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Welcome to the art and poetry of Sherrie Lovler. Here you will find a unique combination of these two disciplines. Sherrie’s paintings don’t illustrate her poems, they enliven the poems and vice versa. They find a home with each other.

As a painter, Sherrie’s largest influence has been calligraphy. Although she studied western lettering since high school, the qualities of Asian art and brushwork show foremost in these lyrical abstract paintings. Her combination of dynamic lines, naturalness and flow create a mystery and beauty that is rare in western art.

Twelve years ago Sherrie reconnected with writing poetry, and now her paintings are often inspired by her poems. “Writing poetry,” she says, “opened a gateway to creativity,” which moved her paintings into a whole new realm. By working with both the painting and poetry, each pushes the other to new depths. Sherrie says, “It’s like collaborating with someone you work with really well.”

Please stay a while and enjoy reading and seeing what is shared here. And if you want to take some art home with you, please visit her store where original paintings, prints, cards and her books are for sale.

All artwork and poetry on this website are copyrighted by Sherrie Lovler. If you want to repost, please contact Sherrie for permission.


Morning is here.
I awake to the newness
of the day.
I awake to the adventure
it holds.

Today, like every day,
I have a chance to start over,
to greet the sun,
to smell the flowers,
to bathe in nature
and breathe her in.

Today I smile
with the universe.

Today I accept
the invitation
that beauty brings.


Something passes
and we are touched.
Yet spirit moves forward.
Matter falls.

Spirit is from the start.
We are born and we die
and die.
We watch as rains fall
and we feel
the cracking of the earth
the cracking of our hearts.
Yet spirit
never ceases to rise.
And in our surrender
she takes us into her arms
and carries us with her.

And leaves still fall
and trees are bare
and time
will let them bloom again
as spirit rises
and matter falls.


Take the bandage off your skin
and dance.
Stop the healing from the outside.
No form of “out there” can help you.

Take the ruins off your shelf
and smash them.
You don’t need the past holding you
where you don’t want to be.

Let your energy expand
in every direction.
There is no guide but silence,
there is no path but here.

There is no better, no worse,
no up, no down —
only your deep inner wisdom
longing to set you free.

Dance and let your voice rise
out of its cage.
Don’t try to tame that wild animal.
She is your sanctuary, your savior.

Dance and feel the rhythm of the beat.
Dance and let your body move.
Dance and wake your sleeping parts.
Dance and then dance some more.

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©2020 Sherrie Lovler. All art and poetry on these pages are created by Sherrie Lovler. No reproduction without permission.
Website design by Sherrie Lovler

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