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Welcome to the Tell Us Something podcast, Im Marc Moss.

This week on the podcast, we check in with Anna Haslund, the first Deaf storyteller to share a story at Tell Us Something. We sat down in July of 2020 during the midst of the pandemic. And she shared with us what it was like to share a story at Tell Us Something, her excitement

to participate in the Miss America Pageant representing her state of Montana, as well as some of the unique challenges that Deaf people face during the pandemic.

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[Marc] You’ve been coming to Tell Us Something for how long?

[Anna] Wow, I think it’s been about five years.

[Marc] So, how did you come to decide, that you wanted to tell a story?

[Anna] Good question. Let me see.

So, my interpreter Bonnie actually told me that there was an event called Tell Us Something, and I hadn’t heard about it.

And so I went and was in the audience. And then I felt that I could probably get up there too. And I know that there werent any Deaf people that had done it before, so I feel that would be really empowering for me to get up there and just tell a story.

And then the audience, oh my gosh, they were so supportive and so excited! And when I finished the story they were all applauding for me in sign language, and it was just such an honor and I, I like being representative for the community.

So, I felt inspired.

[Marc] And when you told your story.

What was it like afterwards?

[Anna] So, it just felt like a really big change for me.

Ive always been a very, like, closed and personal person, but getting up there and telling the story, I felt, y’know, just some new emotions and I was able to get out of my shell some more and make some new friends.

And we all supported each other. It was great.

It feels like Im part of a big family now [Marc] You are!

[Anna] Exactly.

[Marc] So youve done this twice. You’ve told a story twice.

Is there one that you enjoyed telling more than the other one?

[Anna] Its hard to choose but I think the one that I told about the, the two horses, you know, Joe, and then the other horse. So, Yeah, I think those, that was my favorite one to tell. [Marc] Yeah. Everyone loves horse stores.

[Anna] Yeah.

And they know that when I was trying to make that sound, you know, for the kissing the horse? That the audience, looked like they really enjoyed that too. [laughter]

[Marc] Yeah. You told a story about heartbreak too

Did that guy,

did he get to listen to it?

[Anna] So yeah actually he did, and he contacted me, and you know he apologized for the whole experience. And so you know were friends, you know, once in a while well see each other but just friends. [Marc] His loss

[Anna] Actually yeah! [laughter]

[Marc] So what have you been up to since then? I heard you have some news.

[Anna] So I am so excited to let you know that just last month,

I was in a competition for Miss Montana for the Americas, and I won!. Oh my gosh, it was my first time! And the first time that theres been a Deaf woman, representing the state!

And so I think the first time going to be doing some kind of appearance is going to be in November of this year. And hoping that I can give speeches like in schools and different communities, and and really inspire people and empower yeah so yeah. Montana’s

just my home and I am excited to represent it.

[Marc] Thats awesome.

So when is the pageant itself?

[Anna] So in October, sometime Im going to be competing on the national level.

And I think next month Ill get more information. But Ill keep you updated! Its on my Facebook page!

[Marc] Anna won the Miss Congeniality award during the Miss America Pageant. Ultimately, the crown went to Miss Virginia,

Camille Schrier.

[Anna] I know when I was in the pageant previously, I was given the award for Miss Congeniality.

You know we could always have more people around it, just everybody go together.

And I want to say, just thank you so much to my, my two directors they have been so nice and respectful, and professional and working with me and we all work together, so its been such a great support system.

[Marc] So, so proud of you. That’s amazing. Thank you so much for

letting us know about that.

[Anna] Thank you. You’re welcome.

[Marc] And so the next time you tell a story at Tell Us Something youll be Miss America, is that right?

[Anna] [laughter] Maybe! Is there anything else that you want listeners to know before we play their story, your story for them.

[Marc] Is there anything else that you want listeners to know before we play your story for them?

[Anna] So I think its important for people know, I wanted to share

You know, with this coronavirus that’s happening, Its been really hard for Deaf and Hard of Hearing to be able to communicate because of the mask requirement.

It covers most of your face.

So whats been really cool is that theres these masks with a clear window, that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people use, I have a friend that actually makes them.

Emily, shes from Washington State.

And theres also a place of Darby here in Montana. And they worked really hard to provide the community with a way to be able to provide access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

I know its hard like if youre trying to communicate someone needs to read your lips, you have to remove your mask so for just for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people also its hard to communicate.

If they rely on reading lips. So, these masks are incredibly helpful. So thats thats a good idea.

[Marc] And, can you provide us a link to where we can order those masks?

[Anna] Oh absolutely, Id be happy to give you that information for the contact.

[Marc] Great. Thank you so much.

[Anna] Youre welcome.

[Marc] And I don’t have any other questions. Is there anything else that you want to talk about?

[Anna] Oh, wow.

I dont know! Let me see.

I could ask you about your experiences with your business. Maybe what do you think about inviting more Deaf people to tell stories?

[Marc] I mean, I’ve always wanted to do that, I dont know how to encourage them. Do you have any advice on how I can be more inclusive?

[Anna] Good question.

So theres a Deaf school in Montana that we could contact, and see if theres anyone who will come and tell stories.

And they have interpreters there that we could put on video if we do do it remotely.

Theres always different access ways. And theres

Id be happy to also myself just contact my Deaf and hard of Hearing friends and try to get them up here on stage to tell a story. I mean if I can do it, I think anyone can.

And I want to thank Bonnie, my interpreter and also Denise for interpreting. I know its hard to get interpreters for all the stories and all of your events and I know it can be frustrating and captioning is really frustrating and hard to get to look

just right. But the interpreting and the captioning is really important for people who arent completely Deaf but also hard of Hearing, and they cant catch all the words.

So part of what I want to do is just help bridge communication gaps, and, um

People, I know, are always fascinated with sign language, and theyre always watching the interpreter, which is great!

Like my best friend Erica, she got fascinated with sign language. And now shes going into an interpreter program in Oregon to become an interpreter. So Im so excited to see how she develops and I know when shes done Ill definitely be hiring her too!l

[Marc] Well, I can tell you this, that, I have a friend you this that I have a friend that knows ASL but shes not an interpreter.

And, even before I started bringing Bonnie and Denise on to help interpret,

I didn’t know that I needed to bring on certified interpreters.

And so, I was asking other people to do it, and they kept telling me “no”. But they didnt tell me why.

And so I’d been working on getting interpreters, interpret the stories for a couple years, before

I finally talked to Bonnier, Denise, excuse me. And I asked her, like, what why aren’t, why isn’t anybody saying “yes” to this? And she explained

The requirement for certification.

And so then, finally,

We developed this relationship. And, here we are.

[Anna] And its great that youre more comfortable, you know, having the interpreters there, and just having them be a part of the whole thing, and….

I know, communication is so important. And I know people dont always understand that sign language is a foriegn language.

[Marc] Right.

[Anna] And that writing back and forth with people is ok,

But because its foreign language, that can be difficult. So using a certified interpreter, who knows ASL, its just so important to match communication styles.

With this pandemic. Its changed so much. Theres so many emotions that people are experiencing, having to realize, you know, what can happen with the pandemic. It’s really difficult.

I know that we’re not alone with our struggles in communication and everything else andyou know, I know eventually, maybe, COVID will be gone. It could be years, it could be five minutes, I don’t know.

You can only try your best, you know, and like I always tease my friends, my family.

You know, like right now were sitting six feet away.

And sometimes, you know, I sign larger, and then, say, we’re not six feet away [laughter] and I say, “Oh, excuse me! That’s too close!” So.[laughter]


[Marc] Well, thank you so much, Anna, for being here today. And… uh oh….

[Anna] Youre welcome. And thank you for allowing me, you know, giving me the honor to do this little interview.

[Marc] Yeah,

[Anna] It makes me

[Marc] I appreciate you being here.

[Anna] proud.

[Marc] Thank you.

[Anna] You’re welcome. Thanks.

[Marc] After the break, watch and share her story, live on stage, and she shared it in front of a sold out crowd at the Wilma in Missoula, Montana. In September of 2019.

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Anna Haslund loves the community with her kindness. Loves to help the community with her kindness.

