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Francis Collins: Bringing Science to Health

Under his leadership, the Human Genome Project mapped and sequenced the full human genome. This monumental advance in scientific knowledge has begun to unlock some of the great mysteries of human life and has created the potential to develop treatments and cures for some of the most serious diseases.

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Randy Wilcox: Ethics and Manufacturing

Brad Tilden: Keeping an Airline Flying

Steve Tourek: A Window on Purpose


Welcome to ethix Magazine

Technology is a disruptive force for business.  On the one hand, it creates new opportunities to reach new customers with new products and services in ways not imagined a few decades ago.  But how does the business transition from where it is to these new opportunities?  On the other hand, technology leads to unintended consequences in business where we have few laws, little experience, and not much wisdom.  How should business leaders navigate this new territory?  

In 1998, when Ethix was started, founders Al Erisman and David Gill sought insight for these questions.  We identified business leaders who seemed to be a step ahead of others in thinking about purpose, ethical practices, and creative ways to create flourishing, not just for themselves but for their organizations, customers, and community.  The archives here include lengthy conversations with more than 100 such leaders including those leading Fortune 500 publicly traded companies, privately held firms, government leaders, and scholars.  Industries range from automotive and aerospace to technology to healthcare to retail.  In addition, you can find reviews of books, essays, and insights for this journey that continues.


Artificial Intelligence

This time it looks real. One of the few advantages of being older is having a perspective on the advances in technology. I was a student in the 1960s when the first promises of artificial intelligence were made with great fanfare. But the excitement and hype died rather suddenly, in part from a paper titled …

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Can Technology (Also) Make Us Stupid?Technology Lessons from MomThinking DigitallyTechnology, Business, and Values



Not So Fast

Not So Fast: Thinking Twice About Technology By Doug Hill, University of Georgia Press, 2016. 221 pp. Doug Hill is a journalist and independent scholar who has studied the history and philosophy of technology for more than 25 years. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Atlantic, Salon, Forbes, Esquire, and his …

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Rise of RobotsHow We Got to NowFlash Boys: A Wall Street RevoltThe Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business



Time’s Up, What’s Next?

#MeToo has been a powerful and courageous statement by victims of sexually harassing males. “What’s Next?” is now the question. It’s not as though no attention has been paid to sexual harassment in organizations, but whatever counter-measures have been attempted, they have obviously fallen short. I have two modest suggestions that might improve things. …

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Was Aaron Feuerstein Wrong?No Guarantees: The “Fall” of Johnson & Johnson?Happy 40th Birthday, Southwest Airlines!Health Care: A Personal Perspective



Technology’s Impact on Book Contract

DILEMMA I signed a contract with Oxford Press for my book in 2004. Its termination clause reads, “In the event that the Work shall at any time be out of print, the Author may give notice thereof to the Publisher, and in such event the Publisher shall declare within thirty days … and then this …

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A Taxi Kickback? by David GillPersonal Views of an ExecutiveFiring a Client?An Unexpectedly Long Commute


Ethix is an online publication of the Center for Faithful Business in the School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. Ethix provides illustrations of business ethics challenges through positive examples of best practices and exemplary leadership. More»

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