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In Ancient Rome, an Augur was a religious official who looked for the will of the gods in the flight patterns of birds, and who made predictions based on the stories they read there. Today, Augur is a literary magazine that makes room for writing from uncommon perspectives, and brings together the often disparate realms of literary and genre fiction.

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Our "Joyful Imaginations" issue is a chalice our authors have poured their hopes for the future into. Some pieces find hope in the shadows, through darkness and dissatisfaction. Others are lighter, imagining more carefree worlds filled with delight and freedom.

Check the links below for samples from our longer pieces. If you want to dig in now, the full, designed issue isavailable now for purchase!

Joyful Imaginations by Terese Mason Pierre and Lawrence Stewen
Bird Astrologer by Victoria Mbabazi
Brief chance of Moonlight by Akem
The Wild Way by Lauren O'Donovan
Currant Voices in a Convection Oven by Sarah Ramdawar
don’t die—we have to go to the mitski pop up shop this weekend! by Victoria Mbabazi & Blake Levario
The Seven Ochre Sisters by Meg Frances
Changeling by Evalyn Broderick
to move with a sea of names by Jamie Evan Kitts
Bolt by Kate Hargreaves
The Trouble with Time Machines by Karen Jessica New
A Thread of Gold by Nayani Jensen
Still, We Wait by Nico VC
Surfacing by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
The Mage's Box by Eve Morton
Levitation by Abu Bakr Sadiq
at night, I rest my limbs in water and search for my mother’s father’s mother’s mother’s tongue by Rachel Lachmansingh
Love Heart Soup by Wen-yi Lee
What Looks Like Joy Is A Zombie Eating Life Out Of Ruins by Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan
Regeneration by Leanne Dunic
Nun History, Nun Name by Emma Tennier-Stuart
The Mall at Night by Millie Ho
Famous Bear Encore: Dance-Off Edition! by Cavar
Mango Maker by Cleopatria Peterson
Every night is a good night by Manahil Bandukwala




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