She is the one who breaks the barrier and and can do the impossible.

Watch out for her crazy skill with yaassss kicks!

Her nickname is Anna Banana.

Note, that Anna is Deaf, and her story will be voiced by Bonnie Kurian.

The way to clap for Deaf people is to wave your hands like this. [clapping in ASL]

So, after her story is finished, the house lights will come up, and we can all show our love for Anna together.

Please welcome Anna Haslund.



About four years ago.

Me and my best friend Erica were in Frenchtown at an organization called Heart, which is an equine recreation and therapy organization.

We were volunteering with those horses.

Erica asked me if I wanted to go up to Flathead to pick up four new horses for this therapy ranch. And I was so excited, I said, “Of course I do”.

So it was me and Erica, and her half sister, Selena.

We met the owner up there at this other ranch.

And he said, “Go ahead and pick your horse.” So I looked at all the horses, and I saw this beautiful perfect horse. He was huge. Brown and flowing mane.

And I felt a little nervous though. I knew it was important that we had to be able to trust each other.

So I offered him my hand and he sniffed my hand and let me pet his nose. And I asked the owner, I said, “What is this horses name?” He said, “Oh the horses name is Joe.”

And I said, “Well, thats really funny. My moms name is Joe [laughter] so, apparently this is meant to be. This is a good connection.”

So I got on the horse. We’re riding along. And the way most people communicate with a horse is they make a clicking sound, well I cant click, so I decided to make a kissing sound instead. [laughter] it worked great.

It worked great. He liked it.


So a few months later, Erica and I decided that we wanted to take these horses out on a trail ride.

And there were four of us. Again, it was Erica.

Selena, she was about seven at the time,

And the ex-wife of the owner. Im not sure how she got in the group but.


So were riding along. We keep going.

Were on this forest service road. Was a nice big road. Perfect for four people, four horses.

So were all riding along. We go on up a few miles, we were just going to go up and turn around and come back.

Everything was going on great.

And of course I was on the lead horse, which is ridiculous, because Im Deaf!


But, here I go. About 10-15 minutes, I started feeling in my gut like, “Somethings not quite right.” I turned around and oh my gosh, Erica is waiting frantically!

And I knew quickly, that something had to be wrong. So Im trying to kiss at my horse again to get him to stop.

I turn, we turn around and we see that the ex-wife was on one of the meanest horses. She yanked on the reins and he kicked her right off. And she actually broke her leg.

So I look over at Erica.

And we see Selena. It’s her first time on a horse. Now she is scared to death. Shes screaming hysterically. And we knew that we needed to calm her down so that her horse didnt get scared and buck her off.

So trying to keep her calm. We dont want her to scare the horse.

And now we are trying to figure out, “What are we going to do now?”

How are we going to get four horses down?

And oddly enough, these two men come walking up the forest service road. We thought, “Well this is perfect timing.” And they asked if they could help. We said, “Uh, yeah, thatd be great!”


So we said, “How are you going to help?” “So we have a truck right over here.” So they were able to pick up the ex-wife and put her in the truck. Helped her out.

We said, “Bye.”


So then Erica takes me to the other horse, and she brings me the reins to guide the other horse down the trail and the reins slipped out of my hand. And the horse.

He just kept trotting along like nothing was going on. And I thought, “Oh great! Now we have a runaway horse!” So I have to get next to this horse. Im riding my horse. I’m trying to use my horse to guide the other horse, so that I could grab the reins.

And while we were going down the Forest Service road, it was really curvy. We finally get to a flat spot.

I look at my horse, I look at the other horse, and I have this incredible plan. I know its a little crazy, but its a great plan.

So Im talking to Joe, and Im saying, “Stay here. I have faith in you. Do not take off on me. Just stay with me.” So I go over sidesaddle, and Erica is looking at me. She knows exactly what Im going to do. [screaming] She tries to tell me not to.

I jump off a Joe. I scream, I land. I kind of felt like, Zorro, actually. [laughter] I jump over.

I land on this horse, this mean one. His name is Balthazar.


And I feel, “This is incredible! I really should be in a movie! This was amazing! I should be a stunt person.”

So I grabbed the reins. I pull him back.

Everybodys absolutely shocked. Erica says, “You are insane! What the hell do you think youre doing?!”

I said, “Well, I actually cant believe I did that myself! [laughter] But, look, everythings everythings great now theres no more problems.”

[small laughter]

So the ex-wife was taken to the hospital. Yes, she broke her leg.

Selena got over her fear of the horses, and shes fine.

And Erica and I are still best friends, thank God. Now we have a story we can tell our grandchildren for years to come. What crazy risk takers we are.


[large applause and clapping]

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Stay safe, take care of yourselves, take care of each other, get vaccinated, and have a story-worthy day.

