health, hustle, & heart: the ongoing balance of fitness and freelance

My name is Michelle. As a freelance web designer & developer, frequent traveller, and conference speaker, I’ve noticed how much invisible pressure there is in our industry to live an unhealthy lifestyle:

Nutrient-poor food as the default choice for travel, conferences, and places of employment. Professional networking events centered around overindulgence. Glamorizing overwork, the culture of “busy-ness,” and a perpetual lack of sleep. Long, sedentary days hunched over a desk, or slouched in a conference chair, or stuck in a vehicle. And the unspoken social rules that dictate we all buy into this “work hard, party harder” lifestyle.

Well, I don’t buy it. I believe it’s possible to be successful at a freelance career AND take care of your mind and body. This blog is a story of that constant journey: a little creativity, a dash of rebelliousness, and a ton of not taking myself too seriously.

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Personal FAQs: How do you choose what to eat?

Where I share my personal four-step framework for making conscious food choices in my daily life, and how it applies in every situation.


Rest & Recovery: When to scale back your exercise

Embracing the ebb and flow of our energy levels enables us to adapt our workouts to our capabilities, and show up as our best selves without giving up.


The Unplanned Remote Worker’s Guide to Physical & Mental Health

Our lives have been collectively turned upside down and many of us have been thrust into working from home. How can we take care of our physical and mental health as we adjust to the new normal?


Discipline vs. Compassion

Discipline and Compassion seem like polar opposites, in constant conflict over the way we feel, think, and act. But is that really the case, and how can we use them in our wellness journey?

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