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Vallhund project

Authentic crypto project made for the People and our Planet.

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* Trees planted so far 200

Who is Vallhund?

Born from the team at BigSwede, Vallhund Inu is the leader of the pack rewarding his followers with USDC for supporting him through the terrible cold of the crypto space through rugpulls and scams.

Vallhund Inu is also focused on increasing the well being of the climate and increasing the clean drinking water standard, because who would want to drink dirty water?

Join us and Vallhund on our mission, to make the planet sustainable and to create better conditions for people in socio-economically vulnerable areas.

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Our Concept.

We at Vallhund inu believe in creating value for both our planet and all its inhabitants. Our concept is based on finding and supporting solutions where we as project owners can give back and create a sustainable future from a climate and socioeconomic perspective for us humans and our planet.

By releasing our token on the BSC blockchain we contribute to a reduced energy consumption, meaning our entire project is able to be completely green. Plus a much lower fee rate, compared to ethereum for example.

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Watch our Youtube videos

We will post our live AMA's and more on youtube.


Below you can find short information about our contract and extras, we recommend reading our greenpaper.


Someone sells

We then manually buy the tokens sold, with our buyback function.

Automatic burn

Buyback then burns all the tokens automatically, and adds to liquidity pool.


9% on buy

2% Liquidity 1% Buyback 4% USDC Rewards 1% Marketing 1% Development

18% on sells

3% Liquidity 2% Buyback 8% USDC Rewards 3% Marketing 2% Development

Anti-whale system

4% Max wallet

No one is able to hold/own more than 4% of the total vallhund supply.

0.5% Max sell

No one is able to sell more than 0.5% at a time, of the total supply.


Vallhund inu is working towards creating eco-systems within the project itself. To not be depending on just the charts and the investors. We create several utilities so we can create stability. Our utilities bring funds to the project and everything will be used within the project.

Job application

If you are interested in our project, and have knowledge/experience within crypto technologies, marketing or similar. Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Click the "Contact" button at the top. We check our emails frequently, we will answer you as soon as we can.

Word of mouth

A key factor to this project, is that it's community driven. Everyone that is invested is responsible to help out with marketing and spreading the word. Telling people about our project, is the best way to grow our community and achieve our future goals.

Vallhund Roadmap

This roadmap is subject to change as time progresses.





Private sale


Rewards dashboard



First NFT's

Green staking


Mint to plant

Expanding team



Play to earn game










Mobile game

Vallhund inu is working on a unique mobile game that will be one of a kind. We believe it will be game changing once it's launched.


Our mobile game, will be one of a kind due to having a climate focus itself. The idea is, when you play the game you will be able to earn money, in Vallhund tokens. Or you will be able to choose, to plant real trees!


As we have mentioned before, our project is all about having plenty of ecosystems. The revenue raised from our mobile game, such as advertisements, in-game purchaseable items etc will be used to plant trees, and for our marketing purposes!

iOS & Android

The mobile game will be free, and launched on Android and iOS. The process of iOS is yet to be figured out, but as of today Android is confirmed.

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By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to receive emails from our official email, and only ours.

Join our chat: Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we get frequently that have been answered multiple times.

What is the future of this token?

We at Vallhund inu are working really hard to create a token, that can substain itself through different types of utillity. Such as NFT's, Merchandise, Mobilegame(s) and such. We also have green staking in the future. Which should be launched somewhere in Q2.

Marketing plans?

We at Vallhund inu have been building up a big trusted network of influencers, partners, ads and such. We will inderectly start our marketing along side with the stealth launch. After that, we will continue to drag in all of our strings to increase our community. We require everyone of our investors and fellow thinkers to help Vallhund spread the word!

When Coingecko and CMC?

This is a delecate matter, we will apply for Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, once we launch. But this does NOT mean we will be automatically listed. But know, we will do our very best.

How can i buy Vallhund?

You can invest into Vallhund inu by simply buying our token on Pancakeswap once its launched. Click here or, watch this video, on how to invest.

What is BigSwede?

BigSwede is actually the foundation of Vallhund inu, it was originally started by Andreas, Jacob and Johan. Further down the project, Johan left the project in a haste. Then Andreas and Jacob decided to put their heads together and came up with the idea of re-branding BigSwede into Vallhund Inu. The concept is about the same, but the project has been developing for quite some time which is benefitial for everyone. With this said, you can rely on the Vallhund inu team never giving up their common goal. Saving the planet, helping the people.

Climate focus

Trees Planted


Ukraine-Aid Donations


Water Program




Buy Tokens GreenPaper Certificates Audit

Percentage splits

Down below you will see an explanation on our Percentage splits. It's recommended to read our Greenpaper in order to understand it to the fullest.

Token Allocation

More Token Info

The supply is 100B tokens. 16.4% will be burnt, for upon launch. 3% will be used for early marketing purposes. 10% goes to the liquidity pool.


Here is a list of the official Vallhund team members.

Andreas Hamberg


Jacob Petterson

Vice President

Jonathan Hol

Community Manager


Head of Development

Our Awesome Partners

These are our partners we work with, so far!

Contact Us

If you need to contact us, please send us an email using the form below.


We at Vallhund believe in creating value for both our planet and all its inhabitants. Our concept is based on finding and supporting solutions where we as project owners can give back and create a sustainable future from a climate and socioeconomic perspective for us humans and our planet.








Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Terms of service




+46 700 442 601

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