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ENGAGE. INFORM. EMPOWER. VOX POP LABS USES DATA SCIENCE TO ADVANCE DEMOCRACY IN THE DIGITAL AGE. LEARN MORE We create survey-based applications that organize information in ways which are easily accessible, scientifically rigorous, and profoundly personalized. In so doing, we offer compelling online experiences that promote civic engagement and informed dialogue. Our applications have been featured by respected news media establishments around the world. Our technologies provide a revolutionary platform for public expression. We use the data generated by our applications to provide novel insights into public opinion. We use innovative data and methods to conduct research in the public interest and for the public good. Our applications are wildly popular, drawing vast and enduring audiences from around the world. We generate unique insights into public opinion by using innovative methods and data. Vote Compass is an award-winning application used by millions of people during election campaigns worldwide. It asks a series of questions about one’s political views and then calculates how well they align with each of the candidates running in an election campaign. Vote Compass has been run in dozens of elections in partnership with some of the world's most respected media organizations. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response [to Vote Compass] which has far exceeded our expectations. Vote Compass has positioned the ABC very well in this campaign. - Mark Scott, Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Our most popular article for 2013 ... Our readers spent more than 20 years on the page. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Vote Compass comes closer than any [app] I've seen to accounting for all the other ways voters find themselves cross-pressured as election day approaches. - Sasha Issenberg, The Victory Lab, Slate Magazine Vote Compass has worked on so many levels for us: it attracts big numbers, it offers a genuine public service to our audience, and it is attractive across all demographics. - Jack Nagler, Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement, CBC News There is no doubt that Vote Compass has been one of the hits of the campaign, and a great feather in the cap for the ABC in terms of policy engagement. - Alan Sunderland, Head of Policy, Australian Broadcasting Corporation As the public broadcaster we have an obligation around engaging Canadians in democracy and seemed to me that [Vote Compass] was the perfect tool to do that. - Jennifer McGuire, Editor-in-Chief, CBC News The Laboratory Vox Pop Labs was founded by academics who specialise in the social and data sciences. Our team takes a unique approach to new challenges. We offer elegant, data-driven solutions for complex problems. B Corps are for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The B Corp movement seeks to encourage for-profit companies to be socially and environmentally responsible, and to subordinate profitability to the public good. B Corps are accountable not only to their clients and shareholders, but also to the communities in which they operate and the people their business affects. Learn more about the B Corp movement at bcorporation.net October 6, 2020 It s election season in Western Canada: Vote Compass returns to B.C. and Saskatchewan During the last two weeks, Vox Pop Labs and CBC/Radio-Canada launched two new editions of Vote Compass for the upcoming provincial elections in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.Vote Compass is anRead the full story > September 9, 2020 Vote Compass returns to TVNZ 1 News for the 2020 New Zealand election New Zealand’s national broadcaster teams up with Vox Pop Labs to launch the third edition of Vote Compass in advance of the 2020 general electionOn 30 August 2020, Vote CompassRead the full story > July 24, 2020 Vox Pop Labs launches COVID19Monitor.org Vox Pop Labs has released an interactive dashboard to allow the public to explore top-level findings from its ongoing public opinion study on the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemicInRead the full story > Join the Thought Leader Community Take part in our innovative studies about politics and public affairs.

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