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5 Steps to Building Healthy SoilBest management practices (BMPs) during construction: 1. Retain and protect native topsoil vegetation where practical2. Restore construction-disturbed soils, to restore healthy soil functions, by: stockpiling reusing good quality site soil, ortilling 2-3" of compost into poor site soils, orbringing in 8" of compost-amended topsoil.3. Loosen compacted subsoil, if needed, by ripping to 12" depth4. Mulch landscape beds after planting5. Protect restored soils from erosion or re-compaction by heavy equipmentSoils for Salmon: Building SoilBuilders, developers, and landscapers are adopting practices that preserve and improve the soil on building sites, to grow healthier landscapes and protect our waterways. Local codes now require these practices.Why build healthy soil?• More marketable buildings and landscapes• Better site erosion control• Reduced need for water and chemicals• Less stormwater runoff, better water quality for salmon, orcas, and people• Healthy landscapes = satisfied customersWashington State's stormwater permits require these soil BMPs. That requirement is taking effect locally as towns and counties around Western Washington update their stormwater codes (as required by law). Many jurisdictions already require these soil BMPs – all will soon.The good news is, it's easy, and customers want it. New home buyers say they are happy to pay more for a healthy, easy to care for landscape – and that starts with the soil.Learn More – Background, science, specs, codes, and resources for building, design, and stormwater professionals are in Why, How, Resources and factsheets in Tools for Designers BuildersExamples: Successful ProjectsLearn more about these projects Tools for designers and buildersSlide show (PDF 5MB) Why, how-to tips, and successful projects, or brochureVideo (on King County's website)Compost Erosion Control and Amended Soils for Construction Sites (video, 14 min.)Building Soil Manualthe builder's guide: – summary (PDF) with links to compost calculator, suppliers, specs, and more– full Building Soil Manual (PDF, 4MB)Soil BMP requirements in state and local codes, or text of State BMP (PDF)Landscaping guide (PDF) Design, building, and maintenance tips for professionalsManaging Stormwater Onsite (PDF) Soil BMPs as part of the "Low Impact Development" toolboxWhen to amend? (PDF) Construction sequencing for soil protection and restorationErosion control with compost (PDF) Meet your TESC requirements, build healthy soil, work faster, and save money. Get more details in the EPA-erosion-control-specs (PDF)Homebuyer factsheet (PDF) Print and use to promote your healthy soil and landscape practices to your customers. It sells! Sponsored by the Washington Organic Recycling Council, with members from the organics recycling industry, scientists, and Washington state, county, and local governments. Updates, questions, or information you'd like to see on this site? Contact us

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