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Customer Journey & Experience Management Platform

If you are challenged to understand Customer expectations for personalized, frictionless experiences… To understand insights from an ocean of data… Omni-channel touchpoints with blurring offline & online… Disconnected ecosystem & improve your ROI.

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What We Do?

EYWAMEDIA is a multi-award winning futuristic and independent leader in "Customer Journey Experience" technology that enables brands to engage their most potential-loyal customers based on offline-online data across screens (TV, Radio, Cinema, App, Web, Social, Print, Billboards, Stores) to make the best match between products and their preferences.

We are headquartered at Singapore with global presence across the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and China.

What We Offer

Measure Beyond Clicks

One platform that can provide real insights on both offline and online. Businesses can now measure the advertising impact more precisely.

Realtime Exchange

Proprietary DSP platform with Artificial Intelligence to engage the right audience connected to top AD networks and direct S2S connection with publishers.

Data Management Exchange

Our DMP process the data quickly for "Hot path" for real time targeting and "Cold path" for behavioural targeting.

Enrich your Customer Data

Our platform collects and enriches first-party data to provide an external view of your customers and what they really want and how they can be served better without spamming.

Cloud Telephony Exchange

Our cloud-based voice platform integrates all offline retail stores and de-centralizes customer engagement & still connects the data across multiple sources like CRM.

Footsparq Beacon & Footsparq Camera

Using our Beacon & Cameras we can understand customer behaviour across offline physical stores. We can also understand create count, adult to child ratio, Journey heatmap, MOD, age & gender.

Understand more about us

EYWAMEDIA is a multi-award-winning futuristic cross-screen audience engagement and experiences venture that enables brands to understand audience consumption patterns, engage them real-time, create an experience strategy and finally create attribution.

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