Anti Flatulence Underwear Anti Odor Underwear Anti Fart Underwear — Wear Them For The Ones You Lov

Web Name: Anti Flatulence Underwear Anti Odor Underwear Anti Fart Underwear — Wear Them For The Ones You Lov






From The BlogOdor-proof undies get sales boost from Shark Tank Airtighty whities Odor-proof undies get sales boost from Shark Tank By LORETTA SWORD at THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN They didn t win, but they weren t eaten alive, either. In fact, Buck and Arlene Weimer s business underwear for people with extreme flatulence received a huge boost from their appearance last Sunday on ABC-TV s Shark Tank. [ ]Channel 11 News features UnderEaseOne man s commitment to his wife turns into a product that could help thousands of people. Watch Channel 11 Pueblo s broadcast featuring UnderEase and interview with inventors Buck and Arlene Weimer.“Under-Ease” Anti-Flatulence UnderwearPublished Sunday, December 2, 2001 Suggested by many alert readers. This could very well be the most exciting scientific breakthrough item that we have ever featured in the Gift Guide. “Under-Ease” is a revolutionary new air-tight underwear that contains a charcoal filter, which filters out noxious bodily odors before they can escape into the atmosphere [ ]TestimonialsThank you for this wonderful product. It has given me the freedom and confidence to participate in activities that would have caused anxiety and concern in the past.~ Lawrence W.Thank you. You’ve changed my life! I’ve had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 40 years. I love them.~ Nora N. Email NewsletterAbout Under-Ease Under-Ease are anti flatulence underwear for protection against bad human gas (malodorous flatus) and are made from a soft air-tight fabric (polyurethane-coated nylon). Wearing Under-Ease results in odorless flatulence.Contact Us Email: undertec2@hotmail.comPhone: 1 (888) 433-5913 1 (719) 584-7782 (outside the U.S.)

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Wear Them For The Ones You Love

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