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Proffiliates Inc provides permission- based email solutions designed to help you reach your marketing goals. Use our technology and expertise to grow your business, maximize current customer relationships and ring the proverbial register.

On Target

Proffiliates makes data work for you with highly targeted and strategic marketing initiatives. Through our market research and our attention to detail, we stay at the forefront of email marketing trends and response rates.

In Position

Proffiliates has developed solid working relationships with the major ISP's and ESP's, making us your ideal online media partner. From our in-house delivery, reporting and tracking systems to our exceedingly personalized services, we're always on call for your marketing needs.

We do

Online Advertising

Lead Generation

Proffiliates can generate a high volume of leads for advertisers in the financial, lifestyle and a broad range of other sectors. We work with each advertiser's specific sales metric to help the company meet its goals and grow its business.

Marketing Consultation

Working in tandem with your marketing team, Proffiliates will maximize conversions and impact through extensive testing and evaluation of your website and landing pages. We are open to your unique ideas and have plenty of our own to suggest and implement.

Creative Development

Proffiliates' leading web designers can create innovative advertisements produced to drive high volume and elicit maximum response. From years of experience and testing we will bring the most relevant and current creative concepts to the table.

List Management

Data Monetization

Proffiliates' calculated approach to list management generates revenue from your existing customers with highly targeted offers. We work with top advertisers and advertising networks to cull the best and most relevant offers, chosen to perform with your unique customer list.

Database Maintenance

Proffiliates will house and maintain your database including management of new subscribers, unsubscribe requests, bounced emails and more. Our top-tier technology will ensure the most accurate and secure housing of your data.

Backend Reporting

We have state-of-the-art reporting capabilities so you're always in the know. Since we're deeply integrated with all of the major reporting platforms we're able to display partner list revenue in real time, 24/7.

Founded in 2001,Proffiliates Inc

brings clients and users nearly two decades of combined Internet advertising experience and online marketing skills. The team is a dynamic blend of sales knowledge, engineering expertise and creative know-how.

Having worked for a number of high profile Internet companies over the years - including the 24/7 Media Network, Ask Jeeves, Square Trade, and Netscape - Proffiliates co-founders leverage industry expertise and web-wise insider access to help our clients develop and implement targeted Internet marketing campaigns.

The Proffiliates team prides itself on attention to detail and has a reputation for providing direct and honest information to all of our clients in a quick and timely manner.

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Proffiliates, Inc.
50 California Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94111
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