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Breathe life into your interior space with these incomparable limited edition prints. Designed to completely transform the look of any room.

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Four Seasons Bora Bora

Return to Paradise

The lush peaks and valleys of Mount Otemanu cascading to the coral gardens of the crystal-clear lagoon below. The perfect balance of elements is pretty hard to beat.

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Peter's most recent, top selling images. Instantly transport your soul to the most beautiful places on Earth.

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Luxury Homes by Peter Lik

Jewel Homes

Peter has made countless trips across the world - capturing and studying the natural landscape and its complementary man-made structures. This dream-like collection of custom homes bring the tangible vibes and inexplicable beauty of his adventures to life.

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Explore stunning new images from the Open Edition collection. There's no better way to bring powerful photography into your home or office space. All LIK Fine Art Open Editions are signed and unnumbered.

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Peter Lik, Master Photographer

I have dedicated my life to capturing the beauty of Mother Nature

“Growing up in Australia, I was surrounded by an incredible landscape that captivated. When I was eight, my parents bought me a camera – and after a fateful snapshot of a spider web in the family garden – I was hooked. My travels have taken me to the most amazing locations around the world capturing landscapes that I could only once dream of shooting. I am so grateful for the beauty of this planet and I will never stop sharing it.“

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Limited Edition, Fine Art Photography

Bring a piece of Mother Nature into your life with Peter Lik’s collection of Limited Edition Fine Art Photography. Display the beauty of the Earth throughout your home, whether you want to showcase a starry night, lakeside view, majestic waterfall, or captivating mountain range.

Along with capturing moments in nature, Peter Lik explores the charm and silent beauty of the man-made world, from awe-inspiring cityscapes to legendary aircrafts. Customize each image to precisely reflect your ideal vision.

Speak with an Art Consultant today to help you select the perfect fit for your space. Let every photograph bring you closer to who you truly are – let them be a place for your soul to call home.