything you own and everyone you love. In a world of ever changing complex tax laws, creditors, and predators, The Law Office of Antoinette Bone is here to help you take care of Your Family, Your Wealth, Your Legacy.

You Are In The Right Place If:

You value and appreciate professional adviceYou want to work with a professional who will educate and help you think through various scenariosYou want to work with a professional that will develop a plan that reflects your values, goals, and unique family situationYou understand that as life changes, your estate plan will need to changeYou want a long-term relationship with your attorneyYou value making the process of the transition of your wealth to your surviving family a smooth processYou are ready to get things done

Still Researching?

We understand that making the decision to work with an attorney for such an important task as planning for and protecting your family and assets is a big decision. Our firm offers personalized/customized estate plans tailored to your family situation. We don’t use cookie cutter forms. The plan we develop for your family is based upon the goals you want to achieve and your family dynamic.

Firm Overview
Firm Overview

We view the “estate plan” as not just about financial matters, but also about the life objectives you hold for yourself and your family.

Learn MoreGet Started
Get Started

If you own assets or have people who depend on you (i.e., spouse, children), it is critical that you develop an estate plan with a qualified attorney.

Learn More About Our Process

Need to discuss with your spouse.

Estate planning should be a joint endeavor for couples. Texas is a community property state, as such, each spouse owns a one-half divided interest in assets acquired during the marriage. How each spouse wants to dispose of their ½ interest needs to be discussed. If you have moved to Texas from another community property state or a common law state, you will have mixed assets. Now that you are Texas residents, you and your spouse need to plan on how to dispose of your assets. If you were previously married with kids from that prior relationship and maybe you have children together, planning together for how to deal with your separate assets is extremely important.

How much does it cost?

We understand that you may have a budget for your planning. Our firm provides customized estate plans and hands on guidance. We educate and explain. Our firm does not dabble in estate planning. We focus on it. We do cost more than estate planning sites that offer do it yourself plans or limited contact with an attorney. We do not offer $89 Wills. If that is what you seek then we would not be a good fit for you. Our firm focuses on comprehensive estate planning. Until we have had the opportunity to discuss your goals, your family situation, and your assets, we can not tell you how much of an investment you will need to make to get the plan that does what you want it to do. If you seek guidance and value, our firm is a great choice. Learn more about our process.

I can get this cheaper someplace else.

We know you have other options from which to choose. We understand that prices may be lower elsewhere but value is what really matters. If you are looking for value then our firm is a great choice. Cheaper is simply cheaper. It doesn’t mean you are getting the same thing at a lower price. Google can tell you many things but Google isn’t an advisor.

But I just want something “Simple”.

We have heard this many times. The question I ask is, what is simple? I have found that most people who want something simple do not understand the complexity that can exist based upon what they want their plan to achieve. People don’t know what they don’t know. We have found that something “simple” is really a request for the investment into planning to be less expensive. If you are willing to get less value then we can develop a plan that meets some but not all of your goals. Even our “simple” plan is going to be more expensive than what you will find on the internet.

Not ready to commit.

We understand committing to getting your estate planning done for you and your family can be overwhelming. We are here to provide guidance and support to help give you peace of mind and the satisfaction in knowing you have taken care of the people that matter most to you. While you should educate yourself about who you think would be best for you to work with, don’t fall into the trap of using research to delay a decision. Life is unpredictable and there can come a point at which it is too late to plan. Learn more about our firm here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Questions were Answered and Explained Well

When I called with questions, they were answered. Things I didn't understand were explained. Appointments were kept on a timely manner. Things were explained, and if I asked for the same questions, they were answered a second time.

-Ivaola F. (Client, Estate Planning)

Covered all Possible Outcomes

For my situation I felt that their was a little over kill to what I was expecting based on the previous will and power of attorney issues until she covered all the possible outcomes. Ms. Bone made sure to cover all issues and would take the time and effort to put them in lay mans terms.

-William T. (Client, Estate Planning)

Everything was Perfect

Everything was perfect. Mrs. Bone made everything simple for me.

-Bobby B. (Client, Probate)

Exceeded Expectations

Exceeded Expectations. Very professional yet friendly staff and answered all of my questions. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

-Janice C. (Client, Probate)

Experience Handling Complex Cases

I've know Antoinette for several years and if you are having issues with wills, estates, trusts or are thinking about your financial future, she is definitely a great resource. She has experience handling complex cases and has the patience for dealing with small matters. She's very good at warning you of potential pitfalls you might face without scaring you or pressuring you into spending more than you need.

-Gary F.

You Will Not Find Many Attorneys of Her Caliber

Antoinette Bone is an energetic, accomplished, experienced, knowledgeable, and respected attorney. You will not find many attorneys of her caliber. Her work ethic is impeccable and her attention to the client and to the details of the legal matter are invaluable. Her range of services and expertise is outstanding – Estate Planning, Guardianships, Special Needs Trusts, Probate, and Business Planning. I highly recommend.

-Sherry A. (Attorney at Law)

Very Professional and Extremely Knowledgeable

As a fellow attorney, my experiences with Antoinette have shown that she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her.

-Jack W. (Attorney at Law)

Professional, Responsive and Compassionate

Antoinette Bone is professional, responsive and compassionate. She not only takes care of your estate planning needs, she educates you as to the many options available in estate planning.

-Kellye H.

Antoinette's Books

7 Steps to Handling Your Loved One's Estate

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The 'Sandwiched' Years

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Estate Planning

Elder Law



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