Karen Bradshaw is a writer, scholar, and wildlife advocate.

Her work invites people to radically reimagine the human relationship with nature by exploring their connection to place, land, animals, and one another.

Bradshaw is the author ofthe internationally acclaimed book Wildlife as Property Owners: A New Conception of Animal Rights. Wildlife as Property Owners was featured in the Official 2022 GRAMMY gift bags and was “highly recommended” in a Forbes book review. It sets forth a novel legal pathway to addressing biodiversity loss by expanding the right to own property to animals.

Bradshaw is a Senior Sustainability Scientist at the Global Institute of Sustainability and Professor of Law at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Arizona State University, where she teaches Property, Contracts, Environmental Law, Natural Resources, and Biodiversity.She is also a Faculty Affiliate Scholar at the New York University School of Law Classical Liberal Institute.

Bradshaw’s work has been featured in prominent national media outlets including Forbes,Fortune,The Atlantic, Bloomberg,National Public Radio,NPR's Planet Money, and The New York Times. She has published over twenty academic articles and a book on wildfire. She has won awards including the 2021-2022 Desert Humanities Institute Fellowship and 2020 Stegner Young Scholar award.

Bradshaw has a JD, with honors, from University of Chicago Law School, an MBA from California State University, Chico and a BS in Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley. She grew up near the Klamath and McCloud rivers and now resides in the Sonoran desert.

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