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The Watchful Mistress is very durable and has an open design on the sides to make it possible for cleaning without compromising security. The Contender is our fully customizable device built by you. Every specification is customizable and the device is made entirely by hand from 316L Stainless Steel. Our most restrictive chasity device is completely encloses the cock and balls into one compact unit. Cage 9 is designed from the ground up to integrate with a ball cage, we have eliminated the locking straps because with the ball cage in place, the trough can't open. The Vice Chastity Device is the first and only inescapable chastity device in the world not requiring a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. The Vice is commonly compared with the Holy Trainer This product is made by your exclusive size ! It?s like a second skin at your penisThe plug is finest handled and locked on a special way Our technological innovations have allowed us to increase the comfort and reliability of our chastity cages in order to offer you the best possible experience throughout the day ! Chastity belts and accessories designed and manufactured in the UK by expert craftsmen. Belts are tailor-made from high quality 316 surgical stainless steel for easy hygiene and tasteful and functional design. Range of colours and models available with options to customise and personalise. Totally secure and designed for long term use. The chastity belt for men follows a standard and a traditional Florentine design. This is a belt with an attached crotch guard which is closed and locked at the center of the waist. The crotch guard includes a tube that is tailor-made. Its locking system is very innovative because the tube of the cage is placed inside the ring. The ring is easy to use and fits perfectly with the male anatomy. The tube closes the chastity device. This cage is made of one piece. There is no connection between the cage and the ring. It consists of seven air holes for the daily hygiene and a triangular ring to fit the face of male scotum. That particular device, along with all of our devices is 100% custom made and is offered in both Stainless or Titanium depending on the budget of the user. Weight is always determined on the end size of the device and there for changes vastly with each and every client. The more material and less ventilation, the more the piece weighs, vice-versa the more ventilation the less the final product will weigh. Stainless in heavier than Titanium, titanium being about 40% lighter and 50% more expensive. On average this cage will weigh in at around 250 grams in Stainless, vs. 175 grams or so in Titanium. The device secures chastity by a steel screw, through a piercing such as Prince Albert. It is possible to custom manufacture. The ring consists of three parts lock, as the model CB3000. The two guide pins hold the pieces together. With the chastity belt, the penis and testicles are protected against intruders. The interior is made of high quality silicone rubber, the surface looks like natural skin. The tube is bent down. When closed, you feel as trapped. ExoBelt puts pressure on the exoskeleton, and not on your scrotum. Exobelt is very comfortable to wear over time. It is easy to urinate standing or sitting. Exobelt prevents masturbation. This product is made from high strength materials used in prostheses. The edges are coated with silicone. you can choose different colors. The system connects to the waist with belt, and bands at the crotch. The closure at the waist and in the crotch is regulated individually. The parts offer the ability to adjust in weight fluctuations. It is a very strong belt with a large locking system. The tube completely covers the testicles. Its ventilation holes allow daily flushing without moisture problems. This cage is made of stainless steel very rigid. It is not going to bend or pinch. It combines comfort and safety. Its very low profile hides easily under clothing. The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This helps hold the device indefinitely.

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