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About Us Customer Service Privacy Policy Shipping FAQ Contact Us Call us at 1.503.771.3904Featured CategoriesFermentation Pickling Crocks, Sauerkraut KimChi Maker, Cabbage ShredderPickle, Sauerkraut and Kim Chi MakerHalf Gallon Glass Jar Pickle, Sauerkraut, and KimChi MakerNik Schmitt German Gairtopf Sauerkraut Crock Pots10 Liter Schmitt Gartopf German Sauerkraut Fermenting Crock Pot in WhiteK&K Keramik German Gairtopf Fermenting Crock Pot Form 1K&K Keramik Gairtopf Fermenting Crock Pot Form 2Fruit and Vegetable JuicersTribest JuicersSuper Angel Plus Stainless Steel JuicerSuper Angel Pro 7500 Stainless Steel JuicerNew Super Angel Deluxe 7500 Juicer with Soft Fruit Housing AttachmentSuper Angel Juicer Premium Deluxe model 8500Mehu-Liisa Stainless Steel Steam Juicer & Food Steamer - 11 LiterFeatured ItemsBrainON Supreme by E3Live - 6 Bottle PackagePrice: $160.00Sale: $147.40Navan Regen-X with Human Growth Hormone HGH supplementPrice: $120.00Sale: $110.00Blue Majik by E3LivePrice: $35.00Sale: $28.00Navan Daily Detox Plus Product Review by Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D.Price: $90.00Sale: $80.00E3Live Frozen Sticks - Six bags of 32 count .5 oz Frozen SticksPrice: $197.00Sale: $179.00TSM 5-Tray D-5 Stainless Steel Food DehydratorPrice: $550.00Sale: $480.00EasyGreen "LITE" Auto-Misting Sprouter EGL 50Price: $250.00Sale: $199.00Super Angel Pro 7500 Stainless Steel JuicerPrice: $1,600.00Sale: $1,300.00Wondermix Revolution Kitchen Mixer by WonderMillPrice: $249.95Sale: $249.95Wonder Jr Deluxe "PLUS" Handmill - WonderMill JuniorPrice: $275.00Sale: $259.95Mega Defense by WaioraPrice: $45.00Sale: $42.00Waiora Natural Cellular Defense Liquid ZeolitePrice: $45.00Sale: $42.00Reasons to shop from us!Welcome and thank you for visiting The Raw Diet Health Shop!I offer high quality kitchen appliances, superfoods, and supplements to support your journey to better health.This store is owned and operated by Mike Snyder, raw foods author and chef. Mike is the author of the popular raw gourmet recipe books "Rawesomely Vegan" and "The Everything Raw Foods Recipe Book."I am happy to help you select the best kitchen appliances and supplements / superfoods. Feel free to call or email me at any time.New Updates for November 2020!Here are some new product updates in the raw food world of juicing and blending -We have a new batch of BrainOn Supreme by E3Live! It ships in a package with six frozen bottles containing fresh E3Live plus BrainON with 4 times more Brain Support extract!Our most popular supplement is the Blue Majik Natural Phycocyanin Extract and Food Colorant by E3Live! Its stunning blue pigment contains both phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC compounds. This unique combination is not seen in standard Spirulina powder. PC is clinically shown to relieve physical discomfort.We have the TSM Sausage Maker Stainless Steel Food Dehydrators in stock! These are high quality dehydrators made in Buffalo, NY and do an excellent job. They can be used in the home and business.We now carry the new Navan Global Supplements! Dr. Rik Deitsch created the new liquid zeolite supplement. The Navan products are designed to help the body eliminate the bad and prepare it to receive all the benefits from the good stuff you put in it. Navan supplements include Daily Detox Plus Clinoptilolite Zeolite, CBD Tincture & Gummies, Restore, Dream, Regen-X, Bath Bombs, Relieve, and Renew.Wholesale pricing on the Navan products is available by enrolling as a distributor with Michael Snyder. Visit the Navan website, click "Join Us" and enter Enroller ID 4591 at http://rawdiet.navanglobal.comThe Waiora Mega Defense is in stock and very popular this month because of the coronavirus. Dr. Gabriel Cousens recommends taking 4 capsules, twice daily (for building and protecting the immune system). The Waiora Mega Defense and Natural Cellular Defense zeolite are listed in Dr. Cousens' current Wuhan COVID-19 Protection Supplement Protocol. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is highly recommending these two supplements for their anti-viral and immune system boosting properties.The best way to preserve your garden harvest is with a food dehydrator! Our top recommendation is the Samson Silent Dehydrator. It works equally as well as the Excalibur brand and is half the price. It's available in a heavy duty plastic, or stainless steel.We have a new shipment of the Samson Commercial Wheatgrass juicers. The Samson is my top recommendation for a wheatgrass juicer used in a juice bar or restaurant. It's available in 110 volts for North America, and 220 voltage for international countries.We have new sauerkraut crock pots with stone weights. The K&K German Gairtopf Fermentation crocks are my favorite. I also love the Polish Sauerkraut Crocks, and the Nik Schmitt German Crocks, formerly called the Harsch Crocks.We received a new shipment of the Welles Press juicer! This has been out of stock for a few months. Our new inventory is in-stock with same day shipping.We have the new formula of Waiora Mega Defense. The formula was changed in July 2018. We recommend using Mega Defense with the Waiora Natural Cellular Defense liquid zeolite.We have the new AlkaViva Melody II Water Ionizer in stock! This is the updated version of the Venus and Melody I ionizers. The Venus and Melody I have been discontinued.We have the new Samson Super Juicer Stainless Steel Commercial Grade Wheatgrass Juicer Model 08-5000 in stock.We carry high quality raw food supplements and superfoods, including the Cutting Edge Easy Kefir Starter, the frozen E3Life AFA Klamath superfoods, and the Waiora Natural Cellular Defense NCD2 liquid zeolite.Navigate your way through the store by clicking on an option on the left side of this page.Everything listed is available to order and I am adding new products daily. I will ship most items internationally. Feel free to call me at 503-771-3904 to order or ask questions, or give me an email. My store is hosted by and is completely safe and secure.Are you interested in learning more about Raw and Living Foods? I publish a free living foods email newsletter with articles, recipes, audio, video, and coaching. Register for the free newsletter here:

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Kitchen Appliances, Superfoods and Supplements | The Raw Diet

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