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Café Femenino Cafe Femenino Program International

Thousands of women with one powerful idea: Women farmers deserve credit for their crucial role in the coffee industry.

Co-founded in 2003 by Peruvian women farmers alongside Organic Products Trading Co., Café Femenino now spans the globe and continues to grow as more and more women join the Café Femenino movement.

Get to know all ten participating co-ops that host a Café Femenino program in the scrolling carousel below.

The women of Union Proagro have carved out a place for themselves in leadership roles at the highest levels within their cooperative.

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In addition to their work with Café Femenino, the women farmers of Coopfam further support their families by locally roasting, selling and branding their own coffee.

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When the women farmers of COSURCA aren’t harvesting their world-class beans, they’re running a kitchen upgrade project that improves the health and safety of homes across their community.

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GUATEMALA - Asobagri

In addition to farming highly sought-after coffee beans, the women farmers of Asobagri run a program focused on job training for their daughters.

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The women now outnumber the men at the Nahuala cooperative. The women farmers have used their increased income to, among other things, send their children to school and fund a librarian position within the community.

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The women farmers of Cesmach have used their increased income to support their families during slow production periods brought on by coffee rust, a destructive plant disease.

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To combat the scourge of coffee rust, the women farmers of Corcasan administer a coffee-tree replanting program to protect and strengthen the economical heart of the community.

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The women of CECANOR are proud to be the originators of the Café Femenino concept. Above all, they feel proud to instill in their daughters the expectation that they will grow up to become leaders in their community—just like their mothers and grandmothers.

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The women of Hinga Kawa Abakundakawa are survivors and leaders to their core. Nearly half of them became the sole providers for their families after their husbands were killed or jailed during the 1994 genocide.

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The women farmers of Kokowagayo have constructed a community center to provide a safe space for women to congregate, learn new skills, and continue to rise up within their community.

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Café Femenino coffee around the globe.

1. Bolivia 2. Brazil 3. Colombia 4. Guatemala 5. Mexico 6. Nicaragua 7. Peru 8. Rwanda 9. Sumatra

Established alongside the Café Femenino program in 2004, the Café Femenino Foundation is an independent nonprofit that provides grants to select projects requested by Café Femenino’s women farmers to enhance the lives of their families and communities. In addition to generous consumer donations that help fund these projects, participating coffee roasters are required to donate a percentage of their coffee purchase to the Café Femenino Foundation.


Cesmach co-op, Mexico


© Copyright 2018, Organic Products Trading Company

Café Femenino brand coffee is developed, administered and imported exclusively by OPTCO and is distributed to more than 250 roasters across the US, Canada, Australia (through HA Bennet), UK (through DRWakefield, and Europe. Café Femenino is high-quality, Fair Trade, organic coffee that is left unblended to preserve the acidity, body, flavor and aroma that are unique to each Café Femenino coffee variety.

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