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Music at First Parish

The First Parish Adult Choir sings most Sundays and at holidays such as Easter and Christmas

Religious Education

Religious growth and learning is a lifetime endeavor at First Parish

Social Action

Our faith calls us to transform our values into service to the local, national, and world community

Sign Up for Photo Session for New Church Photo Directory

We will create a new church photo directory this year, and it's important for everyone to participate, as this helps us stay connected and learn who our fellow parishioners are. Photo sessions are Oct. 25 - 29 and Nov. 1 -5 at First Parish. Each participant gets a free directory and 8 x 10 photo.

Click here for instructions.

Ongoing Events

2022 Annual Meeting Treasurer’s Report June 5, 2022Transgender Inclusion in Congregations July 28, 2020

Close the Gap! October 2022

Our pledge campaign fell short of our budgeted goal by $45,000. Unless we can make that shortfall up very soon, we will have to make difficult spending decisions as we can’t end the fiscal year with this large a funding gap.

Recent News

Announcing the Close the Gap Campaign

Video introducing Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd

First Parish Weekly News

Interview with Elmer Joslin, eyewitness to the burning of First Parish in 1900

Interview with Roger Fenn, recorded in 1984


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