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LatestNewsAll PlayStation Owners Can Get 'Stray' For Free This WeekIf you've ever considered signing up for a seven-day membership trial for the new PS Plus, now is a good time to do so. Users can do so by heading over to the PlayStation website and signing up for the trial under any of the PlayStation Plus tiers, including the topmost Premium tier which offers access to roughly 400 PS4 and PS5 games. But that's just the beginning. For this week only, Extra and Premium members will get access to Annapurna's Stray, meaning you may be able to download and finish the game during the trial without having to pay one red cent. video gamesplaystationStrayNewsPlayers Held A Digital Funeral For Red Dead Onlinerockstarvideogamesred dead redemptionNewsPeople Hate the New Resident Evil Netflix Showvideo gamesresident evilNetflixNewsDelisted Metal Gear Games Are Coming For the Franchise's 35th Anniversary!video gamesmetal gearmetal gear solid
PopularView all →The Most Overrated Video Games Of All Timesvideo gamepopularoverratedAAA titleover-hypedVideo Games That Killed People In Real Lifevideo gamesdangerousreal-lifekillThese Video Games Eerily Predicted the Future Very AccuratelypredictionsIncredibly Subtle Adult Jokes You Never Caught In Your Favorite Childhood Gameshahamario kartViralThese Disturbing 'Five Nights At Freddy's' Facts Make the Game Even Scarierscaryvideo gameFNAFscary gameViralGames We're Embarrassed To Admit We Don't Like At AllVideo Games are prone to heavy criticism from fans and critics alike. However, there are times when players and critics disagree. Often these titles are hyped up with critical acclaim, only to leave players wondering what they were supposed to be excited for. Here is a list of the most mediocre critically acclaimed games in the market. Gamingvideo gamespopular games
ReviewsView all →We Compare Remakes to Their Original GamesThe lines that separate remakes and remasters can get blurry every now and then. Sometimes we can be delightfully surprised when a remake exceeds expectations and becomes the definitive way to experience that game. Sometimes remasters are so bad that you'd be more willing to bust out that old GameCube or PS2 than play the supposedly new and improved version. Sometimes people say that we have too many remakes right now, and it's either a symptom or the cause of a lack of originality.I think remakes and remasters are important and essential for game preservation. The more people who get to experience what gaming has to offer the better. There are plenty of options in today's world for consumers to choose how they want to game and companies want to entice consumers by advertising what's new. New tech, improved textures, and higher frame rates will always be buzzwords for marketing. However, there is still a large demographic of gamers who play Smash Melee on GameCube on CRTs.Updating the gameplay should be the number one focus when you choose to remake a game. A key component is building an old game from the ground up, near-identical to the original but with modern improvements that go beyond just making the resolution better. Maybe you'd create an entirely new engine for the game. How do the controls feel? What are some quality-of-life improvements that could make the experience more comfortable? These are the things I look out for and value in a remake.A remaster is a standard update for a game that's been out somewhere in that sweet spot of 5-10 years. It can be a quick way for a publisher to keep consumer interest in their game for longer and expand its lifetime sales. It's also a great way to port a game to the next console generation.So, with all that said, what are some good recent remakes and remasters? And what are some really bad ones?RemakesRemastersSuper Mario GalaxyAgent 64 Announcement and Demo ReviewAgent 64: Spies Never Die is a retro throwback to the GoldenEye era of First-person shooters on the N64. It currently has a demo available on steam, so I thought why not try it out and review the experience so far.Anyone familiar with the N64 classic, GoldenEye, will immediately notice the homage being paid. And we're not just talking about the low-resolution textures plastered on low poly 3D models. Almost all objects explode if you shoot them enough, the gameplay consists of finding key cards to unlock doors, and the shooting is de-emphasized. This means you only need to shoot in your enemy’s general direction, and the gun will do the rest for you.SteamGoldeneye 007Agent 64DemoTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge ReviewWhen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first hit our TV screens I was 1 years old and the series was a far cry from its comic origins. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's original 1984 vision was a far darker, grittier piece that was only ever intended as a one-off limited print run. It wasn’t until December 1987 when Laird and Eastman licensed the Turtles to Playmates Toys. With the animated series starting the same year, that TMNT took the world by storm, hurtling rapidly toward the pop culture phenomenon that it gamesTMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNeon White Review: An Exciting Speed Runner/FPS/PlatformerAnnapurna Interactive is one of, if not THE, most consistent game publisher in the industry today. The Unfinished Swan, What Remains of Edith Finch, Journey, and the incredible The Outer Wilds are, in my humble opinion, some of the best games to come out in the last decade. Annapurna just knows how to find talented studios and developers so they can give