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commercial web-site presents archives and documentation regarding advanced studies and re-evaluation of the status and era of Moses. This research is now presented in an outstanding five-volume work on Moses as a historical person. For several decades, the Danish writer, historian and researcher, Ove von Spaeth, has investigated and examined evidence from a rich variety of interdisciplinary sources and now presents the results in a remarkably new light. !! Readers are welcome to go directly to the books or articles, or please, click here - instead of the introductory surveys and additional information. Ove von Spaeth’s pioneering work presents some extraordinary conclusions based on new orientations in cultural history, astronomical dating evidence, and largely unexamined sources from ancient texts. The work builds upon secular scholarship on the Bible and the 'Rabbinical Writings' combined with archaeology, Egyptology, and anthropology. The research is supported by a precise dating of historical events determined by preserved astronomical records, recomputed by modern methods. The entire work provides access to an unusually large collection of rare historical material. Each volume is introduced by a number of scholars and experts of different historical and linguistic studies or related fields. See Introductions, Reviews, and Debates. bibliographies presenting the largest up-to- date international collection of scientific and scholarly works, articles and dissertations on Moses, published over the last hundred years; useful to librarians, researchers, scholars, and students. … This is the most ambitious undertaking of research in the genre of religious-cultural and historical studies…. it is also the most comprehensive interdisciplinary science project in this field carried out by a single individual. … A translation in English submits some chapters from the first volume. The next page presents the covers of the five volumes rendering a general idea of the content and thematic development. De præsenterede hjemmesider er anlagt som et ikke-kommercielt, flersproget projekt - Mysteriet om Moses Revurderet: Et unikt arkiv med information og dokumentation, oprettet omkring en 5-bindsserie om den historiske Moses i nyorienterende perspektiv. !! Hvis oversigten, historien og informationen ønskes passeret straks for at gå direkte til bøgerne og artiklerne: venligst, klik her. Ove von Spaeth's historisk betydningsfulde og fascinerende værk genplacerer Moses som konkret person - og præsenterer en veldokumenteret præcis indkredsning af hans tidsalder. Alt er baseret på tværvidenskabelig forskning i historie, egyptologi, religion, arkæologi, jødisk tradition, antropologi og historisk astronomi. Om dette originale værk gengiver hjemmesiderne bl.a.: Dette er det største religionskulturelle historieforskningsarbejde nogensinde i genre - og tillige det mest omfattende inter-disciplinariske videnskabsprojekt på dette felt gennemført af en enkelt person. Se næste side for mere information vedr. selve værket om Moses samt de særlige forhold bag konceptet og dets publicering. Ove von Spaeth History and Knowledge: Rediscovery, Insight, Renewal In addition: data on Ancient Egyptian astronomy that offers new orientations. Discovered by Ove von Spaeth and presented in his treatise on decoding the world's oldest star map, the Egyptian vizier Senmut's 3500-years-old map. Desuden: Nyorienterende astronomiske data fra oldtidens Egypten, opdaget af Ove von Spaethog præsenteret i hans afhandling om afkodning af verdens ældste stjernekort, den egyptiske vesir Senmut's 3.500 år gamle kort. Location ? You are here:opening Moses * Egypt * Spaeth is optimized for screen size 800x600 and high color. Tested with Microsoft IE6, Netscape 6, Opera 7 and Firefox 1.

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New orientating data presenting Moses as a historical person is here available from Ove von Spaeth's long-term research and expertise

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