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I should have done my birth story of Melisa way earlier. Like maybe, a year ago? LOL.My girl is 1 year old today so my deadline is over.Here goes, to the best of my recollection and from what my failing memory tells me.My gynae Dr Suzanna Sulaiman who also happens to be the best gynae in the world, gave me two options during my last checkup with her.Option 1:Wait some more till my due date induce. I was 2 cm dilated during my last checkup but my cervix was not ripe yet. Also, I did not really have major or unbearable contractions. Now, my due date was 9 July, Tuesday. If I still had not given birth on 9 July, Dr Suzanna planned to induce me. Melisa might be a bit too big for me to deliver via vaginal birth by then. That was a concern but I was really not affected by that. My primary concern was the fact that 9 July was a Tuesday I worried about my kids and their before and after school arrangements. I thought giving birth over the weekend was a better idea and I would have one less problem to worry about.Option 2:Induce during the weekend. In this case, on 6 July Saturday (39 weeks 4 days) . That meant a few days before my due date. I wanted to induce on 5 July Friday but Dr Suzanna said that my progress would not be that fast since I was only 2 cm dilated. She did not want me to wait too long.My choice?My kids always come first no matter what. So we agreed to get myself induced on 6 July at 10 am- option 2. At least I had that one night with Shakeel and the girls before going to the hospital the next day. And I also found out that my girls would not have school on the following Monday. One less worry!I was a bit emotional about leaving Shakeel behind for a few nights because that would be the first time we had to be apart. I was still breastfeeding him so of course I would be worried if he would be okay. He was so used to sleeping next to me. So I planned with my helper and told her what needed to be done when Tatek and I were not around. My parents would help out during the day like the sending and fetching of kids. My helper would sleep together with Shakeel and his sisters at night. The camera at home was really helpful too because we could check on the kids (and helper lol) whenever we missed them.We arrived at KKH at about 8.30 am. They did the necessary for my admission, brought me to a normal ward first and asked me to change to the pink hospital gown. My room was still not ready yet because the wards were all fully booked. And then, the usual they asked me to lie down so that they could monitor my baby’s heartbeat. They inserted the first tablet at 9 am sharp. Checked for dilation and I was still at 2 cm. this was going to be a longggggg one. Contractions were still very mild and bearable. So I waited. Watched TV. Msged my family members. Checked IG for random updates from people I follow. I did not update my IG as yet because I did not want my followers to keep DMing me to ask if I had given birth.And oh ya, took selfies too while my makeup was still intact. LOL.When it was closer to noon, I went down with Tatek to walk around and also to buy lunch. Yes, I could still eat lunch! I told myself to order something really nice because my next meal would most probably be after I had given birth. That would mean hours later, possibly the next day even.At 1 pm, I was still at 2cm. LOL.At 3 pm 2 cm too.This was the face of boredom!Not funny anymore. I was already getting anxious and impatient. You know how it s like right, mummies? You just hate the whole idea of having to just lie down on the bed and do nothing besides to listen to the noisy sensors on my belly. And it was so annoying because I could not even move that much for fear that the sensor would also move. When the sensor moves, that also means they will not be able to detect the baby s heart rate or get a good reading.4 pm second tablet inserted. Yes, still 2 cm dilated. *shrugs*But that was when everything started to progress pretty fast.Contractions started to become more frequent after one hour. 3-4 mins apart. More pain too. I told myself to put up until I could not take it anymore. Yes guys, my threshold for pain is very low. I already told myself that I was going to take the epidural so no need to try to make do without the epidural. I would only be transferred to the delivery suite once I was in so much pain and needed the epidural.My ward was ready at 8.30 pm. So I was wheeled to my ward and right before she left, the nurse asked me whether I was already in pain. If I was already experiencing pain, she would wheel me to the delivery ward immediately.The pain was actually super unbearable by then. So I told her to take me to the delivery ward instead. I knew that progress was going to be really fast from there on.They checked for dilation. I was 3 cm.They inserted the epidural for me next. And guess what ? While they were inserting the epidural, they told me to try the laughing gas whenever I was in pain.  