resources to those studios to make the best games they can. It is impressive that Annapurna has evolved into a publisher with a library that even some AAA publishers can't hold a candle to. That’s why, from the second I saw the reveal trailer for Neon White, I recognized that it was special, and seeing the publisher logo beforehand immediately gave me faith in it. However, my trust in one indie publisher is not universal. Neon White may not have been on a lot of people's radar. But I'll tell you (along with 98% of overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam) that Neon White should be at the top of your gamesreviewfpsIndie Gamesneon whiteThings You Didn't Know Your PS5 Could DoThe most exciting part about the end of this year is that Sony is promising a massive release of new PS5 games. So in the meantime, why not get to know the secret features in your console? Even PS5 mega-stan's will be surprised at some of the new features that are theirs to unlock. The following is a list of our favorite tips that every PS5 player should know.ps5video gamesextra featuresV Rising Early Access First Look: A Classic Survival RPGThe survival game genre is one that I always find myself coming back to. Whether it’s a new game releasing that I know I can get lost in for days, or the oldest save file I have on Minecraft, survival games are naturally addictive because your progress is always apparent. Starting at the lowest level then one day realizing how far you've come can feel really fulfilling. And that's only one aspect, out of many, that V Rising succeeds at in strides.It is a rare occasion in the current gaming industry for a title to be released in early access and not have the large glaring issues that early access games are known for. Whether it be server issues, performance bugs, or just not enough content to justify any price tag. These are the reasons a lot of people rightfully groan when they hear “early access.” I hope to put those worries to rest with this review since I think V Rising is a pretty great time all gamesearly accessv risingmmorpgsurvival gamesWildcat Gun Machine Review: A Thoroughly Broken Doom-LikeAs my plasma rifle tears through the last grotesque, biomechanical demon in the room, the door opens, and I sprint down a winding hallway. In a small room at the end of the hall, I find a familiar and very welcome sight— a floating, bright green body armor pickup. And beside it, the blue key card that will get me into the next demon-infested wing of this labyrinthine facility. No, I’m not playing id Software’s first person, demon-slaying masterpiece, Doom. I’m playing chunkybox games’ top-down, twin-stick demon-slaying shovelware, Wildcat Gun Machine! Read on to find out why you shouldn’t!In Wildcat Gun Machine, you play as a badass chick with an eye patch and the mysterious ability to return from death with the help of ghostlike kitty cats. The game is completely devoid of any story beyond this. Who is this cyclopian cat lady? Why is she murdering the innocent demons inhabiting this abandoned complex? Why is the cat skull tattoo on her arm also emblazoned on the giant doors to a hell dimension? What happened here, and what is her connection to this place? And what’s with the ghost kitties? Wildcat Gun Machine concerns itself with none of this.Now, before I start ripping and tearing into this game, let me start with the positives. I’m positive this game sucks. No, I’m kidding, it’s not all bad. The art direction is decent. With a vibrant neon color palette, cute demons, and a nice grain filter that lends a bit of atmosphere to everything, Wildcat Gun Machine looks good in both handheld mode and on a big tv. Enemies are distinct and varied enough to read clearly and quickly, so it’s easy to keep track of what’s going on in the heat of combat. Projectiles are highly visible, and I was never left wondering what the hell I got killed by. The UI is minimal and unobtrusive, displaying your health bar, armor, super meter, and character portrait in the upper left corner, your current gun, ammo count, grenade and dash cooldowns in the lower right, and your bones, the game’s currency, in the lower left. In my favorite little nod to Doom, your character portrait changes from calm to maniacal as your health depletes. Wildcat Gun Machine is a cool looking game, and its controls are smooth and responsive. Unfortunately, it’s just kind of boring. And, also, it has some fundamental design flaws that compound on each other to ruin the whole experience. But I’ll get to that in a gamesNintendo Switchwildcat gun machinetwin stick shooterLoot River Review: A Satisfying Rogue-Like For FansLoot River is one of those games that you want to play from the second you see it. The art style and the unique gameplay mechanics were enough to instantly grab me. Actually playing the game made me glad I trusted that instinct. That being said, the game does have some issues.The art design in this game is top-notch. The pixilated effect on what felt like 3D models works very well and looks great. The little details in “The Sanctuary” - like the pile of bones, and the head and hands statue in the middle of the area are all great for world-building and atmosphere. The water animations in the river whenever you move a platform are very pretty and satisfying. I would just move my platform back and forth every now and then because something about the rippling waves tickled my brain. It also does a great job of emphasizing your speed when you're moving platforms.Souls-likeRouge-LikeActionLooterChicken Police - Paint It Red Review: A Zany Noir Throwbackps5video gamesreviewchicken police