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and theyll send it to me gloria03:54can you shoot this out and03:56or maybe a media member will send me03:58something saying hey were04:00putting on a training or oh we have this04:02to offer small businesses04:04would you shoot it out so i send it out04:06or maybe ill get a phone call04:08and its a business person saying im04:10trying to start a business in bozeman do04:12you know who i should contact04:14and so i look at myself as kind of the04:18communication hub04:19things come in i send them out right04:22but im not always at my desk one of my04:25favorite things to do04:27is whats called immediate community04:29review04:30um once how it works is a community will04:33invite me to in04:35and ill first start with a small team04:37of maybe just three or four of us and04:39what we do04:40is we listen we listen to a community04:43for04:43hours we listen to them share about04:46whats important to them04:47what problems theyre having what04:49challenges theyre having04:51and we summarize everything that we04:54heard from these hours and hours of04:56listening04:57then we go back to our desks and i start05:00tapping the shoulders of some of those05:03253 bosses05:04and they say hey im this this town05:07needs help with small business finance05:09or this05:10town needs help restoring a historic05:12building or05:13this town needs help with manufacturing05:15or this town is looking for a co-op05:17for a store so then we work together05:21to help that community take action on05:24their action plans05:26a perfect example of this is the05:28community of lockwood05:30several years ago big sky economic05:32development05:33and beartooth rcnd invited a small meta05:37team to come in05:38and listen to lockwood and so we05:40listened05:42and we listened and we heard three main05:45pretty heavy burdens the community of05:47lockwood had05:48um one was they felt like they were the05:51ugly stepchild05:52of yellowstone county they felt their05:54voice was not heard05:56another one was they realized they had a05:59large dropout rate06:00that they had these kids that grew up in06:03lockwood went to school in lockwood and06:05then suddenly06:06it was time to go to high school and06:07they were shuttled to different schools06:09in the big city06:11the third major problem they wanted to06:15address and it was quite tragic06:17was they had several deaths in their06:20community06:21because people had been killed there was06:23no06:24safe streets no safe sidewalk no good06:27lighting06:28for the people to walk on and so06:31the team after we listened we came back06:34to our desk we tapped shoulders of those06:3725306:39media members we worked again with big06:42sky eda and beartooth and we held a huge06:44town hall meeting06:47and as a result of that our06:50our media members bringing their06:52expertise to the table and06:53local people of lockwood stepping up06:56ill never forget this young dad stepped06:58up06:58and he said i want my boys to be safe07:01when they walk to 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with08:11my 253 bosses who really arent bosses08:14you are really my partners08:16working together we are making a08:18difference in our communities08:20and building a great place in montana08:23for people to work08:24play and live thanks gloria08:28to learn more about the montana economic08:30developers association08:31visit medamembers.org08:36our next storyteller is a world traveler08:38from a small town heather mccartney is a08:41fifth08:41generation montanan she works as an08:44outreach and consumer education08:46specialist08:47with the non-profit child care resource08:49and referral agency08:51family connections her passions include08:54hunting for a good decaf08:56long reads and connecting people to08:58great resources08:59she lives in shoto montana with her09:01conservation officer husband09:03her artistic and whimsical daughter five09:06freeloading chickens09:07three cats and a dog named bear green is09:10her favorite color09:12we call heathers story family09:14connections09:15i am driving down 89. the sun crests the09:18eastern horizon09:20and the light is blinding so i pull my09:22visor down push it to the side09:24no need to start a migraine this early09:26in the day09:28light flickers off the refuge waters as09:30i look in my rear view mirror09:32my little passenger looks dreamily out09:34her window09:36look mama i see a dragon maybe a dog09:40i follow her gaze into the puffy clouds09:43uh-huh i see what you see i also see a09:46blue heron fishing09:48over there do you see it yes and09:50pelicans too09:53she explains her head back im tired09:56mama09:57she murmurs me too sweetheart10:00why dont you pull your pillow over to10:02the door and have a little nap10:04she settles herself against the seat10:06ponytail flopping over as she leans into10:08her pillow10:09and pulls up her blanket10:13i count myself fortunate to live here on10:15the crown of the continent10:16our little bungalow sits in a tree-lying10:18town in the shadow of the rocky10:20mountains10:21the backbone of the world the10:24front actually known as a cornucopia of10:26flora and fauna10:28on a given day youll see silver-tipped10:30grizzly bears10:31grazing on black choke cherries next to10:34freshly moan hay fields10:36next to mountain streams that water an10:39otherwise arid plain10:41in the town of shoto the deer regularly10:44grazed down my sunflowers10:46and the elk bugle at the city limits10:49neighborhood children play from house to10:51house the schools are top notch10:53and as garrison keillor would say all10:55the kids are above average10:5960 miles later i pull into a quiet11:00neighborhood11:02slowing to go over a speed bump i see a11:04lively elementary school around the11:06corner11:07and gaze wistfully at a for sale sign on11:10a modest home11:12i stop as claire gathers her backpack11:14and hops out11:16i meet her on the other side of car we11:19kiss through our masks11:20love you mama love you too zugs i say as11:23i squeeze her in a hug11:25i climb back into the car and stare at11:27her back11:28and she heads into someone elses11:30capable hands11:3315 minutes later i pull into the parking11:35lot in my company designated space11:38as i turn off the engine i feel the heat11:39of the day coming on11:41i hate my commute i hate all the hours11:44lost to transition when id rather be11:46relaxing11:47catching up with friends heck even doing11:50chores11:51anything but sitting in a car my back11:53and legs getting tight11:55i hate that clara strapped to a seat11:57belt for those same hours rather than11:59running with the sun on her hair or12:01climbing into a treehouse to exchange12:03secrets with friends12:05i especially hate that because my12:06commute to child care is so far12:08and high quality care is so expensive12:11that i will have nothing to show for my12:13eight hour day plus12:14two and a half hours of travel my entire12:16paycheck will have been cashed into12:18making sure my daughter12:19has great care and learning while i work12:23yet im doing exactly what i love12:25im an influencer for positive change12:28change12:29i deeply gratified helping people solve12:30problems and communities rally around12:32solutions12:34like you there really isnt much i12:35wouldnt do or havent done to help12:37these good developments along12:39i mean you know the drill cups of coffee12:42at community tables12:44op-eds to regional papers sitting on12:46boards12:47volunteering for anything on a saturday12:49and then biting your tongue as a group12:51moves in a different direction12:53leaving your hard work in the dust like12:55beer cans after a rodeo12:58but this this depleting of my personal13:01resources to care for my child13:03so that i can help other families and13:05communities care for their children13:07this is pulling at me like attention13:09wire fascinating me to two worlds13:11professional and personal sitting here13:14in the august heat reminds me of the13:16pressure cooker im in13:17i desperately want claire to have a13:18carefree childhood full of rich13:20experiences13:21and im also eager to work to help solve13:23montanas child care crisis13:26im educated and employed and im at13:28risk of leaving the workforce13:30i live in a childcare desert and i am13:33digging wells for other communities and13:35their child care oasis13:37last nights call from a panic provider13:39wondering how shell finance next13:41months expenses haunts me13:43families are desperate for child care so13:45they can work uninterrupted13:46yet with pandemic variables many have13:48pulled the kids home13:50taking precious cash flow with them if13:52she cant put together financing13:54shell join the 10 that have closed13:56their doors this year13:57adding to the already 40 shortage we had14:01in the state14:02last weeks blowback from a county14:04commissioners meeting asking them to14:06allocate funds to develop child care14:08that had me ready to quit hot tears14:11stream down my face why dont people14:12want to support families14:14would they rather not have staffing at14:15hospitals kids in schools14:17volunteers or even talk tax dollars14:20towards infrastructure14:22what the hell am i doing fighting for14:24others that they may enjoy14:26high quality affordable and