Click & Learn: Civil Procedure (C&L:CP) is an online and self-paced interactive tool that helps law students learn, practice, and master civil procedure. Whether you are new to civil procedure or looking to refresh your understanding before an examination, including the bar examination, C&L:CP provides individualized guidance to help you achieve your goal. C&L:CP has hundreds of questions targeted at beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels and gives immediate expert feedback after every question. Choose the topic of your choice and move at your own pace towards mastery of civil procedure.

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C&L:CP provides you with:

Ten units that cover the major topics taught in most Civil Procedure courses Varied, engaging, and interactive questions, such as drag and drop, multiple choice/select, fill in the blank and highlight key words/phrases Individualized instruction for students at all levels, including basic questions for when you are just starting out, review and application questions to help you prepare for class, and more difficult questions for when you are ready for a challenge and/or preparing for an exam Big picture overview of topics through FAQs Review sections and units with exam-level questions that cover multiple topics at one time Skill-building exercises on fundamental legal skills, such as reading rules, statutes and Supreme Court cases Helpful charts and graphs, including flow charts of complex topics Interactive and step-by-step guidance on writing stronger answers to civil procedure exam essay questions

C&L:CP can be used with any casebook or bar preparation class. It conveniently keeps track of what you have completed. It also easily permits you to revisit topics or questions that you initially found difficult to ensure you master the material.

Additional information for interested faculty is available.

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