I can still vividly recall bent over like a letter C on the edge of the hospital bed with a giant needle in my back, trying to avoid moving while contractions ripped through my body just minutes apart. I was in so much pain but the laughing gas did help me to forget my pain for a while. In fact, I felt super high and it took to a different place each time I inhaled the gas. Hahah. It was so funny!As always, I could still feel the contractions and pain after epidural was administered. The more frequent the contradictions were, the more painful it felt. So I told the midwife in charge to increase the epidural dosage for me. They told me they could only increase a bit more because they did not want me to be totally numb and feel nothing. So they increased the dosage slightly and I felt much better. I could feel a bit of pain but it was bearable. I did not want to be totally numb either.So while waiting for progress, I fell asleep. I told myself to sleep so that I would have all the energy to push once it was time.Checked the time. It was 10.03 pm. Looked at that pink swaddle and managed to smile wearily. Anytime now, I told myself.At 10.28 pm, I felt a lot of pressure down there. You know where. I knew my baby was ready. So I told the midwife that I felt a lot of pressure already. She checked and I was already 10 cm dilated! YES 10 CM!As always, the procedure was to wait for my gynaecologist to arrive before I could push. I was already having the urge to push but I was told that my gynae would arrive in 15 mins time.Around 10.45 pm, my one and only Dr Suzanna arrived.Around 10.48 pm, I started pushing. 2 big pushes.Melisa Nadya was born. At 10.53 pm on 6 July 2020 weighing 3.895 kg.Alhamdullilah. And I started to vomit right after. That was totally expected, all thanks to the epidural.The best thing of all? I only required one stitch, all thanks to my gynaecologist also for telling me how to breathe correctly when to take a deep breath, when to push and when to stop. Dr Suzanna is really, REALLY GOOD, MUMMIES!  I adore her so much!Here are some tips, mummies!Prepare to push. During the second stage of labor, the pushing stage, aim for more controlled and less expulsive pushing.Deliver in an upright, nonflat position.And because I only had one stitch, my recovery process was super fast. I could walk as per normal on the same day. I did not feel any sort of pain either. So can you imagine how happy I felt? I mean, a fast recovery was all I wanted so that my normal mummy duties at home could resume.I love you so much, Melisa. Love you with all my heart and soul. The wait for your arrival seemed like forever but thank you also for making it super fast and easy for me to push you out once it was time. Alhamdullilah.Happy Turning 1, Melisa Nadya. This is one of my birthday gifts to you. When you are bigger,  hope you will be able to read this and know that you are so loved by me and everyone around you.So here s the thing. When Hari Raya is approaching, there will be lots of homeowners eager to renovate and/or spruce up their homes. Don t worry, I am like that too! Spring cleaning will go into overdrive to ensure my house is ready for all my Raya guests. Redecorate. Refurnish. Revamp. In fact, I now have new additions to my house. No no, not referring to more kids. *faints*I was actually referring to a console table in the living room, change of my settees seat coverings, a built-in study desk for Sharleez, and an additional built-in wardrobe in my room for Melisa! The guys from Icon Interior Design came about 2 weeks ago to take the measurements and guess what? Everything is already delivered and installed as I am typing this! And yes, repainting for my living room is the works too! I cannot wait for Hari Raya! All thanks to my preferred renovation company, Icon Interior Design! Thank you guys for being so efficient as always.That s because they always want to make sure that they provide the best renovation deals in Singapore while still maintaining their standard and quality! I know some of you like to compare and get quotations from various IDs before finally deciding on THE ONE. While I totally understand why you will prefer to do that, I also want you to really compare the quotations given by the various IDs and see for yourself which ID company provides the most detailed quotation. Icon Interior Design may not provide the cheapest quotation but at least they include everything in the quotation so that you know what you are really paying for. No hidden cost. No missing items. All in. That s the reason why I will end up engaging their services over and over again. I bought a new iMac months ago because I thought my previous iMac was beyond repair. But still, I did not have the heart to throw it or give it away. Sentimental value, you can say. So it stayed on Sharleez’s study desk and collected dust for about a year until she finally said, “Mummy, I do not have that much space to study.”So I decided to do something about the iMac AND her study area.I contacted Dean from Pronto Arigato because SO MANY of my followers recommended them when I asked for recommendations for computer repair. Apparently, the iMac could still be repaired and used!Another reason why I chose Pronto Arigato is because their services come with free two way islandwide transport service on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Yes, this also means that they will collect the computer from you and then deliver it to you once it has been repaired and in good working condition! How awesome is that? It’s a big deal to me because with my kids in