available14:27child care for14:29which im not attained for myself this14:32is fraying the very fiber of my being14:37i am driving down 89 as starlight14:39illuminates the last of the night14:41grazers14:42my view is framed by oncoming headlights14:45in the highways14:46still slumbering at home clara dreams of14:48her day at school14:49full of friends and learning her dad and14:51dog will walk her down the idyllic fall14:53boulevard14:54kicking leaves and stopping to pick up14:56her favorite rocks14:57and what am i doing like you im going15:01to work15:03thanks heather to learn more about15:05family connections visit15:08familyconnectionsmt.org15:11russ fletcher is an old retired guy who15:13escaped from san francisco15:1425 years ago to live in missoula with15:17his retired attorney wife15:18alexis they have two children his son15:21lives in san francisco and works for15:23google his daughter has15:25come home to missoula from l.a and works15:27for hulu15:28russ spends a lot of his day looking at15:31a computer screen15:32drinking coffee and pondering the future15:34of montana15:35russ calls his story how i found my last15:38best job in a missoula dive bar it was a15:41dark and stormy night 20 years ago15:44there was a waiter listlessly clearing15:46dishes from the table where15:48the 10 or so people that i invited to15:51dinner15:52had finished eating our greasy burgers15:54and drinking bud light15:56id invited them there to ask a single15:58question15:59something that id found since id moved16:00from silicon valley it was what the16:02prison sheriff on cool hand luke stated16:04when they dragged paul newman back16:06from an escape attempt what weve got16:09here16:09is a failure to communicate why didnt16:13montana communicate16:14we did in san francisco it was just me16:17and16:18and well call them bud and lou were16:20left drinking our last can of bud16:23there probably was a wet dog laying by16:25that back door16:27they had just been shafted by the16:30company that had bought their company16:32so i was buying them their beer16:34ironically16:36in a couple of years they would develop16:37a fully automated16:39company that without employees doing16:41about four and a half million dollars a16:43year in sales16:45they would put a phone in their little16:47tiny office on higgins16:50that would go to the phone tree of all16:51the services16:53and bud had to go in occasionally to16:55sign checks16:56and sometimes hed like to pick up the16:57phone so one day hes in there and the17:00phone rings he picks it up and he hears17:02hi17:03my name is susan smith and im from and17:05lets call it giganto corporation17:08he immediately slammed down the phone it17:10rang again17:12hi my name is susan smith and im from17:14gigento17:15he so calmly said thanks susan weve17:18already got all the computers we need17:20and he hung up the phone the phone rang17:23again immediately and he picked it up17:24now he heard in a rush17:26hi my name is susan smith im with17:28digento and we want to buy your company17:32time they got better attorneys and sold17:34it from mid-eight figures17:36now back to that uh back room with those17:39soon-to-be multi-millionaires17:41wed had a few beers and were getting17:43down to the nitty-gritty17:44wed all come from techy backgrounds in17:46silicon valley17:48and in that in that environment i had17:51always told my employees17:52please get out of the office at least an17:55hour a day17:56you have to get out you cant just sit17:58in your office youve got to see whats18:00going on18:00who are new competitors who might we18:02collaborate with18:04whats the new technology i also had18:07told them that if they were over 4518:09i wanted them to find a 25 to 30 year18:12old18:13mentee not a men excuse me a mentor not18:16a mentee18:18someone who they could work with someone18:20who they could teach18:21who could teach them about what tensions18:22and technology were happening18:24they had to realize that it was they18:26were not the future18:28it were the it was the younger people18:30its all18:31and still is all about networking the18:34three of us lamented the fact that18:35missoula18:36wasnt talking to bozeman wasnt talking18:38to billings18:39wasnt talking to great falls etc it18:41seemed like they all thought each other18:43was competing18:44it was the same for montanas companies18:46they werent talking with each other18:48to see whether it might be collaboration18:50um18:51it wasnt it wasnt montana it was the18:54world how could i address this18:56they both looked at me in very calm19:00and humorous gazes said why dont you19:03just build a website19:05i was running a company at the time but19:07i said hey lets give it a shot19:09so i knew two guys they were brilliant19:11techies john and steve they founded mod19:13west19:13which was an incredibly successful isp19:16with i think clients in 56 countries19:18they agreed to build a website that19:21would become the montana associated19:23technology roundtable19:24matter because the economy does matter19:28ill never be able to thank them enough19:31johns now19:31in uh truth or consequences new mexico19:34running a brew pub19:35so there is the career after technology19:39the site started modestly i started19:41holding monthly roundtables which id19:42done in silicon valley19:44people would get together wed have a19:45topic or a panel19:47and people would just talk and they19:49seemed to be really19:50wanting to to get can get communicating19:54with each other19:54learn what was going on i really felt19:57great about these roundtables they were19:58a lot of work20:00but i enjoyed them we had one that i20:03think ill always remember20:04the t1 lines was taking 13 14 weeks to20:07get one installed for a new company20:09this was just you know inconceivable so20:12i said lets have a round table20:13i got a call from senator baucuss20:15office he said he would like to come and20:17speak because hed heard about this20:18problem too when he arrived he20:20apologized he said russ sorry i can only20:22stay a few minutes after i give my20:24little speech20:25he ended up staying for over an hour as20:28he listened to the challenges20:29of the business community i would like20:31to think that this event had an impact20:33on him as he announced his first state20:35economic summit a few weeks later20:37matters all free20:38as you all know i rely on the huge20:41personal satisfaction i get from doing20:43matter20:43not the funding it generates its20:45certainly not the 34 cents an hour i20:47calculated i earned sitting on my butt20:49and answering the phone20:51while supporters and sponsors are20:53greatly appreciated20:54ive never focused on monetizing it in20:56spite of my wifes concern20:58and frequent recommendations that you21:00should be charging for that21:02to me its all about montana an example21:05was a ceo i was talking to21:07he was having a hard time finding a21:08company to collaborate with they needed21:10some technology skills21:12i asked him have you walked across the21:14street he did21:16he found the company that fit his needs21:18that company didnt have a sign on the21:20door21:21they competed for the contract they21:22didnt get it but it really showed to me21:24the fact that we really needed to get21:26out of the office and talk to21:27our neighbors its been about 20 years21:31of updating the site21:32i produced three newsletters a week i21:34talked to thousands of wonderful people21:37and i have to thank montana and media21:40for helping me enjoy the best last job21:42ive ever had21:44i hope that if you havent already maybe21:47someday21:48in some dark back room of a dive bar you21:50can find your21:51dream job as i did maybe it just takes21:55communicating with the right people like21:57bud21:58and lou and john and steve and everybody22:01at mita22:02thanks russ to learn more about russs22:04passion project22:05montana associated technology22:07roundtables teresa shriner is the22:12investment director22:13at the great falls development authority22:15shes a former22:16butte rat who teases that she came22:18kicking and screaming to great falls22:20with her husband22:21although loves to sell folks on the22:23electric city teresa22:24just celebrated 10 years with her larger22:26than life husband casey22:28who equally challenges her efforts22:31together they have three scrappy and22:33smart little boys22:34that love to give them a run for their22:36money adam liam and finn22:38teresa calls her story nose down ass up22:42my dad has a small business in butte22:44its a dental practice22:45although i probably wouldnt call it22:46small because as far as i remember its22:48been22:49probably the biggest practice see so my22:52dads practice let me tell you a little22:53bit about it22:55it is the practice that as far as i22:57remember we always had22:59the phone number listed from our house23:01in the white pages if you guys remember23:02the white pages23:04its the one because my dad remembers23:06what its like having a toothache23:07growing23:08up so he would always allow people to23:09call her home day and night23:11going to be ringing off the hook hes23:13always the one that takes referrals from23:15the police department the er23:17any clinic indian health things like23:19that nature so he sees folks of23:21every stripe hes also