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“This book is an invaluable source of information for anyone who is serious about health issues” The Sunday Times, London“This book merits a four-star rating” Health and Fitness Magazine, UK“Linda Lazarides doesn’t put a foot wrong. She won’t give you any advice that isn’t sound and well-founded” Dr Damien Downing, Senior Editor, Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine>>This textbook is excellent! It covers many topics I will need to refer to as I prepare to get more involved in Natural Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor....easy, interesting, and informative reading! >>Your book has changed my life. My family remembers me barely able to walk. >>One of my favorite books.>>I have been on the diet for 2 days now and have lost over 6lbs already. I have not seen my legs this small in a long time. Linda Lazarides has worked in the field of natural medicine since 1987, including three years for the British National Health Service. In 1997 she founded the British Association for Nutritional Therapy, which is now a major professional organization.Linda has appeared on radio and tv in the UK and has been invited to speak on natural medicine at meetings of British and European Members of Parliament. In 2000 she gave evidence on behalf of the Nutritional Therapy Council, at the House of Lords consultation process on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UK.Past positions she has held include Nutrition Editor of the International Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine (Green Library), Founder and Director of the Society for the Promotion of Nutritional Therapy and editor of its journal 'Nutritional Therapy Today'.In 1996 Linda wrote an outline syllabus for the first university course in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Wesminster.Linda is author of eight books on weight loss, health and naturopathic nutrition. She now dedicates herself to writing, teaching her home study practitioner training course, and developing short introductory video courses. See the right-hand column for links to Linda's websites, to download E-books in pdf format, or to purchase her in-print books from Amazon. Linda is also known for her book with self-help plan for water retention (idioipathic oedema): The Waterfall Diet.

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