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Based on Cognitive Science Learn faster
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Larkwire makes learning fun

The closest thing to real birding that you can do on your phone. Always at your fingertips!

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Larkwire A complete, game-based learning system for mastering bird sounds

Highly efficient, structured practice based on proven cognitive techniques.

Identification tips from Michael O'Brienone of the top "ear birders" in North America.

Completely customizablelearn the bird sounds you want to learn.

Unprecedented coverage of birdsong variations encountered in the field.

What our users say about us

With a 4.8 star review on the App Store and over 30k users, Larkwire is committed to delivering an amazing experience to helping you learn birdsong.

"It's like having a personal teacher who can pinpoint my weaknesses and make me work on them as I play. By far the best value for your money when you think about buying an avian audio guide."

Alain Clavetteaka @Acadian_Birder

"A fantastic tool for learning and reviewing birdsong. ... What I can vouch for, as a teacher, is the solid learning theory behind the softwarethis program is sure to improve the speed and accuracy with which you identify birds by ear."

David PughCalgary Birder

"A Rosetta Stone for birdsong. ... Larkwire accelerates learning and retention vs. self-studying CDs of audio tracks."

Diana DoyleTools of the Trade editor, Birding Magazine
(See her complete review in the January 2012 issue.)

"Larkwire is already helping immensely with my ability to bird in the field. And my 7-year-old daughter is asking for "that bird song game on the computer." ... I guess you have THREE of us hooked!"

Courtenay SchurmanMountaineering Trainer

"Far and away the best and most comprehensive [audio content] of any of the learning apps. ... A uniformly excellent sound-learning app that will prove useful to starters and experts alike."

All About Birds Blogfrom Cornell Lab of Ornithology

"Larkwire is a simple, easy-to-learn, ingenious app that will have you identifying birds by ear in no time! There is no better way to learn birds' songs (other than actually being in the field surrounded by birds and more capable birders)."

Corey Fingerreviewed for 10000 Birds

Have you always wanted to know what birds you were hearing?

If you love birds, knowing bird songs and bird calls is like being able to speak their language.

You can download different songpacks and customize them to learn the bird songs you want or to get ready for that special birding trip. Here are some of our most popular packs.

Larkwire can be purchased as an app for iPhone or iPad in the Apple App Store. You can also play the online version in any desktop browser.

Eastern / Central North America

Landbird Songs

233 species
1,174 audio recordings
264 songs

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Steller's Jay and White-tailed Ptarmigan photos Liron Gertsman, used by permission.

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