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July 2013 – A month never to forget

July has been a month filled with travel, adventure and life changing experiences! It all started July 1. I left for India for two weeks. It was my first real trip that I didn't pl ...

Take a trip to Tabarca Island for seafood, a stroll and some history

There are some days in Alicante city when all you want is a sunbed, light filtering through an ice-cold drink, and nothing more strenuous than turning the pages of a new novel. But ...

Free Things To Do in Bali

Traveling is expensive, so it's important to save money wherever you can. But who feels like budgeting when they're on a long-awaited vacation, especially when their destination of ...

10 Reasons to Go Travelling on a Gap Year

Travelling around the world as part of a gap year represents an excellent way to learn more about yourself, and provides opportunities to gain a new perspective on different parts ...

What Blogging has done to me?

When I first started blogging, I really had no idea where to begin. It was strange because I knew I really wanted to share my experiences with fellow travellers, but I didn’t know ...

Saving Money While Backpacking

Backpacking is really just a way to travel without spending too much and using it wisely. You don’t necessary have to be extremely cheap, but just watch what you spend and where yo ...

Travelling alone: a life enriching experience

Different kinds of people want different experiences from their travels, but for me, travelling through Europe for a couple of years in my early 20s was really about building mysel ...

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How to Avoid an Expensive Backpacking Trip

Seeing Machu Picchu and How Surprised I was.

The ultimate experience in the JUNGLE; Anaconda Lodge

Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit

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London Attractions

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: November 18, 2013 | comment : 0

Visit London Attraction here ...

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Ottawa: More Than A Canadian Capital

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: November 17, 2013 | comment : 0

Ottawa: More Than A Canadian Capital Ottawa has been combating its image as an uptight, starched-collared government town for years. The truth is, the sidewalks don't roll up after dark. Clothing is available in colors other than grey, black, or navy. It is not the city that "fun forgot." And it does not have a higher than usual number of coma cases. In fact, Ottawa and its valley is a vibrant region filled ...

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The Gleaming Night In The City Of Dreams

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: November 03, 2013 | comment : 0

Whether you are on a long trip or short, Dubai provides you a wide range of actions and destinations that will make your trip in the city memorable. Explore the best that the city has to provide and touch the invisible secrets by getting involved deeply. Have dinner under the stars Feel the real charm of Dubai while on board the typical and traditional cabin cruise, as it sails along the Dubai Creek under t ...

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Hawaii for First-Timers: Planning the Perfect Break

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: October 16, 2013 | comment : 1

When it comes to a blissful break in the sun, holidays to Hawaii shouldn’t be underestimated. An archipelago made up of six islands, Hawaii is the most recent state of the USA, located off the coast of the mainland, in the heart of the mid-Pacific Ocean. With a whole host of diverse treasures in store, Hawaii is like no other place on Earth. From the vibrant shores of Waikiki Beach on Oahu to the dynamic cl ...

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Whitewater Rafting Canadian Style

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: October 06, 2013 | comment : 1

Whitewater Rafting Canadian Style General article touching on major whitewater rafting locations in Canada. Forget seeking thrills in crowded theme parks filled with man-made rides that offer you mere minutes of gratification. If you're looking to be awed, take an adrenaline-pumping journey where Canada's rugged terrain meets crystal clear water--creating some of the best whitewater rafting opportunities on ...

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Destination USA: Tourist favourites

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: October 05, 2013 | comment : 1

The United States is a very diverse country in terms of sights. Any first time traveller would easily be flummoxed at the mind boggling choices. There are the glitzy cities, the barren deserts, the snowy mountains and the red rocks. What are some of the tourist favourites in the States? Read on to find out some of the hubs which are frequented by both domestic and international tourists. New York City In po ...

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How to Prepare for Backpacking in the Arctic

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: September 15, 2013 | comment : 0

The Arctic isn’t the first place many would think of to go on a backpacking trip, but with its unique treeless landscape and eternal days it’s a one of a kind experience for any backpacking aficionado. Sunlight Though being in the arctic doesn’t always mean snow everywhere all the time, the constant sunlight of an arctic winter will not be kind to your skin, or your eyes. It’s essential that you apply sunsc ...

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A couple’s vacation: How to choose the best getaway with your girlfriend

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: August 25, 2013 | comment : 0

Taking a vacation with your girlfriend is a great way to spend quality time together, but how do you decide where to go? You usually can’t go wrong booking a beach vacation, but if you really want to impress her, take her to a city that suits her personality. Consider the following three destinations that appeal to specific personality traits: romantic, fun or adventurous. Romantic New Orleans, with its Eur ...

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July 2013 – A month never to forget

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: August 16, 2013 | comment : 1

July has been a month filled with travel, adventure and life changing experiences! It all started July 1. I left for India for two weeks. It was my first real trip that I didn't plan and it was my second time to Asia. But this time I was in the real Asia. (Well from my perspective) My first stop was Delhi, a busy city filled with endless amounts of history and lots of culture shock. But the highlight was se ...

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Most Beautiful Places In The World To Wake Up

Tweet Posted by: Nara Posted date: August 16, 2013 | comment : 1

Earth, the planet where the life exists is no doubt a beautiful place to live. Humans live in a habitat, which suits their existence. However, it will be a great experience if we could open our eyes with a scene of crystals of rain outside, soothing chirps of birds, Icy land around, sunrise from the lap of mountains. It’s not a dream; there are places around the planet with even beautiful sights. It will be ...

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Kings Canyon National Park

Soaring trees and deep canyons are just the beginning. Explore Kings Canyon Park.

Kings Canyon Park

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London Attractions

November 18, 2013

Ottawa: More Than A Canadian Capital

November 17, 2013

The Gleaming Night In The City Of Dreams

November 03, 2013

Hawaii for First-Timers: Planning the Perfect Break

October 16, 2013

Whitewater Rafting Canadian Style

October 06, 2013

rebecca: great list! couldn't agree more! ...

Rebecca: just recently found your blog from a guest post on the full moon party ...

Rebecca: oh gees! these just look scary! il take the man made rides thanks ...

Rebecca: I have often considered a trip to the US but where to even start??? th ...

Rebecca: sounds amazing - can't wait to read more on India ...

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