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Wandering on some deserted dirt road in Puglia… The sea is behind us… Our skin crusted in salt… Our feet dusted in sand… Not a worry in the world… or maybe…? Wild figs are... Oh dear oh dear am I really doing this? Can I just pretend last year was yesterday? How time flies and flies and flies. Here I am on the grey side of the world.... Big dark brown eyes look at me through the glass window doors. Sticky little fingers playfully tip tap the glass. A little timid, curious, anxious and joyous she stares at me and then slowly...   So where is my next tropical paradise leading me to? Bali? No! Oh no! It has tourist trap written all over it. Avoid, avoid, avoid! In my travels I search for authenticity, sustainability,... #Work hard//play hard seems to be the motto since I moved to Australia. Working in 12hour+ shifts has a lot of disadvantages but one of the perks is that sometimes you are lucky and... As I’m hibernating through my third winter in the southern hemisphere I feel like itâ s the coldest one ever. And have desperate cravings for hearty food, sticky stews, winter spices and red wine. Back... This is it… Tomorrowland doesn’t exist anymore, no more dreaming about how it would be. There is only tomorrow. It is for real this time. The Hidden Glasshouse is going public. Tomorrow I will... Trying to cover all corners of the world in our cooking classes we can’t forget the biggest food nation in the world… Italy! And considering Bondi got invaded by Italians in 2007, it was... Living in Bondi Beachâ ¦ It’s a tough lifeâ ¦ Roll out of bed in morning, stroll to the beach, a little sunrise swim to wake up. But donâ t think you will be the only one.... First of all let me clarify, I don’t want to pretend I’m an Itamae at all. Itamae (“behind the cutting board”) means a sushi master. It takes years and years of extreme hard work,... Oh Blue Mountains why are you blue? Royal Blue! Magical enchanting Blue Mountainsâ ¦ I can’t get enough of you. Can’t believe I have made you wait for so long. You are only a hop, skip... Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address

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