not a formal guy23:25just like his practice hes unassuming23:28humble and larger than life23:30so people never call him doctor its not23:32even dr mike23:33hes always been known by his high23:35school nickname beets23:38and my dad would always get home later23:41than23:41probably scheduled or he ever wanted to23:43be and23:44later than anticipated but he would pick23:47the four of us up23:48when he got off work hed come rumbling23:50down the dirt road in this old beater of23:52a pickup truck and hed lay on the horn23:55it was the signal for the four of us to23:57pile into this pickup truck23:59and go clean the office so we get in the24:02truck24:03wed turn around and hed head on back24:05to the office24:06he wouldnt stay though because he would24:08just be dropping us off and hed head24:10to docs place doc was his dad hed24:13probably go have a beer and theyd24:15rattle off24:16war stories about some toothache that24:18day24:19and before we get out he turned to us24:21and hed say24:22nose down kids ass up and i remember24:25thinking24:25thats a strange way to clean because i24:28didnt really know what it meant at the24:29time24:30but as id learn over the years hed24:32tell us that all the time24:34it really meant nose to the grindstone24:36and do the hard work24:38now if any of you have kids grandkids or24:40even uh24:41you know nephews or nieces of your own24:44you probably know what it was like24:46when you would arrive back to a scene24:48leaving four rambunctious children24:50probably the oldest ten24:52uh to their own devices i dont know24:54what my dad envisioned i dont know if24:56he was picturing some sort of mary24:57poppins scene24:58leaving the four of us to clean the25:00office but really it was more like25:02something from one flew out of the25:03cuckoos nest25:05because what would happen my brothers25:07would haul out this really25:08large auric orange vacuum plug it in25:12and start it running then the two25:14brothers would start25:16i think negotiating who was going to25:18clean negotiating would escalate into25:21wrestling25:22wrestling would start yelling and then25:24somehow the two of them25:25would start deciding hey lets have a25:28lets have a water gun fight25:30so then they would go into the two25:32operatories or two of the operatories25:34they would take the dental squirt guns i25:36think you know what im talking about25:38and then they would start positioning25:39the squirt guns water would be splayed25:41out between operatory walls25:44my youngest sister would be lounged back25:46in a dental chair reading the latest25:48issue of highlights magazine25:50music would be blasting from the25:52laboratory usually it was doors my dad25:54was a big break on through album fan25:56and i remember myself really the25:59suffering middle child of it all26:01always the responsible one would be26:03clutched holding a broom or a mop26:05you know orphan annie style just26:07pleading with all of them26:08oh my god you guys help me hes going to26:10be back soon26:12and hed arrive probably about a half an26:13hour later to the scene26:15and even though everybody referred to my26:18dad as beats the four of us26:19affectionately called him beats a dead26:20horse26:21because he would follow us around the26:23office and he wouldnt give in26:26he would just lecture us until we got it26:27done right26:29eventually we would learn that if we did26:31it right the first time26:33it would get done faster and the sooner26:36we actually got it done the sooner we26:37would be home26:38playing ninja turtles or street fighter26:41on our nintendo26:43now me being the suffering middle child26:46i26:46stayed with my dad on through college26:48and grad school and i worked with him26:52i remember throughout these years that i26:54was pretty embarrassed that we drove26:56these beater old trucks in all of these26:57old cars26:59and i asked my dad about it and i27:01learned that my dad because he takes27:02patients of all stripes27:04would tell me quite a few things in27:06addition to the nose down ass up27:08work ethic that my dad has he would tell27:11me more meaningful things too27:13he would often say that the27:16bankers spouse takes care of the27:18widows heart condition27:20you see teresa beets would tell me that27:23a rising tide does lift all boats27:26its not about being the richest man in27:27the cemetery27:29after all you dont see a hearse hauling27:31a u-haul27:32which is why he takes care of everybody27:34that he does27:36so my dad instilled in me this work27:38ethic but he also taught me27:40in this nose-down ass up attitude27:43that wed better leave this place better27:45than we found it and my dad also taught27:48me that27:49throughout these years anytime i was27:51complaining about the social ills of the27:53world27:54i better be a part of the solution and27:56not the problem27:57so my dads diatribe continued to beat27:59through me like a drum28:02which matters because i think this is28:04why we are all doing what we do28:07and anytime i found myself progressing28:09throughout a career if i was unhappy28:11with it28:12i couldnt go complain to my dad because28:14he would tell me28:15nose down ass up teresa go find the28:18solution28:19dont be a part of the problem if you28:22find yourself being a part of the28:23problem28:23go find that solution so anytime i did28:27that id have to move up throughout this28:29progression28:31and i continued to ask myself what is28:33that man behind the curtain what is that28:35jack of all trades in the community28:37and i think we all know what it is it is28:40community development it is28:41economic development we are the end of28:44the yellow brick road28:45and now more than ever it is personal to28:47me28:48because about seven months ago my dad28:50actually called me28:52my dad who i have seen as this28:55true end of all being28:58called me at the beginning of the28:59shutdown29:01and he said i i dont know what to do29:04im shut down29:05my dad hasnt worked with a banker a29:07personal loan officer29:09since hed opened his business he was29:11nearing retirement29:14and now my brother my younger brother29:16this man who i remember holding sport29:18guns29:19was looking at buying out his practice29:22but my brother had also seven hundred29:23thousand dollars in student loan debt29:26and had a baby on the way so29:29he didnt know about the ppp loan he29:31didnt know about the idle loan29:32wasnt familiar with succession planning29:35he knew29:36what i did but didnt know what i did29:38quite frankly29:39so because of the small business center29:41because of what we do as economic29:43developers29:44hes been able to safely shut down hes29:47been able to capitalize on ppp29:49loans and idle loans secure both of29:51those things29:52hes been able to actually successfully29:54re-engineer his business and remodel his29:56business during the shutdown29:58and hes been able to restore his30:01business30:02i cant imagine what would happen30:05without my dad and my brothers practice30:08in the community of butte so i want you30:11to remember that i want you to remember30:12the impact that we have30:15in the state of montana so i want to30:18leave by saying nose down people30:20ass up thanks teresa you can learn more30:23about the great falls development30:24authority by thank you all30:29for listening and supporting our30:31storytellers today30:32and thanks to all of the storytellers30:34gloria30:35heather russ and teresa if your30:37organization would like to learn how to30:39tell better stories30:40drop me a line at mark telesumming.org30:43thats marc30:45tell us something dot org you can learn30:47more at30:49slash next week on the30:52teleslimming podcast well hear from30:53nerma30:54dobre chanin a tell us something30:56storyteller who shared a story30:57in november of 2018 but31:00here there was nobody not even a car31:04to to go past i was thinking31:07what what is this resident evil or where31:09am i31:12i caught up with her last summer via31:14zoom to chat about her tell something31:16experience31:17and what it was like visiting the united31:18states from montenegro during her study31:20of the us31:21institute on secondary education through31:23the university of montana31:25tune in for that next week 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Meet the Artists of Tell Us SomethingTabitha MartinezInterview with Tabitha Martinez Feb 03, 2021This week on the podcast, join me as we go behind the scenes with local artist Tabitha Martinez, sometimes known as BMartinez. Tabatha designed the poster for the September 2017 event. The theme that night was “Up the Blackfoot”.Continue Reading Download Share00:00 / 0:57:25Your browser does not support the audio element. Meet the Artists of Tell Us SomethingCourtney BlazonInterview with Courtney Blazon Jan 27, 2021Because storytelling is an art, I’ve always hired local artists to design a poster for each event. The posters of Tell Us Something are amazing in their own right, and I thought that it would be fun to sit down with some of the artists to chat about their process and see what makes them tick. What inspires them, how they work, and how they came to design the poster that they designed for Tell Us Something. 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welcome to the tell something podcast

