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Hyperactivity and inattention (ADHD)

Understanding ADHD: When does normal become abnormal?

Hyperactivity and inattention (ADHD)

How to help a hyperactive child?


What should you do when children hit?

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Effective Daycare-Kindergarten Interventions to Prevent Chronic Aggression

IntroductionSocietal concern about antisocial behaviours of children and adolescents has increased over the years, in part due to the enormous financial costs of youth crime,1,2 as well as the...

Corporal Punishment

IntroductionOne of the key responsibilities of parents and teachers is to promote desired behaviours in children and to handle misbehaviours when they occur. Parents and teachers have many options...

Evidence for the Role of Home Visiting in Child Maltreatment Prevention

IntroductionIn 2019, 4.4 million referrals of alleged acts of maltreatment involving 7.9 million children were made to child protective services agencies in the United States. Almost 2.4 million...

Preschool Programs: Effective Curricula

IntroductionHigh quality early care and education has been associated with short-term and long-term cognitive, social, and emotional benefits for young children’s development. When quality is...

Home visiting

This topic aims to provide a better understanding of home visiting programs, their purpose, their differences and their common objectives as a prevention, orientation, guidance, support and education...