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How to Create a Website with Your Phone

One of the rare website builder featuring the same functions on computers, phones and tablets A fully functional app to make websites on Android tablets and phones

It is surprisingly easy to create professional websites using a mobile website builder app for your phone or tablet.

It feels good to know you can create and manage your entire website with an app on your phone or tablet.

SimDif provides simple and effective apps for you to build your presence on the web

This Android Website Builder app lets you focus on organizing and shaping your content. Use your time telling the story of your business, rather than learning to code.

SimDif is an excellent way to clearly present information about your business or activity to your clients and search engines

There are 3 kinds of SimDif sites:

Free Starter websites, Smart websites, and Pro websites.

The price of each version or plan is calculated in a fair way, and is an offer based on the cost of living in each country.

Download and use SimDif for FREE

A free Starter website builder for Android

A good website starts with content organisation A website builder that is easy to use lets you concentrate on what you want to say Many ways to personalize the appearance of your site are already in the free version Click to read more ...

The Smart way to make a website with a phone

56 color themes to choose from, on the SMART version. 15 presets to define the shapes of your tabs and your pages 18 fonts to choose from for your titles and the texts of your website. Click to read more ...

Build a Pro website with your phone

You can create simple e-commerce solutions with Paypal buttons. You can edit the contact form to fit the kind of information you want from your clients. You can activate your own Google Ads on your Pro site. Click to read more ... Try SimDif Website Builder for Android Look for "Website Builder" on your favorite AppStore and download SimDif

SimDif is designed to help you build professional websites with your mobile phone or tablet

All SimDif websites come with free high-quality hosting, a genuine ease of use, and dedicated advice in the form of FAQs, how to videos, mini guides and tips.

SimDif's free website builder offers you a very strong chance of finishing with a professional website that you created on your mobile phone with an app, and to get a website that you can easily manage.

SimDif is one of the very rare free site builders to provide the same features on a phone, computer, or tablet.

This allows you to easily switch between apps on different devices to edit and create a website, and publish it online.

Get SimDif for iPhone and iPad

With SimDif, you can have your own domain name, even with a free site

Fair price - Free https

SimDif created a simplified domain name provider, just for you.

All SimDif sites come with a free "" domain name. You may also want to purchase a unique domain name for your site.

Once logged into your SimDif account, you will be able to search through 30 different types of domain names (.com, .org, .net,, .info, ... ).

Click to read more ...

Are SimDif sites visible on Google's search results?

Unique to SimDif, you can activate the optimization assistant.

What about SimDif sites and main search engines?

The vocation of this app is to help you organize your content for your readers in a way search engines will appreciate.

A useful site, clearly organized around your client's questions, will facilitate that Google builds a clear picture of your business, and recommends it.

When you publish your site the Optimization Assistant helps you complete and optimize your site.

The SimDif team does not hide that it takes a little time, and certain qualities, for a website to be visible on Google in a useful way.

Ideally, you want your site to appear in Google's results when somebody types your name.  More importantly, you want people to find you who do not know you when they look for what you offer in the city you are in.

Click to read more ...

SimDif is the first Mobile Web Design Tool to have the same Features as on a Computer

What kind of websites can you create using a phone app?

SimDif is a free website builder for all your devices which is designed to help you create websites for online stores, websites for a business, or a website to share any kind of information in which you have an interest.

Creating for your Business, or for your Hobby

The website you create comes with free hosting, to allow you to get online and stay online for as long as you need, for free. SimDif is continually being improved and has recently added several new ecommerce solutions to help you get the most out of your website for your business.

We have also created The SimDif Directory, to help our Smart and Pro website creators get a quality link to their website.

If you find that the free version is missing a feature that you need, choose the Smart or Pro plan to expand your site and its features. SimDif aims to be the most reasonably priced website builder software on offer, and we have even indexed amount you pay per month to the cost of living in your country.

SimDif's smart web design makes your website mobile friendly and computer friendly, automatically.

Websites made with SimDif automatically respond to the screen they are being viewed on. How your website looks on a visitors mobile phone is exactly as it looks on your phone while you are editing. To preview how your website will look on a computer, simply rotate your screen into landscape mode.

You can also view your website in both mobile or desktop view without the editor toolbars by going into preview mode.

"SimDif" means "Simple Different":
See how SimDif has been created as a social impact venture.

Made with SimDif Simple Different

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