00:01im mark moss i know what im doing but00:04if somebody wanted to know how do you00:06become an artist id be like00:07you just work hard since around july of00:10202000:11i have been interviewing tell us00:13something storyteller alumni about their00:15experience sharing a story on the00:16telesumming stage00:17why they chose to share a story and what00:20theyve been up to00:21since having shared their story i have a00:23lot more of those interviews to share00:24with you00:25this week though im going to introduce00:27you to one of tell somethings poster00:29artists00:30for me it was important for my life and00:32especially00:33important for my work that i had a00:35studio at home where i could shut the00:37door00:38where like at a certain time at the end00:41of the day00:42im not looking at that piece of work00:43anymore because storytelling is an art00:46ive always hired local artists00:48to design a poster for each event the00:51posters of tell us something00:52are amazing in their own right and i00:55thought that it would be00:56fun to sit down with some of the artists00:59to chat about their process01:01and see what makes them tick what01:03inspires them01:04how they work and how they came to01:06design the poster01:07that they designed for telesomething so01:10this week on the podcast join me01:12as we go behind the scenes with local01:15artist01:15courtney blazon courtney designed the01:18poster for the june 201901:20show the theme was what are the chances01:24i kind of knew pretty quickly what i was01:26gonna do for it01:28and i usually settle on an idea pretty01:32quickly01:33and i dont know if thats just because01:35im generally like01:37this is the time i have allotted for01:39this you better snap to it01:41courtney blaizon is an artist and01:43illustrator living and working in01:44missoula montana01:46she graduated from parsons school of01:48design where she earned her bfa in01:50illustration01:52shes shown her work in missoula at the01:54brink gallery01:55dana gallery allez gallery and the01:58missoula art museum02:00outside of montana she has shown work in02:02seattle portland02:03new york philadelphia san francisco and02:06most recently at the center for the arts02:08theater gallery in jackson wyoming02:12hello good morning hi how are you02:16um well how are you doing good thank you02:20good thanks for agreeing to talk to me02:23today02:24courtneys work has been featured in new02:26american paintings the western edition02:28studio visit magazine and juxtapose.com02:32she is a past recipient of a montana02:34arts council artists02:35innovation award courtney is represented02:38by radius gallery in missoula montana02:40big thanks to our title sponsor the good02:42food store and thanks to our and blackboard02:47communications02:48thanks to our champion sponsor trufood02:50missoula and a very special thanks to02:52our blue ribbon sponsor02:53joyce of tile courtney blaizons pen and02:57marker drawings reference02:58fields of science history cultural03:01studies myths and fairy tales03:03her images take us someplace between the03:05known world03:06and a dreamscape a surreal marriage of03:09naturalism and fantasy the results can03:12be simultaneously whimsical03:14and grotesque witty as well as03:17disturbing03:18the tension of these unions suggests our03:20own struggle03:21to achieve balance in a chaotic world i03:24caught up with courtney blaizon last03:25summer03:26we chatted about the historical context03:28much of her work references03:30life as a professional artist and some03:32of the large-scale works03:34that she has done recently before03:36finally talking about the poster that03:37she made for tell us something03:39in june of 2019 ive also been thinking03:42about these interviews as a record03:45of a specific time in our collective03:46pandemic history03:48they shared glimpses into the moments of03:50life during quarantine03:51how we were coping and how we are03:53somehow continuing to go about03:55our daily lives04:00i just moved to a new place so that was04:04really nice04:05yeah lots of very i mean different than04:09a normal summer04:10like yeah for sure yeah um04:15yeah like our maid fares arent04:17happening04:18this summer in the same way so thats04:22weird04:23are you doing a online version of the04:25maid fair04:27i mean somewhat but were basically just04:30posting everybody who would have been in04:32the maid fairs04:33page and sort of letting them offer04:36discounts if they want04:38but were not doing anything like04:40virtual04:41with video or yeah i04:44i just i feel like that kind of bubble04:49where that was like at the beginning of04:52sort of quarantine04:53like there was a lot of live events and04:55i felt like they were really popular04:57and like really necessary and i feel04:59like now05:00now that its summer especially and05:02weve kind of gotten used to the05:05the whole thing like i dont know that05:07wed be able to capture an05:09audience in the middle of summer inside05:13you know like i feel like that was the05:15way that we are all connecting05:17at the beginning of this and i dont05:20know if now people feel like they can05:21just be together outside05:24distance that its just like05:27oh yeah its interesting it just doesnt05:29seem like05:30it didnt it ended up not seeming worth05:32our time05:33and a lot of our major artists didnt05:35want to05:38extend their time towards trying to do05:41something special so05:44summer in montana is pretty short05:48take advantage of it yeah especially now05:51because05:53who knows what the winter is going to05:54look like right yeah05:56exactly yeah we just want to be outside05:59and05:59doing stuff as much as possible right06:03yeah i know some of the art fairs around06:05the state have still06:06happened and thats another thing we06:09struggled with06:10but we just felt pretty worried about06:16like if if an outbreak had been traced06:18to our event we would have felt06:20really irresponsible right and and we06:23wouldnt06:24uh were not even in a phase where we06:26would have been able to allow that big06:28of a crowd anyway06:29with missoula county so yeah so we just06:32decided to be06:34preemptively just cancel it and then06:37hope that we can recoup with06:39some of the other events that we have06:43im lucky that i dont have all my eggs06:44in that basket though06:46so ive got other ways that i can still06:49make money and stuff06:50have you been talking to a lot of06:52artists and writers and06:54creatives i talk to06:58only one other tell us something poster06:59artist in the way that were talking07:02youve heard this idea on the tell us07:03something podcast before that07:05replicating07:06the in-person live performance vibe that07:08a traditional tell us something brings07:10is very difficult yeah i just feel like07:13certain things like in our07:16experience like in our in our creative07:19experiences07:20can translate to online and can be07:23just as successful if not more in some07:26ways07:27and then other things were just i think07:29were finding just cant07:31you cant duplicate it right yeah07:35yeah you just have to kind of roll with07:37the07:37[Music]07:39because its an unstable profession to07:41begin with like07:42yeah its gonna be unstable in any07:46way and i think like creative people who07:48are self-employed07:50already feel that instability or already07:53kind of know07:54how to chart those waters if theyve07:57been doing it long enough07:59so it it becomes i mean at least for me08:02became pretty easy to adapt08:04to because i was pretty used to08:08feeling some moments of floundering08:13financially or or you know so yeah08:16for me at least it was kind of like08:19yeah no i wouldnt say easy i if i said08:22easy i08:22dont think thats the word but it it08:24was a an experience i was kind of08:28equipped for because i ive had periods08:31of good08:32stuff happening in periods where im08:33like im never going to get a job again08:36you know kind of feeling you have08:39just built your career around saying yes08:41basically08:42yeah and i dont its interesting08:44because over the past08:47two years ive been in the process of08:50saying no to more things and08:51cutting more things out of my life as08:54ive its become more clear to me what i08:55really want and then also ive been08:57getting enough work08:58where im able to say no to things like09:01it was really just last09:02year or two years ago that i quit doing09:05summer markets09:07um i basically except for the summer09:09maid fairs have given up vending09:12all together and i only do the summer09:14made the majors in missoula basically09:16just09:17because thats how i started really09:19getting known i feel like if people came09:22to my booth09:23at market and so i still want to keep my09:25toes in that a bit09:27ive given up doing private kid lessons09:30because it just wasnt something i09:31wanted to do09:32i feel like ive been in the process of09:34shedding a lot of those things that i09:36said yesterday09:37at the beginning of my career in favor09:40of things that09:42really made me fulfilled and09:45so its been interesting to have been09:47saying no to things that then would have09:49been pretty hard to do09:50anyway um it was like um09:55an interesting interesting timing to09:57have been09:58paring those things down um10:02yeah but youre right i absolutely and10:03like i know a lot of10:05artists who wouldnt go that route of10:07like just say yes but for me it just10:10was the right way to go about things so10:12i i had a really large10:15pool and then it made10:18when one part wasnt working i could10:21always rely on another part to10:23pay my bills and so its always been10:26like10:27ive never felt too insecure because10:29ive always had something that10:31i could put my hand in and be able to go10:34okay i can make money this way10:36if commissions arent working right now10:38or but its only you know 10 years on10:40and ive10:41finally been like i its time for me to10:43i need to drop something or im never10:45gonna sleep10:46um you know so like i dont10:50i dont want to spend the next 10 years10:52making products10:54for for me like thats not fun or joyous10:57or id rather take that energy and11:01try to build more clients for my11:03illustration work11:05so yeah its been like ive been in a11:07period of sort of11:09reconfiguring and growth and11:12it almost gave me sort of some time to11:14just like slow down and be quiet11:17and i was getting a lot of family11:19commissions during11:20this whole period and i i think because11:23people are home11:24and theyre thinking about their spaces11:26more11:27so that was really good for me or it11:30gave me a focus11:32yeah yeah and do you11:35draw everything on an ipad or like a11:38tablet or how do you how whats your11:39question11:40not my family commissions like the11:43portrait commissions i do for families11:45are all11:45pen and marker on paper and then all my11:48illustration work11:50that is for like but i do a lot for big11:52sky brewing company and thats all on11:54the ipad because they often want11:56corrections or11:58theyll the packaging is not just the12:00can but its the bottle12:01its the bottle its the can its the12:04box that the12:05cans would come in plus the box that the12:07bottles would come in and12:09theres a lot of different iterations of12:12one design12:14so the ipad makes it super easy to12:17do all those changes and then for my12:20personal work i12:22mostly do that on pieces of paper12:27with real materials and this summer