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RSS News Feed Subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified about updates to this site. YouTube Channel Mainly techincal and/or Opus-related stuff. Maybe the odd cat. (It's the law!) PDF 64-bit Fix Fix Adobe's PDF preview handler thumbnails on 64-bit systems. Flash/Reader links Direct links to standalone Flash Reader installers/updaters on Adobe's site. Time Sync Make Windows synchronize time more often. (Works with Windows 7.) Thomson DCC How to make IRC DCC-send work with Thomson/Speedtouch 585v7 router. Dell 2407 How to fix the Dell 2407FPW ghosting problem. SetPoint Fix Dust off and nuke the Logitech SetPoint application overrides from orbit. DebugDiag Fix Fix for Overflow at Line 2397 in Microsoft's DebugDiag tool. Win 7 Busy Fix Fixed versions of the slightly glitched Windows 7 busy cursors. UAC LangBar Hide the Language Bar from UAC Prompts on the Secure Desktop. Directory Opus Plugins: Plugin List An interactive list of Opus plugins media capabilities (not just mine). ActiveX View Office documents, Shockwave Flash and more. Archives Multi-format archive plugin built on 7-Zip. Audio Tags See metadata thumbnails for additional audio formats. DC Raw View and convert Raw Digital Camera images. dMC Tags See audio metadata via dBpoweramp, if you have it. GIFAnim View and manipulate Animated GIF images. NFO View .nfo, .diz and .asc files using the correct line-drawing characters. TextThumb See thumbnails representing the first few lines of text-files. (Old) Ogg/FLAC Obsolete for Opus 9. For Opus 8: Ogg Vorbis and FLAC music tags. (Old) JP2Raw Obsolete for Opus 9. For Opus 8: TGA, PNM, Rasterfile and Raw images. C++ Source For programmers: Source code to some of my plugins. Introduction to Opus Getting to know Directory Opus: An in-depth guide to what Opus does. Directory Opus 9 What's New in Directory Opus 9: A semi-official guide to the best new features. Resource Centre Other people's plugins, tutorials, themes, tips and a web-based forum. Opus News News about Opus in a convenient format for RSS readers and casual users. gen_scripting Add Scripting Support to query control Winamp via VBScript, etc. gen_nowheel Disable the mouse wheel to avoid accidentally skipping tracks. IEThings Three small IE plugins to add extra context-menu commands. Photoshop Script: ExportLayersFast Export Layers to Files, with PNG support and Fast Mode. Wide Drop Make Excel's named-range drop-down wider and taller. Extract VBA Extract Excel VBA code to text files (for diffing). Hex Editor Neo: Ogg Vorbis Ogg Vorbis (metadata) Structure Viewer definition for HHD Hex Editor Neo. FLAC FLAC (metadata) Structure Viewer definition for HHD Hex Editor Neo. Other Things: Rainmeter / Argus Monitor A plugin allowing Rainmeter to display computer fan, temperature, etc. readings out of Argus Monitor. Find Error Find Win32 errors by name, number or description. mIRC Tile Plugin for mIRC to make it automatically tile its windows when resized, etc. VMMap Guide Guide to using VMMap to find components (e.g. shell extensions) that leak memory. SetPoint H-Wheel Logitech SetPoint WM_MOUSEHWHEEL problems and workarounds for developers. VS2010exFatBug A bug causes Visual Studio 2010 to create corrupt binaries on exFAT drives. VMware Launcher Automatically start stop VMware's services when you use it. GM phpBB3 Greasemonkey scripts to improve phpBB3's default prosilver theme. GM MSDN WinCE Greasemonkey script to highlight MSDN WinCE API pages with a red background. WmaAlbumArtist Auto-populate WMA and MP3 AlbumArtist and Album Cover fields. ICFRanger Add port ranges to Windows XP's built-in firewall and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Super-Nudelist Control CD Jukeboxes with Pronto (etc.) touch-screen remote controls. Miscellaneous Programs too small for their own pages. Some rather handy, some rather esoteric. UAC Whitelist Windows 7's UAC whitelist: Code-injection issue (and more). File Perm Dlgs Windows 7: The file permissions dialogs are still awful. :-( SetDllDirectory SetDllDirectory inheritance issue with implicit-linked DLLs. Copy Bug Windows Explorer will silently abort file-copies if you open it via the command-line. Gapless Playback Listen to continuous albums? Don't buy that DAP just yet... Grand Theft Auto 3: Hidden Packages Screenshots of the 100 package locations and the hidden sign. T-Mobile Letter Letter to director of T-Mobile UK about the appalling (and illegal) customer service from them and UKMail. Keyboard Rant Leave the cursor, insert, function and print-screen keys alone! PS: Wireless keyboards arewere awful.

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