tow, travelling to anywhere else besides their schools is a big problem to me. And I might just end up procrastinating and not doing anything about the computer.Pronto Arigato only took a few days to fix my iMac! And because their service was tiptop, I decided to ask them to repair my daughters’ laptops! Yes, their laptops were not used because each time they tried to use it, they would be prompted to update their software and whatnots. That itself would take forever so they needed up dreading using their laptops.Again, Pronto Arigato collected the laptops from me and told me that they could help fix the problem and make the laptops as good as new. To begin with, their laptops were hardly used.So now, my iMac and my girls’ laptops are all good to use! So thankful for Pronto Arigato! They are really experts when it comes to computer repair! Fast, fuss free too and may I add, they are a bunch of friendly chaps too! In fact, I have met up with Dean only twice or thrice but we immediately bonded and became friends!If you need hassle-free assistance with your iMac, MacBook or Windows Laptop, I recommend only Pronto Arigato!With over 300 5-star reviews on Google, Carousell and Facebook, I can totally understand why! And also, the guys at Pronto Arigato have finally opened their service center at Jalan Sultan! Congrats guys!Service Centre Location:200 Jalan Sultan #02-25 Textile CentreWebsite: www.prontoarigato.comIG: @prontoarigato!Share TweetAre you ready? Shakeel and Melisa definitely are ready!It s gonna be a long weekend so instead of planning a short trip to Batam, Tanjong Pinang or JB, why not get make it a fruitful weekend by checking out their CNY Fair 2020?Yes yes, their CNY Fair 2020 is coming right up, just for you homeowners who are planning to renovate your house!Date: 25 to 28 Jan 2020Venue: 441 Macpherson Road Singapore 368152Time: 10am to 8pmI have always trusted Icon Interior Design with the renovation of my house. I mean, look at their portfolio! You would think that it costs a lot more to renovate your house with Icon Interior Design, but you are so wrong.They have renovated my house twice and if you ask me whether I would to engage their services still for my future renovations (if any), my answer is A BIG FAT YES. Icon Interior Design place a lot of emphasis on design without compromising on quality and price. They are constantly ensuring that their price is on par with the market price and during their special fairs like the upcoming CNY Fair 2020, they will reduce their prices even more plus throw in several freebies for your house like FREE SYSTEM 3 AIRCON. Do not get too excited as yet and just keep reading okay?Okay, some advice from me. In every renovation, there are bound to be glitches. My renovation was not 100% faultless either.The last thing you should do is to expect everything to go according to plan.House renovation can yield a lot of unforeseen events. Think about this who really knows what’s behind that wall you are opening up? Who really knows what existing problems your house has but the previous owner is not telling?  All I am saying is, be prepared for the unexpected.Also, I know most of you want to get the cheapest renovation possible because a lot of money is involved when it comes to renovation. I get it. I totally understand. Been there, done that. However, when a lot of money is involved, common sense tells me to get GOOD PROFESSIONAL HELP. This also means to get someone who can really design and renovate your house up to your expectations.  Be willing to pay for a good renovation company. And please be extra careful of the one who is cheap and available right away.In renovation, it all depends on how you want the end result to be. Do you want your renovation to be completed soonest so that you can move in fast too? Me too. If that s the case, work together with the ID and both parties must compromise here and there. Do not be too hard on each other. The ID is there to help you. He will not get his pay until he completes your house renovation so why would he want to complicate things and further lengthen the duration of the renovation. Makes sense again?Ok I am done with my free advice. LOL.If you sign up with Icon Interior Design during their fair, you enjoy the following:Customised Icon Interior Design EZ Link card with a $10 value as door gifts.Lucky draw 1- Sign up with them (regardless of contract amount), choose one red balloon to pop find out what prize you have won!Lucky draw 2- If the value of your contract is 20K and above, you are entitled to one more lucky draw! This also means more freebies for your new house!FREE Starmex System 3 Aircon only if you sign up for a whole house renovation.Free digital lockQuartz promo ($40/ft) Also, Icon Interior Design s favourite chef, Chef Bob, will be at their showroom from 2 to 5 pm on 25 January 2020 to cook up a feast for everyone! So if you ask me, best time to make an appointment will be between 2 to 5 pm on 25 January 2020! Free plus good food, you don t want?Okay, once again, the CNY Fair 2020 is happening from 25-28 Jan 2020.To make an appointment:Whatsapp/Call/SMS: 93492209IG: @iconinteriordesignFB: Icon Interior DesignHappy New Year!Share Tweet Celebfest is happening this 20-22 December 2019 and what better way to celebrate it than with a birthday bash? Yes, a birthday bash!Whose birthday are we celebrating? RoseValley (the organiser of Celebfest, in case you still don t know lol)  turns FIVE this year! Wow it has already been 5 years huh? I have been participating as a vendor ever since they first started out so I should also celebrate with them! I am extremely proud of their achievements this far.  