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COMBAT DEFENSE FOR CARBINES 9MM 45 ACP TACTICAL GRENADE 7.62 x 39 SUBSONIC 9mm 45ACP contact: 330-607-8995   Aug 03-04 Sharonville Gun Show, FairgroundsAug 10-11 Dayton Gun Show, FairgroundsAug 24-25 Berea Gun Show, FairgroundsAug 31-Sep 1 Springfield , FairgroundsSep 07-08 Medina Gun Show, FairgroundsSep 14-15 Warren-Niles, Trumbull PlazaSep 28-29 Akron Gun Show, Fairgrounds Oct 05-06 Sharonville Gun Show, Fairgrounds Oct 12-13 Medina Gun Show, FairgroundsOct 19-20 Berea Gun Show, FairgroundsOct 26-27 Akron Gun Show. FairgroundsNov 02-03 Springfield Gun Show, FairgroundsNov 09-10 Medina Gun Show, FairgroundsNov 16-17 Berea Gun Show, FairgroundsNov 23-24 Dayton Gun Show, FairgroundsNov 30-Dec 01 Bowling Green, FairgroundsDec 07-08 Medina Gun Show, FairgroundsDec 14-15 Akron Gun Show, FairgroundsDec 21-22 Dayton Gun Show, Fairgrounds Crossfire Ammunition is an Ohio-based manufacturer of factory-loaded defense ammunition of the highest quality. Our personal and tactical defense and loads are deadly accurate, highly effective, and unquestionably innovative. Crossfire’s Philosophy is to support God-fearing Americans with the finest Defense Ammunition available that has at least a 20-year shelf life, so that today, or tomorrow, in a battle of last resort, they could defend themselves and their families from the death and destruction that would try to rob them of the chance to live productive and peaceful lives. But...for most of us, there is far more to this than what appears on the surface... Crossfire's Logo displays bullets in the shape of a Cross to symbolize our battle against the forces of darkness. Bullets can provide us with rescue for a moment, but the Cross provides us with rescue that lasts forever. For... "there is no other name [ power ] under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved but Christ and the Cross." Acts 4:12 AmenCrossfire's Manufacturing Process: In the ammunition business it is not difficult to produce a lot of basic, inexpensive ammunition. Install ultra high-speed equipment and follow a well designed schedule. You can produce a hundred thousand (100,000) or even a million (1,000,000) rounds in no time. However… in this business, when you really want to make the best ammunition, the program changes. You follow four basic steps: slow down the equipment, match the best components, faithfully follow exacting recipes, and test constantly. That is how you give shooters the ammunition that can hit bullseye - over and over again.  To achieve excellence in our ammunition, we had to focus on two main issues - Bullets and Brass. Without the best Hollow Point Bullets our best would not be good enough. Without dealing effectively with Brass Issues, the entire delivery system would fail! BULLETS - The best Defense Ammunition must use the best Hollow Point Bullets.In the very beginning we started with three well known Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP's). Soon after we added Solid Copper Hollow Points (SCHP's) and then Solid Copper Frangible Hollow Points (SFHP's). This year we recognized that Hollow Points fell into only 2 Groups INSIDE and OUTSIDE.With that, our choice became very clear... To offer only the Best... for Inside, and for Outside... and drop the rest!FOR INSIDE: Frangible Hollow Points, also known as "Grenade Rounds," or "Frag Rounds," the ultimate in Non-Conventional Hollow Point Design - are intended for only the most serious high-danger situations. Both handgun and rifle rounds are Safety Rounds because they resist penetrating walls. Crossfire's Tactical Grenade Handgun Ammunition uses only frangible bullets made by SinterFire, the only BATF Approved HP Frangibles for handguns on the market, made from copper powder that is bonded, molded, heat treated, then "drilled" on CNC machines. Ceramic-like in composition, the Hollow Points literally "fracture" after penetrating the target approx 5 inches, thereby producing a "grenade-like" or "exploding" effect. Crossfire's 223 and 308 Rifle "Frag Rounds" are made from Barnes VG, M/LE and MPG frangibles. Designed for the military for close-quarter combat, firing at supersonic speeds, they fragment on impact. The projectiles are also finished in Black Oxide to maximize penetration. These Frangible Projectiles are reduced hazard and lead-free, and yield explosive effects only possible with frangible ammunition. FOR OUTSIDE: Solid Copper Hollow Points (SCHP) are still a new concept and offered by only a few manufacturers.Their First Advantage is that they never separate or break up - even at high velocities - often a big problem for jacketed bullets. Solid Copper HP's maintain their original weight - that's 100% weight retention - even through hard interference such as car doors, windshields, or plywood while still tracking straight - totally impossible for conventional bonded hollow points. Their Second Advantage is in their expansion. Because they do not have a jacket trying to stay attached to a lead core, SCHP's are free to expand as much as 30% more than bonded bullets. Their Third Advantage is their Deep Penetration. Crossfire's Black Max for Handguns uses only General Bullet Solid Copper Hollow Points. Crossfire's Black Max for Rifles in 223/5.56 uses Gen Bullet SCHP's, and Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos. In 300 Blackout, SCHP's are from Maker, Gen Bullet, and Barnes. For 308 Win Black Max, we use General Bullet 165 gr. Solid Copper, HP, BT, Ribbed and Fluted Match Grade projectiles made on a swiss lathe and designed to produce up to 1,000 yard kill shots from the right gun, and the right trigger finger.Last but not least, our awesome 338 Lapua Magnum's are made with SCHP's from Barnes Bullets. BRASS - Black Oxide Brass is the Signature of Crossfire Ammunition. Brass tarnishes; it doesn't know any better - sometimes fast, sometimes slowly - It tarnishes It turns green! When that happens, it will not feed properly in an automatic! With expensive defense ammo, people do not shoot it up on the range. They buy range ammo for that - at half the price. With expensive solid copper hollow points, you shoot a few and save the rest - on the "upside" for the hunting trip you've been dreaming about for years, or... on the "downside" for the day that the unthinkable happens and some jerk tries to break into your house. On either day, your ammo must be perfect. When your brass turns green because it is a few years old, you are in big trouble! Recognizing this, Speer, Winchester, Hornady, and others have gone to loading their best Hollow Points into Nickel Brass - because nickel will not tarnish. At Crossfire we load it into Black Oxide Brass. Black Oxide never tarnishes, and its coefficient of friction is lower than nickel or brass, so it feeds "like a dream". Cleveland Black Oxide, the same company that did the Black Oxide for Olin Winchester's Black Talons, do the Black Oxide Brass for us - and it is awesome! Just look at any 20 year-old Black Talon. You will find that it is just as black and shiny as the day it was made. That shiny black finish is permanent, an awesome feature for those concerned about Long-Term Survival ! When you load the best Hollow Points on the market into Black Oxide Brass, you have a combination that cannot be beat! It doesn't get any better than that!  At Crossfire our research and development never stops, our range is almost never quiet, and our determination to make the best ammunition possible is a commitment that never ends.    Choose Crossfire... Because you Care Enough to Buy the Very Best   GoDaddy

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Crossfire Ammunition is a Ohio-based manufacturer of factory-loaded ammunition of the highest quality. Our personal and tactical defense loads are deadly accurate, highly dependable, and unquestionably innovative.

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