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Animal Justice Party Kindness | Equality | Rationality | Non-ViolenceAnimal cruelty is an unfortunate and all-too-common feature of Australian society that must come to an end. Poll after poll shows that everyday Australians overwhelmingly want an end to cruelty such as greyhound racing, live export, puppy farms and the slaughter of our precious wildlife. But politicians aren't listening. It's time for a new voice in Australian politics - a voice of kindness, non-violence and equality.That’s where we come inThe Animal Justice Party gives a political voice to those who have none – we pursue the vital issues of animal protection through the Australian Parliamentary System by:• Actively contesting elections, thereby demonstrating that voters care about animal issues• Lobbying for the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other political parties• Providing a political focus for those animal issues that other parties ignoreAJP's further activitiesThe Animal Justice Party  actively campaigns at a government policy level against animal atrocities relating to wildlife destruction, factory farming, live export, companion and domestic animal abuse, and the use of animals for sport and entertainment. We advocate for the toughening of animal protection laws, an increase in penalties for convicted animal abusers, regulation and restriction in the sale and use of companion animals, and for enhanced education in the treatment of animals. We believe that through the formation of the Animal Justice Party, and with the support of the many like-minded, concerned animal lovers (and voters) throughout Australia, real and urgent changes to the way in which animals are treated can be made. We now (April 2019) have three elected Members of Parliament. The Honourable Mark Pearson was elected in 2015 to the NSW Legislative Council and has just been joined by Emma Hurst; elected at the recent NSW State Election. At the Victorian State Election in 2018, Victorians in the Western District elected Andy Meddick to the Victorian Legislative Council. With your help, these three can be joined by elected members in other states and in Federal Parliament to form a formidable parliamentary team. Lend animals your political voice. Become a member of the AJP.Join now

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