NewsView all →All PlayStation Owners Can Get 'Stray' For Free This Weekvideo gamesplaystationStrayPeople Hate the New Resident Evil Netflix Showvideo gamesresident evilNetflixDelisted Metal Gear Games Are Coming For the Franchise's 35th Anniversary!video gamesmetal gearmetal gear solidThe First Steam VR Fest Is Coming July 18thvideo gamesvrSteamFans Are Dubbing This Mario Anime and It's Hilariousfunnyvideo gamesMarioanimeSkate 4 is Going Free-to-Playeaskate 4Live-ServiceGod of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition Is Being Scalped For 3x Retail Pricevideo gamesgod of warRagnarokjotnar editionThis ASMR Cooking Game Is a Sensory Overloadvideo gamesasmrcooking gameShredder's Revenge Sells 1 Million Copies In Less Than a Monthvideo gamesTMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesshredders revenge
ViralView all →The Most Overrated Video Games Of All TimesThis one might anger a few of you, but it needs to be said nonetheless! Sometimes we look back at popular games with rose-tinted glasses, completely ignoring the simple fact that not all of our favorite games were very good. Don't get me wrong, I hold a lot of these titles near and dear to my heart but the harsh truth is if we look at these games objectively, they really may have been overrated in a lot of ways. Let's take a look at 10 of the most overrated games ever. Let us know your thoughts below! video gamepopularoverratedAAA titleover-hypedSexy Moments in Video Games You Were Never Supposed to SeeDevelopers are often very sneaky about what adult content they slip into their games. Players are typically quick to catch on though, and find out what tricks are needed to access this content. Below are some of the most notable sexy moments in gaming that you were probably never meant to really find. Do you think some of these developers leaked these secrets themselves? The internet is a strange place. video gamenuditysexy momentsThe Goriest Moments In Video Gamesvideo gameviolencegorebloodyThe PSP Games We NEED To See On Playstation Plus Premiumps5video gameplaystation premiumplaystation 5pspHeartwarming Gaming Moments That Will Renew Your Faith In Humanityvideo gamesheartwarmingrenewed faithkind
StreamersView all →Mega Elden Ring Player, Let Me Solo Her, Defeats Elden Ring's Hardest Boss 1000 Times"let me solo her" has easily become one of Elden Ring's most famous players in just a handful of weeks, and now they've officially beaten one of the most difficult bosses in the game, Melania, 1000 times.streamersvideo gameselden ringnewslet me solo herTwitch Is Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Make More MoneyThe Amazon-owned live-streaming platform - largely known for video game streaming - Twitch is considering a controversial new technique for increasing the company's yearly profit. They might be decreasing the percentage of revenue that goes to its creators.twitchstreamersvideo gamestwitch streamersMassive Streamer, IShowSpeed, Banned From Valorant For Unearthed TiradeRecently, eSports commentator Jake Lucky resurfaced a clip of popular game streamer IShowSpeed going on an expletive-laced rant while playing popular Riot Games FPS Valorant that many are deeming sexist. As a result, he's been permanently banned from playing any Riot game online, and YouTube is currently assessing whether or not to ban him from their streaming platform.In the clip, which you can see here, IShowSpeed - real name Darren Watkins Jr. - gets flustered during a tense game and starts yelling at his teammates. This isn't anything out of the ordinary. In fact, Watkins has grown his entire brand around massive shows of comedically-aggressive trash talk. It's his thing, and people love it.ValorantVTuber Ironmouse Becomes Third Biggest Twitch StreamerThe VTuber Ironmouse has overtaken hundreds of content creators on Twitch, the popular live gaming platform, to become the third biggest streamer on the site behind Ludwig and Ninja. She accomplished this with a 31 day "subathon" event that just ended yesterday.In addition to being the third largest on Twitch, she has also become the #1 most subscribed female on the platform and the first-ever English-speaking VTuber to reach one million followers.If you don't already know what a VTuber is, this article might not be for you. But, as a refresher, a VTuber is a content creator that speaks through an animated avatar that moves its mouth and body in real-time based on the creator's voice instead of recording themselves on camera.Here's what Ironmouse had to say about the accomplishment on Twitter:Today is the end! We finished on day 31 and I am overjoyed. Thank you all for one of the greatest months of my life. I am eternally grateful for all your love and support and I am just shocked at all the milestones we hit. Thank you all I love you! See you tomorrow!Congrats, Ironmouse!twitchironmousestreamingvtuberninjaThese Bizarre Xbox Live DMs End HilariouslyXbox Live messages are infamous for players sending insults and threats to other players through chat. Sometimes, these interactions can lead to some truly hilarious moments. These Xbox Live messages are filled with harsh insults and amazing comebacks. funnyvideo gamexbox liveThese Utter Trash Gaming Setups Will Actually Make You MadHaving a good setup for gaming is essential for gamers. It is the pride and joy of the gaming community. However, these setups are disgustingly awful and would probably give you some kind of disease should you approach them. Try not to cringe at these atrocious setups. GamerPcsetupvideo gameE3 Stays Socially DistantE3
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