too12:30i had a residency12:31at the historical museum and that was12:35six weeks so i had a studio on site12:38and i was able to just dive into12:41um historical research about missoula12:44and that was re that was another like12:47really12:48awesome thing to have during this period12:53i was going to just say when are we12:54going to get to see that that sounds12:56awesome12:56yeah so i am working on13:00it so i did this body of work that13:03showed at the missoula art museum13:04could be without a summer it was like13:06very very13:08huge drawings with lots of detail13:11you want to talk about a rabbit hole13:13head to to see13:16courtneys exhaustive process13:18for this project learn the history of13:20volcano tambora13:22see courtneys early sketches for the13:24work and read the notes that she took13:26during her research and im doing im13:29doing something similar with this body13:31of work im13:31going to recreate the period of time in13:35missoula which was like13:371890 to 1905 roughly13:42on west french street where that section13:45of town was called the badlands13:47and it was a really i mean it was a it13:49was13:50where all the brothels were we had a13:51chinatown13:53so i im going to create that im hoping13:56it probably wont be for a year13:58when i do bodies of work like this i14:00think i spend14:02about half the time doing the research14:04getting the sketches ready14:06and then the second half of the time is14:08actually doing the work14:10so right now im still in research and14:12development phase but ive been able to14:14talk to14:15so many amazing missoulians who have so14:18much knowledge about14:19this period of time until march 202114:24you can check out the historical mural14:26courtney is talking about14:28in the alley next to radius gallery14:30called allez14:31gallery for a video teaser of the mural14:33and a link to the allez gallery website14:36visit tellusomething.org14:40well i mean it took you a long time to14:42do that14:43piece at the zack which is beautiful14:46and it has like that all of that yeah14:52that was about that was about 300 plus14:55hours and it was just a lot of work and14:59i was i was at the time in a studio that15:02was15:04that was a lot of work and i was working15:06in a really really15:08really small space15:11so i could only work on four of those15:12panels at a time15:14[Music]15:15this is a little different just because15:18in the piece15:18for the zax i could kind of just draw15:22whatever i wanted15:23i didnt have to try to be true to15:26history at all15:28so this one will be a little bit more i15:30want to honor15:31sort of real historical things while15:34still keeping my sort of15:36surrealistic point of view and15:40stuff like that but i love that i love15:42that i have pieces that are just like15:44sort of15:46stream of consciousness and then pieces15:47that are more researched and15:50right now my my sort of workload and my15:52life my work life feels really balanced15:56between work that yeah15:59like because some of my work i mean its16:01work right like doing a family portrait16:03is work16:04because you dont want to get anything16:06wrong and its going to be something16:08that will be in their home16:10and hopefully be passed on to their16:13children or16:14so those that i take really seriously16:16and they feel more like work16:18but that mural felt like a lot of work16:21but also like really playful16:23yeah it seemed like you were having fun16:25with it yeah absolutely16:27and i just i didnt really have to16:31as long as it wasnt inappropriate for16:33children i really had16:34so much freedom i think16:38ive been really fortunate during this16:40period of time to16:43have a number of things that have kept16:46me afloat16:48i dont suffer from lack of16:52creativity i think i just like16:56can kind of force myself to do things16:59even if im not17:01feeling it just because its like a17:02muscle and ive already well developed17:05go to work yeah its a job17:09its a job like i i dont feel like i17:12have the17:13the freedom to not do it just do it17:16and that extends to my even my personal17:20work even when i dont want to show up17:21and do something for myself like i still17:23just17:24go just do it youll feel better17:27so thats kind of that discipline ive17:30built over the years has really17:32served me and the other side of it is17:35like17:35my life changed like zero percent in17:38terms of17:38how i conducted my daily life when we17:41were in quarantine my life remained17:43exactly the same because ive already17:45been working from home for a decade17:47so nothing changed i was still home17:50alone17:52right you know like its more like just17:54a half an hour that youre actually on17:56the zoom and then the rest17:57that by seeing friends and stuff like18:00that was really18:01and i did some virtual you know drink18:04dates with friends18:05and that was really nice and even like18:08how the zac18:08did their mini auction online and like18:11it was all on18:12zoom and it was just you could see18:14everybody18:15in it that was so cool18:18yeah that was a good example of how an18:21online event can18:22have success but it fell at the right18:25time because people were18:26so like people were just like what is18:28going to happen18:29and it felt like so it was so new18:32the experience of being like oh we cant18:36we have to stay home and so seeing all18:38the faces of the people18:40you love in the community online and18:43like then seeing people bidding on18:45things18:46because i think they almost made as much18:48as they would of18:49having the event which was like what a18:53what a great18:56it just makes you feel like mozilla is a18:59great place18:59in that way it is but it definitely is19:03yeah it19:03it definitely is i just also think that19:06experience19:07has kind of it it couldnt be recreated19:10again because i think now were so used19:12to this19:13i dont know i maybe im wrong but it19:15just seems like19:16weve kind of gotten used to what it19:18means to be staying within our circle19:20and were all kind of changed because19:24of it and both negatively and positively19:28yeah youre talking about zoom meetings19:32and youre only on the call for the time19:34that youre on the call and thats it19:35and you can go back to work19:37yeah thats been my experience too and19:39its like i kind of dont19:40want to have coffee meetings again19:44i know id like to just go like lets19:46just do zoom19:47like this is great i dont need to go19:50out and spend that extra time19:55you know like i it doesnt it feel like19:57this is gonna kind of change how people19:59operate20:00i think so i mean certainly certainly20:03for me you know i had somebody say hey20:05do you want to go have a socially20:06distant coffee and i was like no i dont20:08actually20:09yeah because because im working and20:12if i leave the house that means thats20:15you know half an hour to get to wherever20:17were going to meet20:18the time that were meeting and then20:20another half an hour to 45 minutes to20:22get home oh wait i20:24i actually i can go yeah i do need to20:27get20:28a loaf of bread or you know like no20:30exactly20:33yeah lets have a half hour meeting and20:35like thats the end of it and now ill20:36go back to work20:38yeah i love that too its actually20:40thats become something that20:42i feel like is going to be really20:44beneficial20:45for me just be like lets just do this20:48online20:49and thats going to be so much easier20:51for everybody20:52i think if youre somebody who needs20:54people youre going to want to do that20:56anyway but20:57i kind of like being just in my zone20:59when im in the middle of work i just21:01want to stay there and that21:03needing stuff just breaks it up too much21:06yeah for sure you kind of come back21:08feeling unfocused or youre like21:10you end up running a bunch of errands21:12just because youre already out21:14yep so yeah going back to21:17work and art yeah i bet you if i had21:20asked you you know this year to do21:22something you might say no because21:23youre21:24paring that down so thank you so much21:27for21:28making no not in that way actually i was21:32more just talking about like21:34vending oh yeah it was more just like21:37vending and then yeah but stuff like21:39that i still love doing any opportunity21:41i21:41have where im actually just drawing i21:44cant say no to that21:46its like more just like i like to draw21:48and any excuse to draw21:49it was just like the things in which i21:51wasnt actually just doing the thing i21:53want to do21:54i dont want to do the peripheral stuff21:56i just want to do the art21:58i know what im doing but if somebody22:01wanted to know22:02how do you become an artist id be like22:03you just work hard22:05theres no secret youre just22:08you work hard youre tenacious you22:12you want it more than the other person22:14who would want it i dont know22:17um youd be nice be nice to people but22:20also22:20be honest or not that honesty and nice22:24mister22:25but i mean be transparent if you want22:28comp22:28amount of money for your work say it22:31make a contract i mean theres just so22:32many things that like and maybe those22:34are22:34valuable things to tell people now that22:37im thinking about22:37like these arent obvious for me i22:40always think22:41be an easy person to work with but dont22:43be a pushover22:44and that feels like the best advice that22:47i was given was22:48be tough but always be fair and22:52keep record keep track of every22:54interaction you have22:55just in case somebody says you didnt22:58tell me that right23:00or whatever right maybe its not obvious23:03it feels obvious to me23:05but because youve been doing it for 1023:07years23:08right right and isnt it funny its like23:11you can do it as many years as you want23:13it still feels new like oh what if i23:16what if i cant do it anymore23:19yeah for me it was important for my life23:22and especially important for my work23:24that i had a studio at home23:26where i could shut the door where like23:29at a certain time23:30at the end of the day i just said im23:32not looking at that piece of work23:33anymore23:34in my little place in the basement it23:36was there all the time23:38and it was making me crazy23:42the mental things just be like im23:44shutting the door on that23:46and im moving on to another part of my23:48day23:49and i yeah i mean i work more than23:52i should but ive been working really23:55hard also just on like23:56i gotta sleep more i need to find23:59some other hobbies not really but i mean24:03you know yeah i also need a little24:06balance in my life24:08its been nice also ive been finding a24:10lot of solace and24:12hiking this period24:16of times its been like yeah its just24:20remembering that thats one of the great24:22reasons to live24:23in missoula is that you could every day24:26of the week you could go to a different24:28hiking spot24:30has been very very very beneficial for24:34my brain24:35yep after the unexpected and refreshing24:38business advice workshop24:40we started talking about the poster that24:42courtney produced24:43for tell something so i wanted to ask24:45you about24:46the poster that you made for us yeah24:50did you immediately know what you were24:53going to draw when i asked you to do it24:55and you knew what the theme was or24:58um i actually did some research25:02about like wheres my i thought i would25:05grab25:05my fingers i gotta grab it to look at it25:09because25:10so it was um because i think i like25:13i kind of