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you deserve the beautiful arms you ve always wanted Flabby Arms Exercises Upper Body WorkoutSeptember 22, 2017 By yumyucky 7 CommentsGot flabby arms? Ugggh. I know exactly how you feel. Used to have them. But help is right here, right now. In this workout, the focus is on improving your biceps, front of the shoulders, and the sides of the arms. It's a quick upper body workout that will get your muscles burning fast to get rid of flabby arms. Beautiful arms are yours for the taking! It's just up to you to [Read More...]Eat Bad Food, Still Lose WeightLatest PostsHealthy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas / Keto Paleo FriendlySeptember 6, 2017 By yumyucky 19 CommentsI hope you're hungry! Here are a few of my favorite low carb breakfast options that I enjoy on the days that I’m not doing intermittent fasting. Sure, I still enjoy my traditional big breakfasts, but I try to limit those high carb breakfasts to [Read More...] Watch Out For This | Easy Dance Workout to Lose WeightAugust 25, 2017 By yumyucky 4 CommentsHey there! Are you ready for this easy dance workout? Unleash that Jamaican dancehall vibe to Major Lazer's, Watch Out For This. Have fun with it, remember to breathe as your heart rate goes up, and give this cardio dance workout your own [Read More...]How to Get Rid of Cellulite: Full Workout for Butt ThighsAugust 9, 2017 By yumyucky 12 CommentsGot cellulite? We all do on some level, but you CAN do something about it.Although there are strange methods out there involving coffee scrubs and dry brushing your body (whaaaaa!!), the absolute surefire way to get rid of and reduce the [Read More...]Tummy Tuck Workout to Flatten Belly PoochJuly 31, 2017 By yumyucky 5 CommentsAfter having 4 kids, (three of those gremlins were by c-section), I got a tummy tuck consult that went absolutely horrible. You can scroll down for the video link on what happened, but in a nutshell, the doctor was a big time jerk. I left his office [Read More...]Snacktime! Buttery Parmesan Toast RecipeJuly 21, 2017 By yumyucky 5 CommentsSay hello to Buttery Parmesan Toast. Oh meee oh my-my-my. I threw this together in a pinch when my stomachs were demanding an afternoon snack attack. It's so darn simple to make and extremely satisfying.The yummy goal here is to have as [Read More...]Weight Loss Maintenance Before After Pics | 3 Key TipsJuly 3, 2017 By yumyucky 14 CommentsBooyah! I'm on a roll with this weight loss maintenance stuff. I've kept the weight off for an entire year. Yes, there have been ups and downs, and I expect there always will be since perfection is not my goal (and also because I love Cinnabon too [Read More...]Easy Paleo Pancakes Recipe. Low Carb Goodness!June 21, 2017 By yumyucky 9 CommentsIt's Paleo Pancakes time! But if you had told me a few months back that I would give up my regular pancakes forever for this (weird?) paleo stand in, I would've laughed in your face and proceeded to cover my body in high carb white flour in an act of [Read More...]8 Minute Kickboxing Power WalkMay 24, 2017 By yumyucky 7 CommentsHey, hey now! This is my first in what will be many more Kickboxing Power Walk workouts here on Yum Yucky. It's so much fun and definitely keeps things more interesting than doing a regular in-home power walk. You gotta join me for this. It's only 8 [Read More...]Naan Bread Pizza for Weight Loss (With 5 Minute Homemade Pizza Sauce)May 12, 2017 By yumyucky 12 CommentsHey guys. This is it! The is THE PIZZA I ate 3-4 times per week during my 8 week body transformation. Even as I write this I am ready to hit up the grocery store again for some more Naan bread. I'm making Naan bread pizza again for dinner [Read More...]Well, hello there.Hi! I'm Josie. This is where I share my passions for healthy living, natural health, fitness, and happiness. My goal is for you to be empowered and informed by what you read and learn here. I'm 44 years old and I love Jesus. I've been married to my husband for 13 years. I have 4 children (ages 24, 21, 12 and 8), and I'm also a grandmother to a sweet 2-year old little girl. I've lost over 40 pounds during my weight loss journey. I encourage you to stay empowered. Always keep your head up and stay strong! Meet JosieFacebookInstagramPinterestRSSTwitterYouTubeFollow Me. XO!

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