I mean, it is amazing how they dare to be different all the time. Being different comes with a lot of challenges, judgemental people and of course, copycats! But I like how they are still gungho and very confident about their branding. Indeed they are made up of a team of amazing individuals who are working towards the same goal!And just for your information, Celebfest is STILL Singapore s biggest shopping and celebrity bazaar. When I say biggest, I really do mean the entire three Suntec City Convention Halls will be flooded with celebrities (from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) entertaining their customers at their booths and/or being invited to make an appearance or performance on stage! You will most probably rub shoulders with a lot of them too! Let s have a look at some of the many celebrities you can expect to see and say hi to!Coming to think about it, Celebfest has pretty much invited every famous celebrity from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia already. I still remember how I escaped from my booth and left Nurul at Studiofrost s booth when I found out that Zul Ariffin was at his booth. I was the happiest when I got to meet and take a picture with Zul Ariffin! Mind you, I was heavily pregnant with Shakeel!During the Raya Edition last year, my booth was opposite Syafiq Kyle s and oh my goodness, people could not stop taking photos with him! I did not know he was that popular! I can be such a noob at times. So while those people were queuing up for a photo with him, I celebrated the fact that I got to see his face up close and personal for 3 days straight! Jealous much? Lol. Do not worry, Syafiq Kyle will be at Celebfest this time round too! My only baby boy Shakeel Adly turned 3 on 5 August. That was about a month after I gave birth to Melisa. Truth be told, I did not actually plan to have a birthday party for him. I thought we would just have a simple birthday celebration at home. After all, I had just given birth to Melisa, and everything was still like a daze to me. But then, there is something called mom guilt which caught up with me the moment I settled down at home. I felt like I had been neglecting Shakeel too much and I thought that a birthday party at his most favourite place would most probably make up for it. What is his most favourite place currently?TAYO STATION!We will drive past Tayo Station each time we drive Shakeel to school, and he will never fail to ask whether we can go there to play. Every single weekday without fail. Imagine the numbers of excuses I had to come up with so far. Haha!So I contacted Tayo Station about 3 weeks before his birthday and asked if they still had a slot for me on 4 August. 5 August (his actual birthday) was a Monday, hence the chosen date. There are various time slots for you to choose from if you decide to have your kid s birthday party at Tayo Station.Luckily they had a 1.30 pm the party slot for Shakeel! They gave me their party packages for me to consider and I decided to go for their Power Deal Package!Basically, I just wanted a very intimate celebration with our family members and super close friends having a super big birthday bash was not something that I wanted to do at that point because I was not up for it yet. The Power Deal Package was just perfect for us! And here are the TOP REASONS why it s the best idea to do your kid s birthday party at Tayo Station:You do not have to worry about the setup because they will do it for you. There will even be balloons!If you opt for the Power Deal Package, you will have the dessert table set up for you, with Tayo-themed desserts. Goodie bags by Tayo Station will be prepared for the little guests! Now, preparation of goodie bags is such a big headache and requires a lot of planning and time you will need to shop for the contents of the goodie bags and then pack them one by one. If you prefer a fuss free birthday party, then this will be perfect for you!E-invitation cards for your guests will be prepared by Tayo Station. So all you need to do is to WhatsApp your guests the invitation cards! So convenient I say!Free playtime for the kids and birthday boy/girl!You can top up $200 to bring in your own caterer! This is really awesome because the main reason why I did not choose to have birthday parties for my kids at certain indoor playgrounds was because they did not allow us to bring in food from other caterers. It’s like you are forced to choose their in-house caterer whether you like it or not. But but but, if you can still choose the in house caterer provided by Tayo Station and save your $200! So it works both ways at Tayo Station. Appreciate the flexibility that they provide to their customers!  Do note though that Tayo Station will not be held responsible for any food related incident which may occur as a result of you bringing in your own caterer.

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