knew pretty quickly what i was25:15gonna do for it25:17and i usually settle on an idea pretty25:21quickly25:23and i dont know if thats just because25:24im generally like25:26this is the time i have allotted for25:28this you better snap to it25:31how many events have you had in posters25:35at the beginning i was having25:39an artist design like a 24 by 3625:42screen print and we would just use that25:45same just25:47yeah and like with the idea being we25:49would sell some and nobody actually25:51wanted to buy anything that big25:53so i have you know lots of those if you25:56want one25:58um but we would just like26:02change the color scheme each for each26:05event to26:06differentiate it from each other26:09right and then26:12i decided you know thats not okay26:15uh lets make it really special and26:17lets highlight different artists in26:19missoula26:20so then i dont know when i made that26:22choice but26:23it was like maybe the fourth year that26:26we were going26:28right and four different artists every26:30year and that was26:31pretty awesome and and so before covet26:34hit26:35i got marlowe to frame i26:39had him printed on nice paper26:42and she framed every single poster that26:45weve ever had and we were going to have26:46an art show the art of tell us something26:48[Music]26:50because of our 10-year anniversary right26:53and so26:54im counting them now one two three four26:58five six i dont know theres like27:0250 something like that thats amazing27:06yeah and so i paid her to frame the27:09posters and then coveted came and i was27:11like well we cant have an art show now27:13and so ive got all these27:15sitting in my living room oh my gosh27:19yeah but she did it27:24uh it was going to be a quiet coffee27:27itll happen at some point i hope so you27:30know when were allowed to get back27:32together again27:33yeah so i i27:37i kind of like because i like i have a27:39hard time27:40hooking into being excited about a27:43project until i can27:44find some intellectual27:48excitement in it so i tend to just look27:51like if the word was27:52chance so i just started to look up like27:55chance27:56and then like what it was historically28:00and then like like the roman gods of28:03trance28:03and i think like i was kind of just28:06thats the way i can get kind of excited28:08about it if i feel like it has a back28:10story28:11i always think its like an actor who28:14who needs a backstory for their28:15character even if28:18even if nobody knows it but it gives28:19them uh28:21a way to be really excited and invested28:24in what theyre doing28:26so i kind of knew as soon as i picked28:29that one and i think it was because the28:31word28:31because you gave me options i think of28:34two or three28:36yeah ones yeah and i think i picked28:39chance28:39right away because i knew it would have28:41like i could come up with something that28:45had a narrative behind it yeah28:48and that because because until or you28:51know mentally thats just what i need to28:53like28:54get myself invested so i think like28:58the chance like i looked up like chance29:01meaning and then like kind of what it29:04would have meant in like29:05the roman period or the greek period and29:09then like luck of the draw and29:12and the dice are kind of obvious but i29:14use little sort of ancient29:16looking dice and29:20yeah okay so for tuna is that your name29:25yes for tuna yeah so i kind of knew29:28right away29:29what like that it would go that route29:32and then i would kind of try to figure29:34it out in that29:37but i didnt want her to be like29:39blindfolded or anything29:41because shes both greek it was like29:43yeah29:44i had an artist i was working with for a29:47show29:48in helena the theme was didnt see that29:51coming29:52uh-huh and she and she without me asking29:55her to29:56she provided me three proof of concept29:59drawings and said you know which one do30:01you like yeah and one of them30:03featured a girl in a blindfold and i was30:05like30:07you know i get it i get it and also30:10like think about how people will feel30:14when they see that and she was like oh i30:15never even considered30:17yeah right30:20yeah yeah thanks for not putting a30:22blindfold on her30:24yeah so the thing on her head is30:26supposed to be her blindfolded30:28blindfold pulled up as if shes seeing30:32yeah i mean and thats just something30:33that i did like that you know because30:35then i was including what would have30:36been in the original representation but30:39it was in a different format because30:41like i dont think its a good idea to30:42have30:43a blindfolded person because you dont30:45no30:46yeah it just doesnt make youre right30:49it doesnt make people30:50feel comfortable and if thats your aim30:53but for a poster its not30:55did she have other concepts though that30:57made30:58oh yeah yeah she did a great she did an31:00awesome job and it was fun you know it31:02was fun to have somebody31:05ask me right right i know like31:08thats not always the case right some of31:11us dont31:11necessarily sketch out concepts and then31:14you just go for it31:16yeah and i do like it because when i do31:20um31:21like for the beer labels i have to have31:23concept drawings31:25yeah and when im doing something like31:28that i guess31:29yes you did give me the choice and i was31:31like oh well ill just ill just dive in31:33which is cool yeah yeah its31:36but it is its also nice to have that31:38option31:40i think sometimes and also like what if31:41she had chosen the blindfolded one you31:43would have been like31:44oh yeah i would have paid her and then31:47like31:47done something else you know like right31:50i would have been like well heres your31:52money i cant use this31:54but we had an agreement and you and you31:56and you met your side of the agreement31:57and i didnt give you clear enough31:59instructions32:00my fault you know has it been32:02interesting working with artists32:04do you find that theyre all kind of32:06similar32:07in a way and how they approach work32:10or they taught me a lot about about32:13communicating right32:14right the the guidelines that i gave you32:18once you said you wanted to do it exist32:20because32:22some artists didnt hit any of those32:24points and that was like32:26well they didnt because i told them to32:28do whatever they wanted and they did32:31and then they gave me a piece of work32:33that i couldnt use32:34and its because right so thats why im32:37like okay it has to have32:39some sort of living thing in it you know32:42and it has to be32:43easy to read and you know all that stuff32:45yeah32:46and some you know some artists gave me32:48like a really beautiful piece of art but32:49it doesnt have32:51the information that is necessary to32:53promote an event on it you know yeah32:56yeah and i think so like really good32:58that you provide33:00provide those now because i think33:02artists even if they think they dont33:04want them they for this case they need33:07to have33:08some guidelines for sure33:12yeah and i i mean yeah i made33:15assumptions right33:16oh im hiring courtney blaizon she knows33:19how to do this stuff33:21and then courtney blazon gives me a33:22piece of work that its like beautiful33:24but the lettering is such that i cant33:27read it you know like im33:29using you just so that im not pointing33:31out you know anybody else but33:33and im not saying that you did that you33:35definitely didnt you gave me33:38a beautiful poster that it was easy to33:40read and we sold out the wilma33:42you know oh good i thought it looked so33:45good when i saw it like around the33:48around the town you know when its33:50because you just suck some up33:52right oh yeah they were everywhere yeah33:55yeah it was just exciting to see it i33:57was like that was33:58good yeah it does it looks great34:02and it was fun too like even from the34:04street you could tell what it was34:06if you were just riding your bike down34:08the road you might not be able to read34:10it because you were going fast but34:13yeah it was it was a great position yeah34:16its funny i im always telling stories34:19to people and theyre always like34:20particularly i have like a pretty34:22interesting life with my dad34:24and people are always saying you should34:26try to do something for tell us34:28something34:29and i feel like that would make me want34:30to vomit just the thought of34:32standing up in front of a crowd i mean i34:36know i could do it probably and34:39because im kind of also a cam34:43you know like i i like to chat34:46but im sure i could but do people want34:49to vomit34:50its kind of scary so34:54telling a story is scary and34:58also really fun and if you can take that35:01nervous35:02energy and turn it into you know its35:03energy so you can manipulate it to your35:05will35:06yeah and so take that nervous energy and35:09turn it into an35:10enthusiasm or excitement or whatever35:13you need to get through the story but by35:16the time you hit that stage35:18youve practiced your story enough and35:19youve gotten enough feedback from35:22not just other storytellers but me you35:24know im like thats part of my job is35:26to35:27help you crash because you dont go up35:28there and tell a story you like practice35:31and you35:31you people tell you what is working and35:34what isnt working35:35and stuff like that yeah i mean in the35:38early days35:39it was just get up there and do it and35:42thankfully35:43people did great at that but as things35:46started progressing35:47i realized that i need to also step up35:50my game and35:51help them craft their story somebody35:54might tell me a story and its like35:55three minutes long and its like thats35:57not your full story lets think about35:59this and36:00and then by the time they get on the36:02stage its a beautiful piece of art you36:03know36:04wow yeah thats amazing yeah thats a36:08gift that youre giving the community36:10to and hopefully like you feel36:13appreciated by36:15the you know the community i36:18feel really lucky really like that like36:21i im always cutting a deadline right to36:23the end36:24myself it gives you a36:28fire under your butt but its like its36:31just like a mental exercise of36:33i dont care if anybody listens this is36:36what i do yeah yeah36:39i mean because im the same way like36:41ill force myself to finish a piece of36:43work thats for me but im like36:45literally nobody but me cares36:48but its important for my mental36:51well-being to just stay36:53somewhere in that realm of36:56holding myself accountable im sure for36:58some people its other things like37:01exercise and sleep and what youre37:03eating37:04for some of its related to like i just37:06need to do this to stay37:09accountable to myself and37:12like i like to dress up every day37:13whether im leaving home or not37:15and its just my way of saying like okay37:17youre working now37:19and yeah yeah stuff like that37:23i dont know i like i like the act of37:25changing out37:26of my sleeping clothes into something37:28that is37:29about being present and37:33focused and yeah37:36yeah well courtney thank you for talking37:39with me today im speaking of work37:41i like i do have to go to work okay well37:44have a good day mark and thanks for37:47chatting with me37:48thank you courtney you have an awesome37:50day as well and uh maybe ill see you37:52around in the neighborhood37:53sounds good bye all right byeEnglish (auto-generated) Download Transcript Share00:00 / 37:55Your browser does not support the audio element. 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